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  • Your Hero | Link x Reader
    24.7K 785 12

    ~~ Your Hero | Link x Reader | Legend of Zelda ~~ Y/n was only four when she got abandoned by her parents Two children find the young girl and become her closes friends she will have, Zelda and Link. You and your child hood friend Link are always together since the day you were abandoned and found by him and Princess...

  • The Daughter of The Goddess | Link x Reader
    149K 160 7

    "The young goddess grew up amongst the descendants of those who served her mother, not knowing her true identity. She grew up alone in her adolescent years, fending for herself along the way and creating bonds with very few people. Seventeen years passed, and as the dominos of fate fell upon each other she began to l...

  • Link x Reader
    12.9K 336 3

    You, a feisty 17 year old living in the kingdom of Hyrule find yourself meeting a hero, quite handsome at that. You soon find yourself finding developing feeling for this kind-hearted boy named Link. What will he think of you? A friend, a companion, or maybe even a crush?

  • The Sky's The Limit (Link X Reader)
    132K 3.8K 55

    COMPLETED- 2016 Editing completed- 2018 #17 in Legend Of Zelda "You're a monster. You're a tool used as power, you're already dead. If you think that's a heartbeat (Y/n), that's only the power pulsing inside of you. That is what's keeping you alive, that is Demise. That's your father and the true you. You and I are al...

  • Deleted Scene From "The Legend Of Zelda: The Twilight Princess
    18 0 2

    I am going to rewrite this story because it's easier then going back and fixing the problems, some things will stay the same and some things will change from the story.

  • Twilight Princess: The Real Legend {A Zelda FanFic}
    47.2K 743 17

    Disturbed from his peaceful forest life, Link of Ordon, has to find his friend for a favor but ends up in a turn of events. Next thing he knows, he's in a cell with fur, paws, and chained down. Someone, or more like, something finds him and offers to help him escape this place and return to normal, but at a cost. *re...

  • Twilight Princess: The Real Legend {A Zelda Fanfic Book 2}
    2.6K 61 4

    The second part of The Real Legend. When Link discovers that Zant is only half of the major threat to Hyrule, he must set out to gather the shards that'll open up the path to The Twilight Realm. From there, more answers will be revealed about this 'King of Evil". Will Link be of match?