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  • Dissection and Redirection
    480 151 32

    *PICTURES* Aspen Nakamura finds something grotesque in the forbidden forest. She recruits troubled hottie Aesir Fawley to help her investigate and blow it up. Along the way, they'll realize something bigger is going on, both in the forest and in their hearts. - In which a Waldorfian-homeschool dad sends his sons to H...

  • The Conductor
    387 61 29

    Robert Jones is an average Junior High Band Teacher. His students adore him, he has a beautiful wife and a single son to call his own. But what you haven't been told is this- He was really a Time Traveller who saved the universe from the wicked Drum Major- A spirit-like human with a strong desire to destroy the univer...

  • My Sketchbook! ヽ(o^―^o)ノ
    6.9K 883 34

    Look at all meh sketches

  • A Miraculous Fairytale
    329K 14.5K 20

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng is an average peasant girl growing up in a small village named Parisilia. It is strictly under the rule of King Gabriel. Since her father was murdered by the King's men years ago, she has learned to fend for herself with the help of her friend Alya. Living in the village isn't easy, especially...