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  • Shoot a blockbuster in the wilderness survival game
    50.5K 740 66

    Q: How does it feel to go from the awards ceremony of the photography annual competition to the black female star of the whole network two thousand years later in the blink of an eye? Jiang Ran, a former field photographer and current survival contestant, said: Thank you for the invitation. It feels okay to be in the...

  • Salted Fish Plant Department, But Lord of Another World [Infrastructure]
    179K 4.1K 151

    Zhuang Jiu died on the eve of victory. Opening her eyes again, she returned to the pre-apocalyptic world, and there was a book in her mind. Only then did she realize that she was just an important tool in the book, mainly responsible for giving her credit to the hero and heroine. Zhuang Jiu: ... what kind of a...

  • After the crazy violation in the infinite game
    18.8K 260 74

    The doomsday game has come, and more than seven billion people around the world have been involved in the battlefield of life and death. When human beings completely lost themselves, the angry facial features on their faces became terrifyingly distorted, and strange bloodstains split at the corners of their mouths, bi...

  • Zombie's Abnormal Love
    33.9K 1.4K 72

    Wen Zhi picked up a man. He's so handsome... Wen Zhi swears, this is the most handsome person she's ever seen since she regained her eyesight! Taking advantage of his coma, Wen Zhi carried him home. Who knew, the man she picked up turned into a zombie, and there was something wrong with his mind. The stupi...

  • Doomsday's First Beloved [Through Books]
    72.4K 2.1K 108

    Lin Molu has transmigrated into the unlucky female supporting role of the doomsday novel, the kind who can't stop dying with the heroine. So she decisively hugged the thigh of the final boss zombie king. The Zombie King was still a pure boy at this time. In order to hold on to this life-saving gold medal a...

  • I became famous by inheriting intangible cultural heritage
    163K 2.4K 131

    Yu Shanshan transmigrated into a cannon fodder in an entertainment circle article. The cannon fodder is highly poisonous. According to the plot of the novel, after she dies, the heroine of the novel will inherit the original owner's one billion inheritance and her fiancé. Death by poisoning is impossible. Yu Shanshan...

  • A Survival Guide to Obsession
    95.3K 2.1K 87

    The end-time warrior Yao Qiong accidentally fell into a black hole during a survey and came to an uninhabited island. There are no zombies, abundant resources, and unpolluted land on this island, which is very suitable for living. Yao Qiong was overjoyed and immediately decided to live here. In the hottest romance sho...

  • Boyfriend wants to die with me every day [End Times]
    38.4K 604 65

    Yunluxing is a sociopath, abbreviated as neurosis. Qi Fengmian is a recognized medical genius, as well as Yun Luxing's childhood sweetheart, her senior, her attending physician, and finally a part-time boyfriend and husband. Everyone said that Yun Luxing was sick, but Yun Luxing knew that Qi Fengmian was the sickest o...

  • After time travel, I open a shop in the last days
    14K 211 48

    I don't know when, a shop named Baiyun Youyou popped up in the dangerous apocalypse. The store sells all non-polluting food, and there are some signature series with miraculous effects: "Resuscitating" fruit tea, which can clean up fatigue and restore abilities. No matter how severe the injury is, it can kill a day. "...

  • Doomsday Foodie Survival Handbook
    45.7K 795 155

    After the college entrance examination, when Yan Mu was visiting her future university campus, the last days came to an end. Afterwards, when she poked blood from her finger on the family jade pendant with heartache, but did not see the legendary space, she finally began to accept her fate and start her own journey to...

  • Excessive koi and favored by the villain BOSS
    51.9K 964 49

    Qi Yuan is a salted fish who just wants to lie down. Because of her own space, she is targeted and taken away by Jiang Ran, the biggest villain in the book. Xingyuan year 2023, the apocalypse comes, all animals mutate, Qi Yuan becomes... a person under Jiang Ran's eyelids? Jiang Ran: "?" Qi Yuan: "?!" I'm not listenin...

  • The fake daughter stood up after having the healing ability [End Times]
    18.4K 270 34

    Because Su Xia died so tragically, she was unwilling to be bound by the system and became a fake daughter who ran away from home under the guilt of the apocalypse, and was also given a waste wood healing power. When we first met-the system: "Be sure to protect the hero, don't leave the hero. After completing the task...

  • Zombie King's Restaurant
    113K 3.6K 61

    Xie Qinyin dressed as a zombie. When she first passed through, the hungry eyes of the zombie turned green, and they were crawling towards a pool of unknown carrion not far away. As a clean cook, Xie Qinyin: Dah! Fortunately, she had her own food system, Xie Qinyin decided to go back to her old business and open a smal...

  • The Villain BOSS of Doomsday Loves the Little Zombie
    16.4K 322 17

    Jasmine has traveled through, and she has become an ugly little zombie in the novel "Doomsday Strikes: The Rebirth of the Female Protagonist"! Where is the heaven! Even if time-travel can't make her have a better role! Sadly, she was entrusted by the system to save the hero in the book. But the male protagonist did...

  • The Rebirth Of The Female Match In The Last Days
    80.8K 1.3K 62

    Li Qing was reborn, and she actually returned to two months before the end of the world. Now my mother is not dead! Now my uncle is dead! Now the baby has not fallen into Li Min's hands, so she still has a chance for everything, even if she becomes bad in this life, she will not be used by others. Just what happen...

  • I'm Not A Cannon Fodder In The Last Days
    3.3K 33 10

    When she woke up, she found herself at the foot of the bed, with a magnified rotten face directly in front of her, making a gurgling sound. After she escaped, she found that she had come to the end of the world, and fled all the way. The dog who has been dead and shameless in the back, just wanted to live to the end...

  • I became popular in Interstellar by live broadcasting in another world
    11.9K 451 80

    Xue Lian transmigrated into a G-star entertainer. The original body exploded during filming, blowing up the interstellar farm. She had no choice but to quit the entertainment industry and rely on odd jobs to survive. The doomsday holographic game has started its public beta. The game party invites elites from all walk...