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  • So Grim
    16.7K 496 3

    Gemma Royce was notoriously known as Auburndale High's gossip girl. After dying from a freak accident at a summer camp, she never thought that she would ever land in hell. Going back to Earth was definitely a no-go, and Heaven is not easy to get into, unless she agrees to sign a certain contract. Gemma is sent back t...

  • The Love Note (AprilNano)
    8.1K 198 4

    Vienna Grant has it all. At least that's what everyone thinks. One day, she just decides to leave her picture perfect life in order to pursue an adventure, all thanks to a piece of paper she found at the back of an old library book. Her family and friends thinks she's crazy, but to her, it just might be the happiness...

  • The Hero In You
    10.9K 323 2

    Nerd by day. Hero by night.

  • Duped
    31.6K 836 8

    Bryce Hansen wants revenge. Some ass-kicking revenge. She wants it so bad that she wants the whole world to see it. Bryce is so full of her ex-boyfriend Asher's sick jokes, so she hatches a plan to get back at him. Her brilliant plan? Make him appear on her favorite noon time reality TV show "You've Been Duped!". Rev...

  • My Demigod Boyfriend
    32.6K 781 3

    "My life was boring as hell until he came along." Persephone Claiborne was just a regular girl of Seaside heights high school. But when a cute boy named Zach Bradford transferred to her school one day, her life was never the same again. Who knew dating a demigod can be so exciting and complicated at the same time?

  • Loving You (ON HOLD)
    3.3K 81 3

    Soleil is a typical young boy who lives in the future. Playful, adventurous and spends a great amount of time secretly scanning through time strips. But one fateful day, he accidentally falls for a girl named Luna who lives in the past. Thinking of a way to meet her, he tries his very best to get recruited for the nex...