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  • Mystic Messenger x Reader Oneshots
    32K 616 12

    A bunch of oneshots that includes 707 Zen Jumin Yoosung Unknown V I'm still currently playing the game.

  • Attention (KnB x Reader)
    104K 3.5K 23

    Being in a relationship with Midorima Shintaro, of course you would want his attention. But why is it so hard? And some of the GoM members have a crush on you! And what? Midorima's childhood friend came back?! What will you do? Enjoy this emotional rollercoaster ride! -2015

  • Wishing upon a Miracle {A GoM x Reader insert}
    90.3K 2.3K 37

    What happens when a Pervert, Oh Asa freak, Shadow, Titan, and Emporer all have there eyes on you? You have secrets none shall no but they are slowly slipping past your lips and into the grasps of the Generation of Miracles. Your breaking down and down with every incident that happens. A war is coming and blood will b...

  • That Day (Seijuro Akashi Fanfiction)
    360K 11.6K 40

    [Seijuro Akashi X OC] Every single day with him was memorable and unforgettable. It had been carved onto my heart, I'll belong to him. Always. Forever and ever. Disclaimer: I wrote this story when I was a hormonal teenager, so expect a lot of OOCness, romanticization, grammatical/typographical errors, plotholes, clich...

  • Protection Not Needed
    97.8K 4K 33

    He's absolute . He never knows defeat . Since he's always win , he's always right . Thus , he doesn't need protection . However , when danger arise , his father was worried . Having that his father's best friend is a spy manager , this one girl was sent to protect the red-headed basketball captain . (AkashiXOC)

  • Jewel-KnB-Kise Ryouta or Kasamatsu Yukio
    55.5K 1.9K 39

    After having her heart broken, Yuzuriha Airi became afraid to trust people and will only open her heart to her important senpai, Kasamatsu Yukio. However, life decided that she and Kise Ryouta will meet once again and even attend the same High school... Have a happy reading :) Feel free to leave a vote or a comment :3

  • Kuroko No Basket Imagines. {KnB x Reader}
    2.5M 17.5K 61

    Title says it all~ I will also be writing about the other members other than the generation of miracles as well~ ^_^

  • The Invisible Empress of the Gods (Akashi X OC: Kuroko no Basuke Fanfic)
    498K 13.9K 33

    Teiko Middle School had supposedly raised the Generation of Miracles to be the amazing players they are now, in high school. But who really did create them and their skills? - Ashikaga Sena is a freshman at Rakuzan High. She, in the shadows, had taught everything to the Generation of Miracles and raised them to be str...

  • 69 DAYS [Akashi Seijuro X OC]
    273K 10.6K 32

    [1st place in Seijuro Akashi category of KnB Watty Awards 2014 Fall/Winter] [2nd place in Kuroko no Basuke category of Anime Watty Awards 2014/15 Winter] [2nd place in Most Creative Cover category of KnB Watty Awards 2014 Fall/Winter] "I shouldn't have fallen for you ." The wheel of fate is turning. They were defeat...

  • Fate and Destiny [Akashi x Kuroko / Kuroko no Basket]
    98.8K 3.1K 47

    "Then, let's make a promise that only I can sing your songs." That was the forgotten promise after the incident that erased his entire memories of her and everything else. They were torn apart. As time goes by, his memories began to resurface. A beautiful bluenette whom takes the name of a renowned musician, HEAVEN s...

  • Defying Gravity: Free Fall [Akashi Seijuro X OC]
    218K 8.3K 37

    [3rd place in Seijuro Akashi category of KnB Watty Awards 2014 Fall/Winter] [3rd place in Kuroko no Basuke category of Anime Watty Awards 2014/15 Winter] [2nd place in Most Creative Title category of Knb Watty Awards 2014 Fall/Winter] Free fall : A fall due to gravitational acceleration without the effect of air resis...

  • A Cancerian Love (A KnB fan fiction of Midorima and ½ Kagami)
    1K 48 8

    Kagami's long lost sister, Satomi, has fallen for Midorima. And Midorima has fallen for her. The reason to this is because they got attracted to each other by their looks. And it's funny because Satomi looks a lot like Kagami and Midorima looks like grass or a carrot when he has his jersey uniform on. Another reason i...

  • Mr. Pretty Boy & Ms. Anime Addict
    437K 10.5K 44

    A girl and A boy. Mr. pretty boy and Ms. anime addict. One being adored and the other being bullied. A story about a promise that can either be kept or be broken. A story of love, Jealousy and joiners. HIATUS! Copyright © 2012 by suzuKfHujoRshiaddict. All Rights Reserved.

  • Back to You (Akashi Seijuro Fanfic)
    24.3K 571 29

    Whatever you do you can't change your fate or your destiny. You can't run away from it nor can you avoid it. All you have to do is just accept it and go with the flow of your life. Either it makes you miserable or happy, you just have to bear with it. Aʟʟ ᴍʏ ᴡᴏʀᴋs ᴀʀᴇ ᴄᴏᴘʏʀɪɢʜᴛᴇᴅ ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴛʜᴇ Cᴏᴘʏʀɪɢʜᴛ, Dᴇsɪɢɴs ᴀɴᴅ Pᴀᴛ...

  • SHE'S/I'M DIFFERENT (Kuroko no basket fanfic)(DISCONTINUED)
    1.2M 31.1K 65

    Kuroko Koyuki was very much similar and different to her cousin Kuroko Tetsuya. They both had a burning passion for the basketball. They both had little to no presence, though Koyuki seemed to be able to control it. And they shared a similar past, which obviously included a bunch of colored makes. Well one obvious di...

  • I hear your voice. (KNB:KiyoshiTeppei x OC)
    3.7K 71 40

    His world revolves around basketball. Her world revolves around her notebook. Mr. Nice Guy meets The girl with the notebook? Laugh, cry and fall in love with their story. **I do not own KNB** **All rights reserved for the creator**

  • The Red Emperor and I [Akashi Seijuro FanFiction]
    432K 10.4K 37

    [Akashi Seijuro x OC] Aihana Hakino met the guy who she wants to spend her life with. It's him, the Red Emperor. Everything was perfect yet, it seems like the Goddess of Love is playing a prank on them. 2 years had passed since she left and now that she's back, can the love that she lost be found and revived again? ...

  • Unforgettable Bonds [69 DAYS- Sequel]
    48.5K 2.3K 19

    "Do you believe in reincarnations?" ".... I do now." She's not her. But somehow, there's that magnetic force again, pulling them two together. "I'm not replacing Kina. I'm putting you beside her. Is that wrong?"- Akashi. -Read 69 DAYS before you read this- [AkashiXOC] (the photo on the cover is NOT mine. No copyright...

  • 100 Days In The Anime World
    6.1M 111K 122

    A girl named Algaia have always fascinated the world of Anime. One day, she met the God Of Dreams named Morpheus, and granted her wish to live in different Anime worlds. But the story has a twist, she will only live there for 100 days. She will lose both her life in the real world and in her dream world if she fa...