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  • Behind Closed Doors: BOOK 2 - CHANBAEK FF ✔️
    868K 34K 48

    |COMPLETED| Book 2: This story focuses on Chanyeol developing feelings towards Baekhyun, and how he finds himself changing through out their relationship. Book cover credits to: @jajamyeonssi - PARKBAEKKIE - Translations: ✔️French Book 1: Book 2: Book 3...

    Completed   Mature
  • ChanBaek: One Drop Per Second (TF#2 Mpreg) Completed
    327K 14.4K 50

    His tears, one drop per second. (Twisted Fate Series #2)

    Completed   Mature
  • HunHan [Book 3]: Dealing With Oh Sehun [BoyxBoy]
    180K 9.3K 43

    Oh Sehun and Lu Han decided to end their marriage. The two picked opposite path, blowing them away from each other but after almost four years of not seeing each other, fate let them meet again. Is it still possible to lit the broken sparks? Find out. [DWOS BOOK 3]

  • EXO OTP's One Shots Collection ⭐
    1.6M 39.4K 102

    |ONGOING| A One Shot Collection ONLY FOR EXO's Precious OTP's. *Requests Closed. Publishes every Saturday at 9pm KST. #41 in Fanfiction - 180225 #46 in Fanfiction - 180222 #50 in Fanfiction - 170504 1 Million reads - 170913 * Date Created: January 20, 2015 Date Finished: - Copyright © 2015 by ParkBaekkie. All Rights...

  • After Happily Ever After
    1K 39 2

    [SPECIAL CHAPTERS] These are my characters after their epilogues because their stories doesn't end at happily ever after. Welcome them back as I gave you a glimpse on the next chapter of their lives. Ⓒseoulution 2015.

  • Your Daddy is a Superstar (ChanBaek)
    282K 10.5K 38

    Hindi inaasahan ni Byun Baekhyun ang pangyayari. Nagising sya sa isang kwarto habang katabi ang isang pinaka sikat at kinikilala ng mga kabataan ngayon na si Park Chanyeol. Isang pagkakamali lamang ngunit nagbunga ito ng isang pangyayaring hindi inaasahan. Ang pangyayaring babago sa kanilang dalawa. Ang pangyayaring m...

  • HunHan [Book 2]: Dealing With Oh Sehun [BoyxBoy]
    215K 11.2K 53

    From that devil Oh Sehun to this angel whom Luhan so madly inlove with - now - his husband. What if a tornado hit their marriage, will they fight until the end? Will Luhan be able to bear Oh Sehun's possessiveness? Find out. [DWOS BOOK 2]

  • The Student Council's Secret: BOOK 1 - CHANBAEK FF ✔
    1.3M 40.5K 39

    |COMPLETED| Book 1: The Student Council's Secret is based on my ChanBaek One Shot story, On Top and Underneath and Inside and Outside. If you haven't read it yet, it will be nice if you read it first! This will be the Chaptered Version, or more like a long sequel to the story, and of course, it is written in English. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Honey Rhythm
    151K 7.1K 13

    Chanyeol's a musician, and Baekhyun hates his shit, but after having a one night stand with the young tour coordinator, Chanyeol finds that there's more to the brunette than the bitch he is on the job. However, as touring comes to a near end, he still doesn't know where to begin with Byun Baekhyun.

  • KaiSoo: Twisted Fate [MPreg] [BoyxBoy]
    485K 29.4K 59

    Kim Jongin came back after undergoing a psychiatrict treatment due to a car accident they encountered causing for his son's death and wife in coma. He received a post-letter from his ex-wife Do Kyungsoo written four years ago containing all his sufferings. What if he finds out the secret hidden from him? Will he choos...

  • Call Me Baby (FILIPINO) - CHANBAEK FF ✔
    551K 22.5K 82

    |COMPLETED| Summary: Kailangan ni Chanyeol ng babysitter para sa kapatid niyang si Sehun. Nag-apply si Baekhyun. * Date Created: March 22, 2015 Date Finished: November 24, 2015 * Title: Call Me Baby Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Sehun/Baekhyun Rating: PG Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slight Drama, Harem * A/N: Hindi po ito Ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • HunHan [Book 1]: Dealing With Oh Sehun [BoyxBoy]
    518K 32.8K 53

    Oh Sehun is a two faced star. When the camera is on, he could be an angel sent from above but turns into a devil as the camera stops flickering. He could be tough, he could be rough. Will Lu Han be able to endure his coldness until 100 days end? Find out.