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  • My Beast
    164K 3.1K 17

    Contains explicit sexual content He is very powerful, and lethal to their kind. He is something different, something feared. He could not be tamed by the best except for one. I suck at description, but you could read it and see

  • The Only Exception.
    155K 3.2K 21

    Paris carter was a 18 year old high school girl. Young and enjoying life. She was who she was and she never questioned herself once. She knew she was different and that's the only thing that could stop her from fading into her older sister, violet shadows. She never allowed anyone to make her feel bad about who she wa...

  • Are You My Daddy? (A Mindless Behavior Story)
    270K 5.2K 33

    She hasnt known her dad for 15 years. Her mom wouldn't tell her, and hated when she asked about him. But one night, Aaliana and her friends find her dad. Start reading to see how her life changed after she finally met her daddy !

  • The Crash: A Jacob Perez (Mindless Behavior) Story. [REVISED]
    489K 9.6K 21

    This story, is indeed about a boy named Jacob Emmanuel Perez. He was 18 years young when "The Crash" happened. Ever since that night, he's drastically changed - mentally and emotionally. He's blamed himself for everything that's happened that night ever since. So what happens when he's eventually put into a mental fac...