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  • The Start Of It
    706 35 2

    The Marano's move to LA with their dad and meet the Lynch's. Will they all have feelings for each other? Will they stay friends? Where will R5 go? Will Courtney get revenge on Laura? Find out in "The Start of It".

  • You-A Rikdel AU
    3.1K 123 9

    Riker has always loved Rydel ever since they met in kindergarden. Afraid that his dearest friend may not feel the same way, Riker kept his feelings to himself oblivious to Rydel that he cares deeply for her more than a friend. But everything changes when Rydel's longtime boyfriend cheats on her and reveals he's scorin...

  • Teen Beach 2-My version {COMPLETED}
    10.4K 293 9

    This was my version. I wrote it when the first movie came out. If you ship Raia,just pretend this book doesn't exist,yada,yada,yada. End of story.

  • What Happened To Me? (ROSEL)
    6.8K 141 4

    This Story Does Not Have A Description.

  • Together Forever (A Rydellington/Raura Fanfic)
    144K 1.8K 55

    Rydel and Ratliff are close but when people keep getting in the way of their relationship will it ruin there friendship or worst break the band apart. Laura and Ross are dating, they love each other and think they will always be together but when one of Ross's co-stars comes back will it tear there relationship apart...

  • The Unexpected Visitor (Rydellington Story)
    52.2K 948 34

    A RYDELLINGTON fanfic. I've given u a behind the scenes (made up) view of R5's adventures. For example what really happened back stage at the White House? And much much more. Give it a try, I'm sure u will like it. #RYDELLINGTON #R5Family

  • Ain't No Way We're Goin' Home (a Rydellington/R5 Fan Fic)
    42K 1.4K 32

    According to R5, Rydellington was only a ship name…that is until Rydel and Ellington share a kiss. After that, not even they know what they are. The next few days are filled with awkwardness, secrets, and most importantly romance, until they come to the decision to start a new life together. Though they may have th...

  • One Last Dance (A Rydellington Fanfiction)
    263K 4.2K 98

    Friends without benefits some might say. Will one dare lead to something more? Is the relationship that everyone is dying for about to happen? TRIGGER WARNING contains mentions of self harm

  • Say You'll Stay (A Rydellington Love Story)
    69.7K 1.7K 35

    When Rydel and her best friend Ratliff do something unexplainable, Rydel makes a decision that leaves everyone wondering what happened. Will they find her again? Does she want to be found? How will everyone's lives be afterward?

  • If I Can't Be With You (A Rydellington Love Story)
    66.4K 2.3K 47

    Sequel to Fallin For You (An Rydellington Love Story)! Rydel and Ellington have a new child named Rosie. Ellington accidentally gets addicted to something. Rydel feels so alone. As Rosie grows, she starts noticing things that they don't think she does. Ryde and Ellington start having problems with their marriage. Will...

  • Runaway Baby (Rydellington)
    4.5K 147 10

    Rydel is pregnant, with Ratliffs baby. What will she do? She has no choice but to runaway! Will Ratliff ever find the love of his life again Rydellington, Raura

  • Fallin For You ( Rydellington Love Story)
    300K 6K 50

    When Rydel starts to feel.... Feelings. She goes through some throwbacks of her times with Ratliff. While on the other hand, Ratliff is going through a hard time with his relationship with Kelly.

  • (Rydellington, r5) Crazy Stupid Love
    8.2K 215 32

    A rydellington fanfic. Rydel and Ellington start liking each other but will people get in their way of their relationship?

  • Over Again ~ A Rydellington Story
    45.7K 1.1K 28

    Rydel's life is finally returning to normal. She has the boy she has always loved to call her own, and a little girl that has her eyes. Her family is more supportive than ever before, and R5 is finally together again. With her new chance at life, Rydel finally gets to live Over Again. FOURTH BOOK IN THE NEVER IN MY WI...

  • Forever After ~ A Rydellington Story
    39.2K 1.1K 18

    Everything would be okay; well, almost. Rydel lays, asleep in a hospital bed while her family are trying to piece together what happened. Ratliff will make a full recovery, but unless he has Rydel with him, he will never be okay. With everything they have, Riker, Rocky, Ross and Ryland all try to bring their sister an...

  • Rydellington Means Forever
    14.7K 433 39

    Rydel Lynch has a crush on Ellington. But He is dating Kelly. but really he starts having feelings for Rydel. Rydel is sad because she feels like she's not that good for him. Other than that, she starts getting hate and brings her down even more down. she starts to get suicidal and starves from the hate. Will Ellingto...

  • Lost in Time ~ a Rydellington Story
    39.9K 1.1K 15

    Rydel is gone. Ratliff is fighting for his life. And it's all his fault. Riker Lynch did what he thought was best for his sister and the future of their band, but it turned out to be the worst. His once best friend Calum shot Ratliff before he fled with Rydel. Now it's up to the boys to find their sister before she to...

  • My Best Friend's Daughter (Rydellington fanfiction)
    459K 9.1K 78

    Rydel and Ratliff have their special moment but the only problem is they were drunk! They don't remember. Rydel finds out she's pregnant, her best decision is to leave. So she does. 6 years later, Rydel has a daughter her name is Riley Marie Ratliff. When R5 starts a tour to find Rydel they find themselves in Paris wh...

  • What You Mean To Me || Rydellington Fanfic
    77.1K 1.7K 37

    “i wish you knew what you mean to me.” || Book One

  • Adopted by R5 (Completed and in editing)
    229K 5.2K 36

    5 year old, Peyton Walker hates the ophranage she has been for 2 years. She crys every night thinking about the fact no one will adopt her. But one day she gets proven wrong. One day R5 comes in looking for a young girl who will be their adopted little sister. Riker looks at many girls until he finds her. They all th...

  • My Best friend's Sister // Rydellington
    64.7K 1.2K 32

    Once Rydel starts dating Nick Jonas things start to change. Ratliff try's to hide his feelings towards Rydel, but they're soon uncovered. During this there'll be Jealousy, Misunderstandings and just all around drama. See what'll happen. || in process of editing

  • Lightweight || Rydellington Fanfic
    11.8K 371 16

    I'm a Lightweight. Not in the sense of a boxer or that I'm lightly built. But in a way as though I'm one to fall easily. You may think of a person that's a lightweight while drinking, well I'm a lightweight in love. They lose control in alcohol, but I lose control in love. And I'm not sure if that's a good thing. || M...

  • Time // WYMTM Sequel
    2.6K 133 8

    all she needed was time.