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  • Avenues of the Diamond (University Series #4)
    94.4M 3.4M 48

    UNIVERSITY SERIES #4. Samantha Vera from Ateneo De Manila University, the epitome of kindness, empathy, grace, and solicitude got her life ruined when her parents told her that she was marrying Cy Ramirez, a med student from UP, after their graduation.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Wrath
    11.1M 284K 62

    Miss Prim and Proper and the university's top student Daphne Madrigal has a secret that can destroy her perfect image. But what if the university's notorious playboy discovers it? Will she agree to his deal in exchange for staying quiet--or will she finally have the courage to show her true self? -- All her life, Daph...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hiding The Billionaire's Daughter
    30.6M 818K 60

    After getting pregnant due to a drunken mistake, Zuri decides to hide her daughter away from the devil in a business suit himself, Helios Gallagher. But when their paths cross again and he demands to be with their daughter, Zuri finds herself falling for the same guy who wrecked her before. *** Hardworking and dedicat...

    Completed   Mature
  • Accounting
    116K 1.4K 46

    This book contains accounting lessons dedicated to all accounting students and aspiring accountants. All rights reserved Property of Edlysse Lhou Garcia

  • When It All Ends (COMPLETED)
    12.1M 282K 33

    "Didn't I promise you? I'll destroy anyone who dares hurt you." But then he left-taking my heart with him.

  • A Drunken Mistake (COMPLETED)
    9.1M 172K 32

    "It was just one night... One night that ruined the years we shared. One night that ruined the forever we're about to build."

  • Hindi Ko Inakala (COMPLETED)
    5.8M 89.3K 18

    Pagmamahal? Kailan mo matatawag na pagmamahal ang nararamdaman mo? Kapag ba masaya ka tuwing kasama siya? Pero paano kapag yung kasiyahan na nadarama mo, unti unting napapalitan ng pagdududa? At paano kapag ang taong nagtulak sa'yo upang magduda ang maging dahilan para muli kang magmahal... para lamang masaktan muli? ...

  • Just This Once (COMPLETED)
    23.5M 757K 58

    Genesis thought she already found the love of her life. Bakit naman kasi hindi? They've been together for so long that she couldn't remember a time when she didn't know him. Akala niya sila na talaga. Malaki ang tiwala niya. She even put her life and dreams on pause para sa kanya... innocently believing that for him...

  • Just The Benefits (PUBLISHED)
    63.1M 1.2M 74

    Imogen Harrison has been dating campus heartthrob Parker Yapchengco. But no one knows about it. Bagaman pumayag si Imogen na ilihim nila ni Parker ang kanilang relasyon ay hindi nawawala ang kanyang mga agam-agam tungkol dito. Buti na lang at madalas siyang damayan ni Shiloah Suarez, ang bagong transferee sa kanilang...

  • No One Will Know (PUBLISHED)
    6.4M 230K 30

    The day Molly's attackers were set free was the day Mallary decided to take justice into her own hands. And Mallary knew that in order to do that, she would have to get closer to her enemies hanggang sa mapagkatiwalaan nila siya ng mga maduduming sikretong tinatago nila. And she'll start with Nathan... the lawyer who...

  • I Watched Him Fall For Someone Else (COMPLETED)
    18M 584K 35

    When her longtime boyfriend proposes to her, Nari does not seem happy. She rejects him, hoping he would understand. But two years, seven days, three hours, five minutes, and thirty seconds later, Nari enters a church and watches him get married to someone else. *** At 21, Nari Miranda graduates from college wanting to...

    4.5M 129K 66

    [Last of LOYAL HEARTS ] Abuse. Neglection. Independence. Malaki ang epekto sa buhay ng isang tao kapag lumaki sa kapaligirang hindi inaambunan ng pagmamahal. Love composes almost the whole percentage of life in general. Love in any kinds. Along in growing up is a discernment that you're not capable of the platitude af...

    Completed   Mature
    3M 79.4K 69

    Sa isang pagwawakas, hindi maaaring walang masasaktan. Isa man sa inyo, o kayong dalawa pareho. Sa bawat mga hakbang palayo, ay ang unti-unting pagkawasak ng mga puso. Sa pag-angat ng kamay upang punasan ang mga luha, may naglalandas na panibago. Isang pangakong ikaw lang ang naglikha. Paninindigan na magkahiwalay niy...

  • Hey, Cohen (COMPLETED)
    45M 1.9M 172

    Ever since Sari's sister married the seemingly perfect man, she had dreamt of her own happily ever after. Gusto niya rin ng gwapo, mayaman, at gwapo na papakasalan. She'd settle for nothing less. And when she set her eyes on Cohen Isaac Gomez de Liaño... she knew that she'd stop at nothing to get him to notice her.

  • Just The Strings (COMPLETED)
    49.5M 1.3M 72

    All her life, Mary Imogen Suarez was led to believe that she should end up with Parker Adrian Palma. Na dapat, kay Parker lang siya. Na si Imogen ay para lang kay Parker. But the problem was, Parker never looked her way, at least, not the way she wanted him to. For him, she's just the best friend-and a reminder of som...

  • Almost, But Not Quite (COMPLETED)
    25.7M 926K 69

    From strangers to friends. From friends to close friends. From close friends to lovers. When Joey met Psalm, she didn't think that they'd ever be together. Paano ba naman, ex niya ang best friend nito! Psalm had seen her at her lowest, and she didn't think that there's a possibility of them being together... Pero hab...

  • Come On, Make Me (COMPLETED)
    24.3M 875K 53

    It's hard to prove yourself when everyone thinks that everything's being given to you on a silver platter. And in Siobhan Margarette's case, she'll do everything to make everyone see that she's worth it. But what will she do if someone unexpected sees her worth? Will she stay and accept? Or will she continue pretendi...

  • Conquering the Barriers
    1.4M 68K 43

    SIS (Social Issue Series) #4: Bullying They say that beauty is a luxury. That good looks is the only privilege that matters. That the world is only in favor of those who were born pretty. Sa panahon nga raw ngayon, parang kasalanan na ang pagiging less attractive. You're unappealing? Emotionally weak? Naive? How path...

  • Never Descending
    954K 44.2K 43

    SIS (Social Issue Series) #5: Victim Blaming Why is talking about sex a taboo? What's wrong with sex? Sex is normal. Sex is fine. As long as it is consensual then all else is good. But someone being sexually open does not and will never equate to providing license for slut shaming or sexual harassment. Iris Everleigh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beneath What it Seems
    1.7M 80.2K 43

    SIS (Social Issue Series) #2: Stereotyping Piercing, Tattoo, Dyed Hair. Usual indications of a badass. Kapag babae ka at meron ka nito ay malamang fuck girl, adik, slut, o wala ka raw patutunguhan sa buhay. Lia Kennedy grew up doing whatever she likes. Wala siyang nakitang rason para pigilan ang sarili sa kung ano man...

  • Every Flight Counts
    1.3M 68.7K 43

    SIS (Social Issue Series) #3: Gender Inequality Men and women in the 21st Century still aren't able to totally get free from the socially defined roles. They are expected to act in certain ways just because they are male and female. Lalake ka raw kaya hindi ka pwede sa ganito. Babae ka raw kaya hanggang dito ka lang. ...

  • Grow with the Flow
    2.1M 100K 43

    SIS (Social Issue Series) #1: Objectifying Women Over protectiveness of boyfriends are often romanticized as cute and caring nowadays. To the point that some ladies fail to live their lives to the fullest just to satisfy their men's insecurities and the likes. Pero kung ikaw si Nayeli Reese P. Eusebio, you'll probabl...

  • Engagement Chaos
    5.9M 173K 49

    Italian secret agent Vexen Bellucci ran away from her fiancé, adamantly refusing to marry him. She did not expect that escaping to the Philippines will lead her to a mysterious man named Death Ferrante--only to find out that he's in fact her fiancé's stepbrother and he's intent to punish her! *** Despite following all...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chess Pieces #4: Lucius D'Angelo
    2M 73.7K 23

    Aius An angel in a rebellion

    Completed   Mature
  • Chess Pieces #3: Maximilian Elias
    6.4M 237K 53

    L The hacker who loves the codes.

    Completed   Mature
  • Chess Pieces #2: Hunter Sanford
    10M 356K 59

    Gallagher #3 Tracer The hunter who's chasing his goddess.

    Completed   Mature
  • Chess Pieces #1: Creed Cervantes
    10.7M 393K 50

    Archer The beast who's acting like a guardian angel.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold Me Close (Azucarera Series #3)
    24.2M 1.1M 43

    Josefa Hanabella Valiente is the ugly girl of Altagracia. She is often bullied because of her ugly looks. Binansagan siyang ng maraming pangit na pangalan at nasanay na siya roon. Now that her father's dead, everyone bullied her more. The people of Altagracia hated her father's deeds and she can't do anything about it...

  • Life Of The Heirs
    18.9M 500K 62

    This is not just a story. It has royalty.

  • The Curse of Cassianna
    11.8M 351K 38

    Cassianna Aubri Cox likes getting into trouble. For her, life is too boring that she needs to spice it up. It is never the same with the guy she liked when she was a kid. Caillen Agion Hades thinks life is all about getting serious and keeping everything together. That's why he just wouldn't fall for Cassianna's trick...