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  • Blame It On Them (Ross X Jess X Max)
    4.8K 150 21

    Aka, literally just them going to Ihop seven billion times because Tokki~Kun has no creativity whatsoever! Aphmau needs to move, see some new faces, get a breath of fresh air--but, she moved right near the offices where Sky and the gang work anyway. So much for "new" faces. While she's able to spend more face time wit...

  • MITHMAU ~ Missing you
    329 6 53

    Caw Caw Man> Here, u still inside? She smiled before responding, Yeah, give me a minute to grab my stuff. take ur time. Clicking her phone off she rushed to get her stuff from upstairs. Making sure all of her stuff was ready to go, she grab her phone texting a message about getting the door open. A...

  • Her Life -Maxmau-
    2.2K 61 3

    Aphmau Phoenix A girl who's been bullied ever since middle school. The day where she had to sing in front of everyone and ended up messing up big time. 2 years later in 9th grade she lost both of her parents in a car crash. Shes now in 11th grade and is still bullied by everyone just because of one little mistake. But...

  • Smile |Mithmau|
    52.7K 2K 39

    Jess moves to Phoenix Drop with her parents to live a better life. She has been teased and bullied all her life, by almost every single person. She barley has any friends. And going to a new school is going to be even more harder. But when she meets the bad boy at the school, Max, things get a little interesting for J...

  • Under The Shade Of Minecraft Leaves
    670 45 3

    As Adam, Jess, Ross, Max, and Red get ready to start a new Minecraft role play with the new VIVE virtual reality headset. They all get electrocuted from their headsets malfunctioning. Causing them to fall into comas as their minds are put into their most loved game Minecraft. But as they're trying to find a way out Ma...

  • Mithzan x aphmau(discontinued and badly edited)
    1.3K 46 24

    Don't worry no lemons will be in this one i will keep it PG

  • Alien
    6K 173 10

    She was strange to most but only he knew her secret. And loved her to the moon and back Quite literally

  • Just Friends? A Mithzan X Aphmau A.U
    26.8K 837 20

    This is set in a world where Jess IS NOT married. She also works at the offices in this fanfic. Max and Jess are friends. JUST FRIENDS. Jess always jokes around saying she ships #Mithross. A ship of Max and Ross. She only does it because she likes Max, but she could NEVER tell him that. He'll hate her more than he alr...

  • Love At First Video(Mithzan X Aphmau)
    6.4K 116 7

    Aphmau has a hang-out at the offices with everyone and they chose to play truth or dare, Aphmau's mistake was Adam asked her truth or dare and she said dare. Adam makes her do something that she has dreamed of for a while but she doesn't think that somone else thinks the same way. Read this to find out what happens ne...

  • A Mithmau Fanfic
    7.9K 148 18

    This is a story about two good friends Max and Jess ( Mithzan and Aphmau), they both have known each other since they were little. They always mess with another, but they later find out about many feelings and secrets that have been locked up for years. Ross and Sky try to make the ship "Mithmau" come to life and beco...

  • (Stereo Hearts) A Mithmau Fanfic
    26.6K 795 29

    When Jess moves to Washington state and start to work at Skymedia office she starts to fall in love with a certain ginger head, But will this ginger head return the feelings? (Read To Find Out)

  • A Mithmau Fanfic
    16.4K 368 25

    Jess has liked max for a few years but is scared to tell him how she feels about him. And the only way to hang out with max is by making videos with him. But then something happens that she never thinks would happen. Max also had feelings for Jess but he was confused and didnt know what to do with his feelings so he t...

  • What Started It All...
    517 30 4

    A Mithzan/Max fanfic. One step. That was all it took. While at work, a waitress at Olive Garden, Jessica Ro'Meave (shut up! I couldn't think of a last name) slips on a spilt drink. This sends her shoe flying and hits a costomer. Both the costomer and Jessica fall into a coma. This costomer is none other than her crush...

  • Mistake? or Destiny? {a Mithmau fanfic}
    2K 83 5

    This takes place before Jess is married and her and her boyfriend Jason move to Washington for her job. But one day at a party at her friend Adam's house with all of her co-workers she gets drunk and makes a very bad decision to make out with one of her co-workers which she barely remembers. But one day her boyfriend...

  • Bulletproof Heart|\| Aphmau X Mithzan
    2.1K 79 11

    Highest Ranking: #226 in FanFiction Other: #621 in FanFiction #637 in FanFiction ________________ It was freshman year, Aphmau had many friends in the huge school, and she meets a few by accident. Max is in his sophomore year, bored with it. His friends met a girl he helped, and he instantly fall...

  • Treasure~Mithmau
    3.7K 123 6

    "I love you but we can't be with someone like me" "Why?" "Because, I have no worth, I can't promise the things you can promise me" "Things like my name, my money, my home" "Yes.... I want to love you, but I won't let myself be a burden" "You don't need to promise me anything because you are a piece of treasure yoursel...

  • One Shots~Mithmau
    9K 234 19

    title says it all

  • OFFICE OF LOVE - A Mithzan X Aphmau Fanfiction
    4.1K 99 11

    Max has hidden his feelings from Jess for so long. He is afraid that if he tells her, it could ruin there friendship. But when Jess announces that she is moving to the offices, Max feels as though that the time is right. All he wants is to be near her, close to her, with her....forever. *NOTE: Jess isn't married to h...