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  • The Start Of It
    706 35 2

    The Marano's move to LA with their dad and meet the Lynch's. Will they all have feelings for each other? Will they stay friends? Where will R5 go? Will Courtney get revenge on Laura? Find out in "The Start of It".

  • You-A Rikdel AU
    3.1K 123 9

    Riker has always loved Rydel ever since they met in kindergarden. Afraid that his dearest friend may not feel the same way, Riker kept his feelings to himself oblivious to Rydel that he cares deeply for her more than a friend. But everything changes when Rydel's longtime boyfriend cheats on her and reveals he's scorin...

  • Teen Beach 2-My version {COMPLETED}
    10.4K 293 9

    This was my version. I wrote it when the first movie came out. If you ship Raia,just pretend this book doesn't exist,yada,yada,yada. End of story.

  • What Happened To Me? (ROSEL)
    6.8K 141 4

    This Story Does Not Have A Description.

  • One Last Dance (A Rydellington Fanfiction)
    263K 4.2K 98

    Friends without benefits some might say. Will one dare lead to something more? Is the relationship that everyone is dying for about to happen? TRIGGER WARNING contains mentions of self harm

  • Adopted by Ross Lynch (sequel)
    3.2K 64 7

    This is the second book of Adopted By Ross Lynch. Basically it takes you on a mystical journey through the crazy road that Rachel and Ross live. With Ross as a famous pop star, what will Rachel think about it. Will it effect her and make her want to leave Ross, or will she become a... Read to find out!!!

  • Innocent. A Ross Lynch Fan Fiction.
    317K 7.5K 48

    Scarlett is an innocent girl who has a normal teenage life. She has a normal family and a normal house, and she's just, normal. Her family expects a lot from her. Her best friend Marissa takes her to an R5 concert since Marissa is CRAZY for R5. What happens when she meets the me members of the band? Will she fall for...

  • The Truth Hurts || An Auslly Fanfic
    216K 3.3K 61

    This story revolves around a Auslly romance. It all starts when Ally become pregnant but she does not tell Austin. She then moves from Miami to New York with her family, without giving Austin a proper explanation. Two year's later Ally and her family moves back to Miami because Ally's parent's believe that Austin shou...

  • Adopted by R5
    36.6K 942 44

    Hailey is only 4 years old and she's in a foster home. That is until it's Celebrity adoption day and one family (that just happens to be the band that she loves) comes to adopt her and she is thrilled. Let's see what happens when she gets Adopted by R5...

  • Do You Love Me Or Do You Not? *Book 1* (a Ross Lynch/Rocky Lynch/R5 Fan Fic)
    151K 3.6K 61

    (Book 1 of The DYLMODYN Trilogy) Izzie Matthews and Carly Winchester are best friends, although they are the complete opposites of each other. When Izzie moves next door to the world famous Lynch family, their lives turn upside down. Through heartbreak, blossoming romances, awkward friendships, and even death, these...

  • What You Mean To Me || Rydellington Fanfic
    77.1K 1.7K 37

    “i wish you knew what you mean to me.” || Book One

  • My Best Friend's Daughter (Rydellington fanfiction)
    458K 9.1K 78

    Rydel and Ratliff have their special moment but the only problem is they were drunk! They don't remember. Rydel finds out she's pregnant, her best decision is to leave. So she does. 6 years later, Rydel has a daughter her name is Riley Marie Ratliff. When R5 starts a tour to find Rydel they find themselves in Paris wh...

  • Anything Is Possible (Ross Lynch/R5 Fanfic) {Watty Award Winner 2013}
    3.8M 1K 11

    [Book 1 of 3] This is a love story about the famous Ross Lynch and a young girl, Lena Mathews, that has a love for singing & acting like Ross. Many complications & turns in the roads affect their love and they have to try their best to keep it going strong. What will happen next to the couple? Xx :) - Copyright ©2013...

  • Friends Forever - Auslly
    360K 7.6K 44

    Austin and Ally have been best friends for as long as they can remember. But they find their friendship evolving as they face the hardships of High School. Austin is very protective of Ally, but everyone makes mistakes. Will their relationship change for better or worse as they grow up and mature?

  • Friends With Benefits {Ross Lynch} #Wattys2015
    256K 7.4K 61

    Sam and Ross start by being friends but later on, they start doing more things that friends don't do. They realize that they're friends but with benefits. PG-13

    Completed   Mature
  • My youtuber uncle Ross lynch (r5 /Ross lynch fanfic)
    38.1K 1.1K 30

    Ross lives with his brother Riker who is married and has a 2 years old girl . His sister Rydel is married and have a 5 years old girl who has cancer and a 9 month old boy . Ross is a Youtuber and he is really close with his Nieces . And also Ross have a really painful past . Join him and his niece's life .

  • My Best friend's Sister // Rydellington
    64.7K 1.2K 32

    Once Rydel starts dating Nick Jonas things start to change. Ratliff try's to hide his feelings towards Rydel, but they're soon uncovered. During this there'll be Jealousy, Misunderstandings and just all around drama. See what'll happen. || in process of editing

  • Lightweight || Rydellington Fanfic
    11.8K 371 16

    I'm a Lightweight. Not in the sense of a boxer or that I'm lightly built. But in a way as though I'm one to fall easily. You may think of a person that's a lightweight while drinking, well I'm a lightweight in love. They lose control in alcohol, but I lose control in love. And I'm not sure if that's a good thing. || M...

  • Best friends or more raura story
    5.4K 69 55

    Ross lynch and Laura Marano are best friends and one kissing scene from A&A will change that Find out what happened read

  • Time // WYMTM Sequel
    2.6K 133 8

    all she needed was time.

  • Spy Lovers
    78.6K 2.8K 60

    Ross Lynch is the best Spy in Lynch.Cop. Laura Marano is the best spy in Marano_Industry. They met and they try to kill each other but will that go well as planned

  • In Someone's Shadow (An Auslly Story)
    4.8K 327 11

    “The me that you don't see, is praying there's a chance you still believe.” Ally Dawson. The girl with the book. The one filled with mysteries. The 'INVISIBLE ONE', as people call her. She was broken, they say, but who were they to judge? They barely knew her. They didn't even care about her. At school, she was the be...

  • Raura Sequel;Love Is Forever
    27.9K 1.3K 38

    Sequel to Raura:I will always love you which was written May 19 , 2014 . What Happens When Ross & Laura Thought Their Life Was Perfect.? What Will They Do When People Try To Get In Their Way? Read To Find out in Raura Sequel;Love Is Forever .

  • Living With R5 (Sequel to 'ABR5' Wattys 2015)
    196K 4.9K 53

    A few months after, 6 year old, Peyton Rose Lynch finds out that her older brother is Ellington Lee Ratliff her world changes upside down. People start wanting to be her friend so that their older siblings will get to hang out with their favorite band. Not only that, but when the band is asked to go on a world tour...

  • Adopted by R5 (Completed and in editing)
    229K 5.2K 36

    5 year old, Peyton Walker hates the ophranage she has been for 2 years. She crys every night thinking about the fact no one will adopt her. But one day she gets proven wrong. One day R5 comes in looking for a young girl who will be their adopted little sister. Riker looks at many girls until he finds her. They all th...

  • Direct Message ✗ ross lynch
    55.3K 4.3K 40

    *Ross Lynch started following you* *direct message from rossr5* rossr5: You looking for a stud? i already have an STD all i need you U. crystalR5: ew ***im working on fixing these chapters to be a little bit less.. hm.. cringe. so bare with me***

  • Ross Lynch imagines
    113K 1.2K 39

    Ross Lynch imagines!! Dirty and clean, I take requests!!

  • Tough Love: Auslly Fanfic
    399K 7.8K 44

    It's been a year since Austin broke up with Ally after she got pregnant with his child. In the last year Austin has changed dramatically. He's gotten more famous as well as more stuck up. Although Austin likes his new life but when a familiar brunette catches his eye something happens. Maybe he does still love Ally. ...

  • Kidnapped ➳ Ross Lynch
    17.3K 671 12

    Is it wrong to fall in love with a guy that just kidnapped you, who happens to be extremely hot??