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  • Eternity of Love (One Piece x Reader)
    1.8M 78.5K 199

    "Saṃsāra,The Wheel of Eternity"--An epithet to an old legend in Paradise. Of course, you were one of those who knew it wasn't the case, since you were the wielder. Though, in this life you had hoped you wouldn't become a Pirate. (Reader x Various!One Piece || Males && Females)

  • Pirate Time ! (One Piece X Male Reader)
    767K 22.8K 182

    If someone hurts Luffy... that person's gonna have a bad time.

  • A Magician At Sea (One Piece Fanfic)
    349K 8K 75

    (L/N) (Y/N) is a princess from the (K/N) Kingdom. At only the age of 6, her kingdom was attacked by creatures called nightmares, those creatures we're searching for (Y/N) because she was the future vessel of the Heart of Magic. She escaped thanks to her older Brother Mitsuki and settled on an island that's mostly habi...

  • The Straw hats Kid [ONE PIECE X CHILD!READER]
    96.9K 3K 14

    "..(Y/N).." "Y-Yeah Luffy?" "Wanna join my crew?" 《Being kicked out of the only home you got all because you couldn't read a simple letter leads you into meeting the straw hat who is determined to become the pirate king!》 One Piece belongs to its owner, the cover goes to its creator, and you belong to you only!

  • Hiding the Truth (One Piece)
    458K 14.3K 52

    We all know the infamous Straw Hat pirate's captain Monkey D. Luffy's brothers are Portagas D. Ace and Sabo. But what if he had a sister. Would the story be any different? Monkey D. Lana is Luffy's younger sister and she is on the run. But from whom? And does it have anything to do with her Devil Fruit ability?

  • One Piece x Reader [CLOSED]
    253K 4.5K 91

    ➯ The art used in the edit is made by Grimhel on DeviantArt One piece belongs to Eiichirō Oda as well as the canon characters of the series √

  • Shadow?!!! [One Piece x reader]
    126K 4.2K 45

    Y/n who has been reincarnated in the chaotic world of One Piece knowing everything that is to happen. I do not own anything except the plot.

  • Built for this - One Piece x Reader
    34K 2.4K 16

    (Y/n) has been 'asked' to design the new defence system against the monsters that terrorise her home. However, the designs are a little more complicated than your average gun. We're talking along the lines of... suits. All she needs are some compatible pilots to get this show up and running. I wonder who that could be...

  • Searching for Brothers [One Piece fanfic]
    941K 38K 72

    |Highest Ranks| #1 One Piece #1 Ace #2 Chopper She was the polite one. The smart one. The level-headed one. She kept her three brothers in place, making sure none of them did something stupid enough to get themselves killed. But the closest person she had in her life abruptly disappeared, ceasing to exist. She was alo...

  • One Piece (Male Reader Insert)
    534K 17.2K 94

    (Y/N) (L/N) has always been treated like a monster. It could be because he ate something called a Devil Fruit, or because there's something weird that's inside of him. Something evil. However, that all changes when he meets a pirate crew that's far from ordinary. He's about to embark on the greatest adventure of his l...

  • Goddess of Death. One Piece X F.Reader
    47.4K 1.5K 69

    I cannot describe anything to save my life well.... Y/n is on a journey together with Luffy to see first hand how he will change the world, Y/n has some of her own plans . so I will try to follow the story as best as possible. I do not own the characters Eiichiro Oda is the creator of one piece

  • A Small Adventure (One Piece fanfic)
    1.1M 47.5K 124

    (One Piece Various x Female reader) Entering the story during the Skypiea arc, (y/n) meets the infamous Straw Hat pirates who came in search of the said to be mythical island in the sky. (y/n) never thought to enter a pirate ship to finally see this legend of an island, but maybe this time she'll change her mind. ...

  • 𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓽 (one piece x reader)
    422K 19.7K 76

    "I don't have the luxury of getting to have a dream." • • • • "If you want that luxury then...join my crew!" (xreader with Y/n as your beloved author tries to keep things as canon as possible and as interesting as possible)

  • Wait for me {One Piece X Reader} ✓
    361K 10.7K 32

    | SLOWLY EDITING | | THE SEQUEL HAS BEEN RELEASED: Prologue + Chapters 1-6) This book has a few grammatical errors but read if you please. It is said to be fast paced so I apologize in advance if that bothers anyone. » Highest rank || #1 on OnePieceXReader Hot List « ---- » "I'm not going to help anyone else." I say...

    14.5K 507 10

    ONE PIECE VARIOUS X ISEKAI OP! READER "when I say I want to die, you are suppose to comfort me...NOT ACTUALLY END MY LIFE!!" "....𝘴𝘰𝘳𝘳𝘺?" "DON'T SAY SORRY NOW, YOU STUPID GOD!!!!" In which a average high school student is transported to her favourite anime, One Piece and turns out she isn't the average school stu...

  • Pirate (One Piece x Reader)
    82K 1.8K 9

    Y/n L/n from another world. Died in her world but got reborn in one piece?! She captured many hearts of pirates and even marine. Have an adventure with luffy an the others! This book will have some Fem x fem so please if you're not comfortable of it then please leave if you're okay with it then please enjoy:)