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  • Empower though Lincoln's eyes
    977 40 4

    As stated above this book is the 5th book though Lincoln's eyes. His thought, his dealings his devotion.

  • Rosaline Wood (A Violet Eden Follow-on Reboot)
    826 36 26

    Rose Wood is the daughter of the famous Grigori soulmates Violet Eden and Lincoln Wood. Rose is dead set on being a Grigori (half-angel, half-human) like her parents but her birth didn't meet the usual Grigori requirements so her position is in doubt. Along with her best friend, Cameron D'Arcy, Rose must help save man...

  • Endearing.
    1K 23 8

    This is based in The Embrace series also known as the Violet Eden Chapters by Jessica Shirvington. What happen after Empower? How do they adapt living as a married couple? Well They ever have a real family with kids? What are exiles planning now? Read this Fanfiction of Violet and Lincoln where they face of new s...

  • Violet and Lincoln
    4.5K 102 10

    A Violet Eden fanfiction. Takes place after Jessica Shirvington's Empower. Violet undergoes some changes after she gets back from New York. She and Lincoln finally get to be together, but with some unexpected surprises. Read to hear about Violet and Lincoln's life after the last book