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  • My one direction concert experience OTRA
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    This is just my one direction on the road again tour concert experience. Read it or not it doesn't matter it's only if your interested in this sort of thing. Please read if you want to.

  • The sad girl with a dream
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    This short story of 4 parts, goes about a girl who is very sad. But she's really mean to everybody. So now, she want a second chance to proof herself. Then she meets a guy who everybody knows if you love this band... #OtraDreams

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    Imagine your favorite boyband (ONE DIRECTION) has a concert in your country and you can't afford to buy concert tickets to watch them perform live.. What do you feel?Sad? Nah!!don't be.. because you can actually see them in person in any other way.. for FREE!!.. :) #OtraDreams #OnTheRoadAgainDreams

  • One OTRA Night
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    Do you ever see yourself meeting these lads one day? Have you already meet them and did it turn the way you want it to be? If you will be given a chance to go to any of the OTRA tour, how would you like it to be? Share your story and let the world know by tagging your story with #OnTheRoadAgainDreams #OTRADreams I'd...