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  • Walk With the Shadows [ Percy Jackson OC ]
    8.1K 642 64

    "The Olympians have been called many things, but forgiving is not one of them." * - * - * [adventure, dark comedy, romance - book 1] Loyalty. What did it mean? As the Second Titan War raged across the United States, Half-Bloods began to pick sides. To some Half-Bloods, loyalty meant fighting for their godly parent...

  • Under The Banner ▪ Band Of Brothers
    43.1K 3K 108

    Collaboration with @silmarilz1701 Svetlana knew how to play the game. She'd been caught in the political drama of Stalin's inner circle since birth. The only child of one of Stalin's closest friends, she grew up in the limelight, scrutinized by friend and foe. With the outbreak of the war, Sveta found a taste of freed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Humanity of the Broken [ Band of Brothers ] 2
    71.5K 3.4K 61

    Selected for the Wattpad Historical Fiction profile's top 25 shortlist in the Historical Awards 2023 #1 in Feminist, #1 in Easy Company, #1 Band of Brothers Book 2 - * - * - * - "No war can be won without young men dying. Those things which are precious are saved only by sacrifice." - Stephen E. Ambrose, Band of Broth...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Different Kind of Hell [ Silmarillion ] 3
    8.6K 620 24

    "Few remember the name of the woman recorded in the histories only as 'Fingon's Wife'." Final story in the Airequalmë trilogy. Top ranked #1 in Silmarillion, #1 in Noldor *-*-*-*-* Few remember the name of the woman recorded in the histories only as "Fingon's Wife." None will confirm the rumor that she came from anoth...

  • Peripeteia [ Poetry ]
    206 31 9

    Peripeteia: (n) an unexpected or sudden reversal of circumstances Brain surgery. Working for Disney. Covid-19 job loss. Return to College. Allergy to sunlight. Graduation with honors. Severe chronic pain. Dream Job. Medical emergency job loss. New home. What's my next peripeteia moment? A collection of poems from the...

  • Ramblings of a Tolkien Scholar
    248 21 5

    For my fellow fangirls and my fellow academic nerds. Content will range from highly technical academic papers to musings on how to incorporate different aspects of Tolkien's work into fanfiction. As a prolific Tolkien fanfiction writer as well as a published undergrad Tolkien scholar, it thrills me to be able to mingl...