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  • BABY . seungchan
    95.7K 6.7K 7

    minnie: hi I like you, so can I be your baby and you can give me kisses?

  • 19 [minsung] ✓
    438K 27.7K 27

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ "i hate summer camp!" "why?" "because i'm stuck with you." ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

  • 𝓫𝓪𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓷𝔂 //𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓵𝓲𝔁 𝓪𝓾
    60.7K 2.5K 33

    •COMPLETED• one fine morning, Changbin knew there was his new neighbor moving in to the house beside his so he was curious who he is gonna be pranking this time. but when he saw a very beautiful man chilling on his balcony, Changbin was out of his thoughts and focused on his new neighbor, Lee Felix. start: 08/03/19 en...

  • Hope for the Worst || Minsung
    584K 34.5K 55

    A long time ago, Jisung was bullied by a kid named Lee Minho, but was too weak to fight back. This of course didn't stop Jisung from hating Minho's guts. Jisung is now enrolling into a new highschool, ready to restart his life. He later runs into Minho once again. Surprising, isn't it? The only thing is, the boy has c...

  • hate you ∥ hyunsung
    40.4K 1.9K 7

    When People say it's easy to hate and difficult to love they're right. Hyunjin had to find this out on his own. 。 Or in which Hyunjin and Jisung seem to hate each other to death, but a shady dating app had something else in mind. →ʜᴡᴀɴɢ ʜʏᴜɴᴊɪɴ x ʜᴀɴ ᴊɪꜱᴜɴɢ ⓒʏᴜᴛᴀᴇᴍɪɴ

  • Doctor Hwang | Seungjin
    216K 12.5K 21

    A story in which- Kim Seungmineungmin always pretends that he's sick so that their family doctor, Hwang Hyunjin could pay him a visit. By: Seungjined, 2019

  • Just A Prank [Seungjin texting AU] ✔️
    233K 11K 62

    When a little prank takes a weird turn. RANKING: #1 - Seungjin #9 - Changbin

  • Love Letters ~ WooChan
    12.1K 703 11

    Woojin receives a series og love letters from his secret admirer. Main ship: Woochan Side ships: Minsung Seungjin

  • Under my Spell - Changlix
    104K 6.4K 32

    Felix is an amateur wizard who is attending Willox Academy, a school for all sorts of magical creatures, for the first time in his life. Changbin is in his third year at Willox and is a notorious troublemaker. After spending time together, they will fall for each other. Their lives will be a lot more interesting... ~~...

    42.7K 297 1

    [COMPLETED] Lee Felix would never forget the moment he caught the school's mystery boy in the headlights. Rain streaks and black hair, brown eyes widened in the lights of the car. He wasn't trying to get hit, He just didn't care if he did. And no one else saw through the darkness apart from him. CURRENTLY UNDER EDITIN...

  • Onto you | x h.js
    297K 22.5K 61

    "I'm telling you Felix, he's got to be an undercover policeman!" "You're crazy.." started: 23.07.2018 finished: 23.10.2018

  • being lonely | minsung | ✔
    491K 27.9K 54

    Sometimes friends aren't the ones to cure the loneliness inside you. Sometimes you need something more, someone more. But when you know having that someone is out of the question, it only makes the loneliness worse. Started: 5th of April, 2019 Ended: 13th of September, 2019 Rankings: #1 in #minsung on 1th of...

  • stray kids ; changlix | crash ↺
    170K 15.5K 32

    "all you ever do is cycle around town." "yeah, it distracts me from my thoughts." "what thoughts?" "my thoughts about you." ↺ where felix moves into changbin's family house for the summer in order to get away from another life. - lowercase intended - completed - eden playlist ✦ highest in fanfiction #509 ✦ highest in...

  • Jersey - Minsung
    234K 13.1K 23

    Minho is a hockey player who falls for a pretty boy at the ice rink. Cover creds go to @minhoneys

  • minsung ― espresso [✓]
    131K 12.5K 14

    ❝ es press yo self, my dude. ❞ in which jisung comes in every day to flirt with the cute barista, and minho is so close to spitting in his espresso. ᴄᴏғғᴇᴇ sʜᴏᴘ ᴀᴜ COMPLETED┃✅ 31 / 05 / 19 © bubbletaey 2018

  • baby kkami | seungjin
    21.6K 1K 8

    seungmin is startled by the panicky state of the man who just ran into the pound, but even more startled by how attractive he is.

  • chocolates || minsung
    160K 10K 21

    in which someone leaves notes and chocolates on jisung's desk every week

  • banginho ― cinema [✓]
    48.4K 4.7K 11

    ❝ man, i can't believe dumbledore died. ❞ ꜱᴏᴜʟᴍᴀᴛᴇ ᴀᴜ ONGOING┃✅ XX / XX / XX © bubbletaey 2018

  • Coffee and Flowers | Seungjin
    13.5K 1K 11

    {Continuation of Voices | Banginho} "But what if I bought you flowers?" "I hate to tell you, but coffee and flowers don't mix" Seungmin is your stereotypical shy barista. Quiet voice, soft spoken, and doesn't take well to boys like Hyunjin. Hyunjin is the opposite, confident, flirty, and very eager to impress.

  • HI, I'M SAM! ーseungjin ✓
    169K 10.7K 22

    『 °˖✧ ¢σмρℓєтє∂ ✧˖° 』 ???? : Hi I'm Sam! You're kinda cute ♡ -In which the school's nerd boy receives an anonymous confession. _____ Español : @hwang6ix _____________________ © Mayunho, 2019. #2 in Seungjin [Nov 28; 2019] #1 in Changlix [Nov 23; 2019] #2 in Seungmin [Dec 06; 2019]

  • The Summer Of 2018 | Seungjin ✔
    120K 6.4K 40

    "Iced americano, as usual, please" - "The nerd with the hottie? Who would've imagine it?!" - "I love you, please don't listen to what others say about us" #1 in Seungjin #1 in Hyunseung #1 in Hyunmin - Vtrans - @peschedolcii

  • Eclipse | Changlix
    15.7K 1.3K 6

    ❝When the sun sets and the moon rises, faint memories came down like the stars.❞ - in which a withdrawn demigod falls for a boy with the entire universe in his eyes.

  • Him and I | Changlix
    253K 14.7K 36

    "Why are you holding my hand?" - Felix develops a little crush on this guy named Changbin...

  • Sweater Paws | Banginho
    52.1K 3.1K 9

    "He couldn't keep still; he didn't know why. In an effort to stop it, he pulled the sleeves of his hoodie over his hands: Sweater paws." Chan moved to Korea a year ago and him and Minho have been best friends ever since. So when Chan develops a crush on Woojin, Minho helps him with confessing. They start to drift apar...

    67.6K 3.2K 30

    a boy wants to learn how to kiss. [Completed] -translated to Arabic

    Completed   Mature
  • fireworks ━━ h.hj +
    536 41 2

    ━━ where Hyunjin wants to kiss Seungmin at midnight ━━

  • HIGH | changlix
    67.9K 2.9K 13

    "changbin, i have a bad feeling i'm more high than you." where felix agrees to smoke with changbin

  • 11:59 ; seungjin ✔︎
    244 21 1

    ❝no! no! it wasnt supposed to happen like this! ❞ -one is drunk. one is in denial. all it takes is the countdown to midnight for them to realize their feelings for each other. [COMPLETED] book 1 in the 'new years oneshot' series 《2019》 ©CH3RRY-KRUSH ©1-800-C0SM1C ©strxwberrei

  • PLAY BALL | minsung
    79.2K 4K 15

    where jisung and minho fall in love on the baseball field