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  • Rhyshannon Chronicles | Book 1: A Path of Swords
    2.3K 547 25

    For David John Trent, nothing would ever be the same again after a near-death encounter with a cloaked assailant lands him in a hospital ICU. His reality begins to spin out of control in what seems to be a never-ending nightmare, as he becomes the target of otherworldly, malevolent beings. His only hope of survival...

  • A Memory of Starfires
    3K 512 21

    Secrets abound within the walls of the old Elburke mansion, where 16-year-old Kari Miyazaki works as a part-time gardener, unaware of the events that would soon entwine her fate with its not-so-ordinary occupants. For nothing is what it seems with her eccentric employer, or the elusive young master of the house, or fo...

  • A Light at World's Edge | ARTBOOK
    1.6K 384 22

    A personal repertoire of sketches, WIPs, fan art, and finished pieces. I hope you stay a while and enjoy this collection! ****** Cover Art - A Light At World's Edge by Aravis Brightspell. A mermaid gazes in fascination at a lighthouse, which stands at the edge of her world and the beginning of another. #5 in originala...

  • The Shadowed Sun
    259 55 3

    Interstellar war threatens the empire of Ardais as powerful factions seek to undermine Karron's rule. Danger and suspicion rise to new heights when he summons a strange being from an alternate universe. This is a novella as told from the perspective of the main characters: Gerrian, Seiren and Karron.

  • The Ultimate Romance Awards
    6.7K 970 60

    STATUS: (CLOSED for judging)