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  • Marked
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    Prompt. Hinata now being in high school still doesn't know if he's an alpha or an omega. Till one day it all changed. Will Hinata be okay? This is where the gang of Haikyuu( all characters) is separated into two different groups. Either Alpha or Omega. This is still a kagehina based fanfic but other ships will be in...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Set Pair (Omegaverse)
    1.8M 56.8K 200

    Shōyō Hinata a Omega is starting his first year of High school at karasuno. Karasuno is one of the only schools in the region with the Omega program. They Pair each Omega with an Alpha. Alpha's have to leave temporary marks to prevent other alphas from assaulting the omegas. Unfortunately Shōyō he gets paired with K...

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  • Klance Comics
    3.9M 49.7K 170

    ...It's the title :) {1/5/19}

  • My Fav Klance Comics
    1.8M 20.9K 75

    These are my favorite Klance comics. Most of them will probably be from elentori, ikimaru and pretzellus bc I love their art :)

  • Klance comic
    3.4M 68.5K 199

    Just some cute comic pictures of Klance None of these pictures are mine Credit to artists

  • Galra Blood [Klance]
    105K 3.6K 12

    "HE'S GALRA! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS, LANCE!" exclaimed Allura. "I'm serious as all hell, princess." replied Lance, turning towards Keith. "I don't care whether he's Galra, or not." {NOTE: Will contain some language.}

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  • Keith x lance (one shots)
    168K 2.2K 33

    Spicy and chili one shots of the cute emo boi and hot Cuban boi. Some fluff and some smut. Enjoy.

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  • Beta not Omega
    213K 5.3K 20

    Lance McClain was an Omega. He has been pretending to be a Beta since he first presented at the age of 13 due to his family shunning him, leaving him isolated and alone. Until he finally managed to enter the Galaxy Garrison, but even then it wasn't long until he was suddenly flown out into outer space by the blue lion...

  • The Spirit of A Lion (Klance Voltron)
    169K 4.4K 58

    Keith made up his mind. He grabbed his knife and held it to his left arm. If the mark wouldn't go away on it's own, then he would get rid of it himself. Keith has been acting strange for the past few weeks and the team was getting worried. He stayed in his room most of the time, only allowing Shiro to enter. He's been...

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  • Klance Oneshots
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    It's all we need ♡

  • Hot Mess ~Klance Modeling Au
    633K 20K 60

    [ COMPLETED] Keith's jaw dropped as his heart stopped. The electricity flowing through him felt like static as he turned to Lance. Lance's arms were around him quick, pulling him close and lifting him up. Keith saw Lance spin him around but he couldn't feel it. He was numb. He felt like he was watching it happen from...

  • Make Me Your Home
    146K 7.1K 22

    "Oh my god, Keeeith," Lance wheezed. "Keith you're the best drunk space cadet I've ever seen." "Space cadet," Keith mumbled. He repeated the words again although his eyes had zeroed in on Lance's hands and Lance offered no resistance when Keith picked one of them up and pulled it possessively towards his lap. He beg...

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  • Fates | Klance AU
    339K 15.7K 60

    Highest Rankings: #320 in Fanfiction #13 in Voltron #50 in Klance Lance is in a large family, and his mother decides to take in one more. The orphan shows up and guess who it is! Well, I really don't need to tell you. You know who it is. Started: 02.10.17 (Approximate start date).

  • Klance- Purple- smut 18+
    90.5K 640 9

    So this is my first ever story in watt pad, it is also a Klance ship cuz Klance rulzzz.... ANYWAYS... so this is 18+ so for em 12 yo children out there reading this, I know you are up at 2 am reading 18+ stuff... I am jus making it up as it goes so don't judge me plz... ENJOY! BTW ALL PICS ARE NOT MINE ALL FROM GOOGLE...

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  • The Klance Act
    891K 8.7K 26

    a COMPLETED klance story with detailed smut.

  • Castles | A Solangelo AU
    267K 10.6K 26

    *Complete* Prince William has read all his life, read of true love and soul mates. So when he is to marry a Princess of a neighboring kingdom against his will he his heart broken. Especially because his heart already belongs to another. With all new cover art by @ivegotgenitalherpes

  • Solangelo Oneshots
    230K 5.2K 140

    Chaos, tears, jokes and fluff. I hope to do them justice. None of the art used is mine Disclaimer: These characters (bar any OCs) belong to Rick Riordan Disclaimer: Art is not mine!

  • Eclipse (Willco Solangelo)
    627K 19.1K 29

    Nico is infirmary-bound for three days with Will looking after him, but what if Will is able to heal not just Nico's body, but his heart as well?

  • Everything I'm Not ~ Solangelo
    359K 14K 39

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS STORY CONTAINS MILD LANGUAGE, DEPRESSION, SMUT (LATER CHAPTERS), AND SELF HARM. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Ever since his sister's death, Nico Di Angelo has been nothing but unhappy. He has no friends, sits alone at lunch, and refuses to talk to anyone. He's depressed. He's lonely. He's insecure. His life...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bully - part one
    64.8K 1.9K 19

    {COMPLETED} NEWTMAS AU Coming from broken homes, two boys find themselves in dire situations. A high school bully, terrorising a weak, vulnerable boy yet their relationship goes beyond that. They both experience things no person should have to, which makes them more alike than they think