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  • Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters - Ignition
    35.4K 2K 53

    Stay: Book Two Replacement ~ The base has been blown to smithereens. The Autobots have been scattered across the globe. My company now consists of cyber wolves and my past life's teammates. How long that will last is open for debate. But for the sake of my spark, I will keep fighting. The Autobots will keep fighting...

  • Transformers Prime - Stay
    229K 8K 51

    Stay: Book One Tracy was normal. Human. No creepy special powers unless you counted her ability to turn situations around in her favor. But she won't be normal for long. She became special when she volunteered to give up her life as a human and become . . . an Autobot? One day leads to the rest of her life going from...

  • Transformers Prime - Hazy
    78.6K 3K 73

    Stay: Book Three I have no idea who I am, to put it simply. Supposedly I was engaged, but I doubt that now. I constantly wear a bracelet with someone else's initials, at least, I think they belong to someone else. My name is Jasmine Brookes, according to the paper I found in my pocket the night I woke up. I don't know...

  • Transformers Prime - Intimacy
    2.7K 59 1

    Mature content. Title, cover and character couplings subject to change. Currently only OPXJB, may later include WJXV, FFXBB, MSXR, etc., etc. Hope you enjoy this collection of Intimacy.