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  • Unhealthy Attraction
    109K 2.7K 31

    What happens when a little girl who's never seen her brother in her short life on this earth, but then somehow finds the courage to find out what he's really like, even though everyone tells her not to, will she come to love her brother the way he loves her, or will she find out that the person she thought she could t...

  • My short XXX stories Part One
    1.5K 20 9

    Well you get the point

    Completed   Mature
  • Diabolik Lovers Black Moon
    11.3K 451 34

    After saving Yui, the brothers take it easy and live, thinking there were no problems at all to worry about. But little do they know, a new enemy has sprung from the darkness. This darkness plans to use the power of the supernatural to destroy the Earth. A priestess named Mizuki has been sent by a shrine to protect bo...

  • Saved by the Devil (boyxboy) ✓
    678K 32.5K 31

    There is no one in the world who could possibly love me, I know it. I've pretty much resigned to crying under my covers at night as my boyfriend who I adore links hands with my bullies at school and beats me down. Pretty cliche. I think. Sometimes, I lie awake at night, just wishing, begging, praying for an angel to f...

    Completed   Mature
  • oran highschool host club and the new girlboy!!?!!
    993 37 3

    this is a fan fiction of a 16 year old girl that get a scholarship from her beautiful voice that is as soft as can be and calming but she has her secrets about her passed read it and im sure you will find out..... warning this is my first story and I do not own any ouran hivhschool students.

  • The Eve and The Sacrificial Bride [ Diabolik Lovers ]
    256K 8.4K 48

    A single day had changed her entire life. A single girl had changed the plan. A sacrificial, and an eve? Akazawa, Miyuki, aged sixteen, has fallen into a vampire's trap- Fallen into the vampire king's own romantic, yet lethal plan. Out of all the desperate girls in Ryoutei- Heck, in all the world, why her as the se...

  • Diabolik Lovers
    3.7K 105 4

  • My Demons
    28.9K 798 39

    Retelling of the funny and sexy romance of Junjou Romantica, from Usami Akihiko's point of view. His dark past will be revealed, but will he ever tell his dear Misaki? Why is he so reserved at times? Why does he eventually want to push Misaki away? A bit of OOC-ness. Song title: My Demons - Starset. Cover by the amazi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Addicted To You (yaoi/boy+boy)
    193K 8.4K 61

    Ren Karishima's life is actually pretty normal. Well, until he meets a shy, unsociable boy one morning at his high school. After getting to know Takashi Ezoto, and even getting really close to him after the first day, Ren finds himself awkwardly falling for him. After everything turns up for the two of them, life star...

  • BoyxBoy One shots - By Request (Mostly)
    760K 8.8K 11

    This is my collection of boyxboy one shots (or it will be when I've written more). REQUEST CLOSED. WARNING: These one shots contain boyxboy naughtiness. Read at your own caution. If you do read them, enjoy!

  • Diabolik Lovers: Meet the sister
    173K 4K 13

    One day Yui gets a letter from her older sister, Yuki who saids she'll be moving in the mansion with Her and the Sakamaki brothers. Yuki is an adoptive child who was taken in by Seiji Komori. What will happen when this badass beauty moves in. Will she get them all to fall in love with her? Did I mention that she's...

  • Teachers Pet~ secrets revealed...secret discoverd.. (Sebastian x Reader)
    52K 1.7K 10

    just when you think it was a happy ending for you and Sebastian Alois strikes and kidnapped you.. now Sebastian has to come and save you from the blondes hands. but what other things will be revealed and discovered in the second book of teachers pet. thank you guys so much for reading my other book teachers pet I'm gl...

  • Diabolik Lovers: Little sister
    237K 5K 9

    Kanna Sakamaki is 15 years old and the daughter of Karlheinz and Beatrix. She is the sister of Shu and Reiji and the Half-sister of Ayato, Leito, Kanato and Subaru. When Kanna was younger, she was taken to a hospital, because of her current condition. Now she is back and want to live with her Brothers again. How will...

  • The idol type
    85.9K 2.7K 41

    Nishiki Timori, idol in disguise, is the newest student in the prestigious Ouran academy, a private school for teens of rich heritage. When he gets in on a music scholarship, he'll need to find a way to hide his secrets. And his friends.

  • Break the ice
    39 0 2

    Read it if you want to find out ^_<

  • Who are you {Kuroko no Basket}
    558 11 1

    What if girls were allowed to play basketball as a mysteries girl suddenly transfer's to Seirin and wants to join the basketball club what is behind the girl's innocent smile or does her past haunt her watch as Seirin's basketball team try to find out why she has another side a dark side will they find out why she hat...

  • Big brother...Don't go!
    48K 470 16

    What happens when a step brother and sister fall in love ❤️😍

  • Vampire knight - Yuuki's sister Kaiya - The pureblood killer
    269K 8.3K 53

    I HAVE CHANGED THE COVER To Save Yuuki's life. Rido Must think the daughter of the Kuran family was death. While Yuuki was save in the basement Kaiya (Yuuki's twin) was playing her part. Kaiya had a horrible life with the Kurans, because she never knew what was in the basement and why did her parents and Kaname (brorh...

  • Vampire Knight
    1.3K 40 4

    There's a vampire girl called Mirai Masaki she is quiet and always reading only books.she is supper skilled in sword. And she is a strong girl and brave girl.everyone didnt know that she has a bad past.she is finding who killed her father and her mother is sick because of the accident in the past.her real name is Mir...

  • Diabolik lovers the Eve
    159K 5.6K 39

    The love they carry for each other is unbearable. Sakiko Kimura your ordinary school girl, decides to move to Tokyo to attend her dream school. Emotions kept hidden inside her, and a smile kept tuck away in her, she shows nothing but a straight face. Her past eats her away inside and out while she still stands out in...

  • Little Sister
    2.3K 118 4

    Zero has a secrer sister who hates Vampires justas much as any hunter but is to weak to be a hunter. what happens when she starts to fall for Hanabusa a Vampire Flurt

  • Sebastian X Ciel (kuroshitsuji/black butler)[boyxboy] [COMPLETED]
    809K 21.4K 27

    Sebastian and Ciel's relationship has changed after their contract ended. Ciel is no longer serving the queen but, like always he's managing his business under Sebastian's supervision. I don't know how to summarize it so I'll stop there. You can't judge a fanfic by it's description, though it gives you an idea on how...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Ruthless Mafia ✔ (COMPLETED)
    11.1M 276K 33

    Ruthless. Cold. Malicious. Uncaring. But one weakness; HER. Running away from home, she is homeless and jobless. However, when ruthless billionaire entrepreneur, also known as the strongest mafia in the country, Xavier Vellutini comes into her life, she has never expect herself to fall in love with him. Soon, as...