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  • Pup Sitter
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    Amaryllis Marie Cooper is on a journey to adulthood. Raised by her loving father and two mothers, alongside her brothers and sister, Amaryllis has lived a shelter 18 years at home where she's loved. A new high school graduate, she decided to move across the country to live with her dad while she works and takes a year...

  • I'm Not His Girl (Bruno Mars Fan Fiction)
    83.6K 3K 25

    Cara is your typical teenage girl, well almost, she's not the party type and she doesn't believe in relationships when she's this young, it''s not like they're going to last anyway, so why have them? Oh yea and her dad works for Bruno Mars. Cara has never met him and she doesn't plan on it either, she's heard his song...

  • Germany X Reader
    52.1K 502 3

    I love lemons and i love Hetalia.. So why not make a Lemon that all you other Germany fans can enjoy? WARNING: LEMON (Maybe a little more graphic than normal) READ AT YOUR OWN COST.. ENJOY

  • My Stalker (MJ story)
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  • A Friend In Need
    2.6K 74 16

    Michael Jackson was always quiet, shy, and.....hurt. He thought his life was over when he was getting bullied by a few other students. Suddenly, his two heros Cataleya and Faith came to the rescue. The two girls tried befriending him only to noticed that he was bruised. Can they help Michael ? Most importantly will...

  • Change My Mind (Sequel to My Baby Sister)
    628K 13.4K 36

    It's been 2 months since Harry last saw Charlie. She left the hospital a month ago and has moved out of the flat as she said she would. Only the other boys know where she is and they always go and see her, but not Harry. She doesn't want to see him and he has no idea that the others know where she is and she plans on...