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  • The Shining Star Award
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    Welcome to Shining Star Award. Join this contest to win prizes such as Stickers, reads (readers maybe), votes, and comments. You can also become one of the judges and judge with us.

  • The Lost Redeemer (Aeonica #1)
    2.6M 164K 68

    [ Highest Ranking: #1 Fantasy ] Aeons once ruled the world with a power called Ethermancy. They reigned for centuries until a human faction called the Templars overthrew them. Now, their empire lays in ruin, and the survivors hide in every corner of the world. Nahlia is a librarian's apprentice who's obsessed with Aeo...

  • Loving Marguerite
    4.7M 202K 46

    ?Wattpad Featured Story? He needs a place to live, she needs a baby daddy. Pietro Santangelo and Marguerite White are students at prestigious Columbia University in New York City. She is a fun-loving, free spirit who finds herself in a bit of a familial bind, he is an exchange student with a chronic case of pov...

    Completed   Mature
  • The First
    97.6K 7.6K 45

    She's not human. She's The First. Gis is a breakthrough in human cloning and DNA manipulation. To everyone around the world, she is a miracle, and a new hope for salvation. In a time full of disease following the dissolution of the United States, Gis is humanity's last hope for a cure. But Gis has a mind of her own...

  • Emails To Dan
    503K 33.7K 42

    Dan and Phil's friendship has ended. They moved out from their flat and went their separate ways. Phil has tried to keep in touch with Dan, but he never answers. All of his emails are unanswered, but that doesn't mean Dan never reads them.

  • Alive (Phan)
    609K 34.2K 31

    Dan Howell is invisible. That's all he knows how to be. Terrified of standing out, he is happy going unnoticed by his peers, finding company in only the old rock and roll songs on his iPod. But Dan's life is turned upside-down when a boy in his drama class takes him under his wing, introducing him to a world of excite...

    Completed   Mature
  • Quick Tips to Become Successful on Wattpad
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    Here are some quick ideas for how to become successful on Wattpad! This is mostly for people new to wattpad, and just includes some general strategies and ideas. Many of them come from questions people ask me. Hope this helps!

  • Peter ✶ [Lost Boy Series #1]
    143K 9.7K 33

    ~*Neverland is home to lost boys like me And lost boys like me are free*~ ═════════════════════════════════════ In which a boy named Peter helps a girl learn to love herself. HIGHEST RANKING: #24 in Short Story (03-14-18) Amazing cover by @John_Schorwinson ©Lightning_Stryker 2016

  • Evolution (Book 1 of POE chronicles)
    1.4M 44K 40

    *Over 1.4 million reads - published on Amazon* My name is Abigail Beckett, and this is 2415, the human race is no longer the only intellectual species on this planet. After the third and the fourth world war in the early 2000s, the Earth was almost wiped clean. This cause drastic change in the environment and mass ext...

  • Broken Hope (boyxboy)
    14.7M 580K 60

    Keegan is a boy who loves affection. He's usually quite peppy and excitable, but everything in life has turned against him. He ends up locking away his emotions and making himself distant from the world, trying to avoid further suffering. He's left a shell of his former self, struggling to get through life. He decides...

  • RWBY: Bright Lights and Bumblebee (Yang/Blake)
    36.6K 1.1K 6

    "How do you know her?" Blake blinked. "Just a...thing. I thought I met her at a concert once. Three years ago..." *** Blake Belladonna unexpectedly finds herself at a concert - loud, crowded and full of hyped up teenage girls, it's a place she would much rather avoid. She runs into Yang - boisterous, underdressed and...

  • On The Side
    499 37 12

    "Absolutely Superb (Time Waster)." - Me Random stuff that isn't actually writing but could be interesting to other people. Who knows. (Will also have cats, probably.) *** Hey guys! So, this is probably going to be a mixture of (spoiler free!) reference sheets, art and things I might decide to make, and me letting you...

  • Love Wins Anthology
    102K 6.4K 22

    Love Wins is a collection of short stories that celebrate diversity, LGBTQ+ stories and characters. Winners of the LGBTQIAP+ contests, guest authors, and special content will be featured in Love Wins. Whether you're just starting to explore the LGBTQIAP+ community or have been a long-time member or advocate, we ho...

  • Contests
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    Welcome to LGBTQIAP+'s official contests and challenges book run by the Ambassadors of the profile. Get excited to get writing, check back for new contests!

  • The Boy in the Santa Hat
    37.9K 1.7K 1

    So what do you do when a deliciously handsome guy breaks into your apartment on Christmas Eve wearing a Santa hat? Some might call the police or maybe scream. Or you could do what Evangeline does, which include the following: 1, point a water gun at him. 2, agree about the ugliness of small, pink tree with kitten o...

  • Contest Area
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    This is where SciKick hosts contests for Wattpad users! Watch your notifications to see when we start and end contests as well as announce winners and prizes.

  • Imperium
    89K 6.4K 38

    My whole life just changed in one day. I was kidnapped by a scientist gone rogue. Experimented on with nanotechnology that could change the world as we know it. Not everyone survived these experiments. My system rejected the nano treatment, and whenever this happened, the patient died. Somehow I survived. Now I have t...

    630K 34.1K 200

    You are the reason I have ink stains on my fingertips. art by yuschav arly

  • shades of blue
    2M 139K 68

    Charlie doesn't speak, so he paints.

  • The Other Side of the Rising Sun
    2.2K 177 7

    lost lôst,läst/ adjective 1. unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts. 2. denoting something that has been taken away or cannot be recovered. --sad and short vikklan // completed--

  • But You're Royalty
    33.9K 1.8K 19

    I bit my lip and looked into his dark eyes. My heart was beating fast and my head felt dizzy. "But you're royalty," I whispered. -- vikklan fic where vikk is a prince and lachlan is a peasant // completed --

  • Unforgivable
    19.2K 1.2K 17

    When every child is born, they go home and underneath their bed a monster awaits them. When they turn 18, the city gathers to watch the child kill their monster. Once the deed is done, they are officially an adult. What happens when Vikk's monster is a child, much like himself?

  • Falling In Love
    9.4K 624 22

    i've seen a lot of other people doing this and i really like it, so i'm gonna try it! one shots with ships from the pack and other minecraft youtubers!! i will do requests if you have (whether it's a prompt or ship) thanks for reading (:

  • Interviews
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    Have questions for your favorite Science Fiction authors on Wattpad? Here's the place to read exclusive interviews and ask more questions in the comments! We are... @bnlfan of THE NUMBERED (previously called FLAWED) @emilita of THE UNSOUND THEORY (Space Academy) @famouxx of THE FAMOUX @HannahNelson809 of THE LAST...

  • Girls [ WATTYS 2016 ] ✔️
    4.5M 160K 35

    [ Featured on Wattpad's Official LGBT+ account! ] Ashley James has tried to hide in the closet for months when she mistakingly kissed her best friend at a party - and the worst thing is, both were sober and one had a boyfriend. She lost several things that night: a $20 bill, a pack of sour patch kids, and her best fr...

  • EnderOni
    472K 18.5K 47

    It all started with a letter. A letter that brought them to a mansion. A mansion that then trapped them inside with a monster. A monster known as the EnderOni. Now 13 unlucky minecrafters are trapped inside the EnderOni's mansion, forced to solve puzzles and fight battles to even keep alive, let alone escape. But it d...

  • A Thousand Words | ✓
    32.2M 1.1M 46

    Reece Bremer goes through life with a scowl and cold personality. Jessica Andrews goes through life with a glowing smile and positive outlook. Reece looks at life with dull, judgmental eyes that make him hate the world and the people living in it. Jessica, well... She looks at life through a camera. Literally. They...

  • Grim Reaper // phan
    553K 30.7K 15

    Book 1 in the Grim Reaper trilogy! Dan's just like any other person out in the world. Except he's a Reaper, someone who decides whether or not a person should die. He's had this job for as long as he remembers, and is never bothered by what he does. But when he is sent to judge Phil Lester, his life becomes harder and...

  • Book of Love (Oneshot Collection)
    22.6K 243 57

    A collection of romance oneshots. Smut is labelled in the beginning of the chapter.