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  • After I was reborn, I became the white moonlight of the prince
    184K 1.6K 85

    Xu Qianqian is the daughter-in-law of the Duke's Mansion. Since childhood, she has been clothed in brocade and food, enjoying all the glory and wealth, and she is even the prince concubine bestowed by the sage today, which makes people envious. Since she was sensible, she has followed Yan Cheng for more than ten years...

  • I rely on coffins to run amok in the cultivation world
    20.7K 275 77

    Sha Zhou is a modern celestial master who had an accident when she put the master's bronze corpse into the coffin and traveled through time. At the beginning of the game, she took the death script, and was under the black hand, pushing into the scene of the demon king's thunder disaster. Fortunately, before crossing...

  • Dressed as an offering to the Great Demon King
    10.5K 99 18

    It is rumored that there is a big devil under the cliff of Changkuai. The Great Demon King once cut off the immortal ladder, filled the endless sea, slaughtered all the alien races, and was finally suppressed under the Long Crying Cliff. Si Rao thought it was just a rumor, but she didn't expect that when she opened he...

  • I'm not a substitute for Bai Yueguang
    31.8K 429 50

      Lin Zhi walked into a starting point of Long Ao Tianwen, and served as a stand-in for the male protagonist of the book, Bai Yueguang, who died early.   Bai Yueguang is gentle and kind, delicate and frail, and the original owner has nothing in common with her except for her appearance.   Bai Yueguang has no cultivati...

  • After contracting the fish pond, I caught fish ancestors
    60.7K 1.5K 112

    Finding herself dressed as a cannon fodder in the popular female master Xiu Xianwen, Ning Youli had a farming system in her arms, and went to the Qing Yunzong, who went to the end of the book overnight, to contract a fish pond. She swears that she will be isolated from the world, be self-reliant, have a love & peace s...

  • After a life-long private appointment with the former Domon Lord
    7.2K 224 85

    Mu Wushuang was originally the number one Dharma cultivator of the righteous way. In a sudden demon-killing accident, Mu Wushuang woke up after being seriously injured, and was actually on the golden dragon couch surrounded by demonic energy. ... She is done, Demon Lord! And the former Demon Lord Guilan kn...

  • Zhejun
    45.5K 543 112

    Liu Yu looks delicate and charming, and was born with a charming bone. In her previous life, she was sold into a brothel by her cruel parents, and was bumped to death in the most luxurious gold selling cave in Yangzhou City on the night of leaving the pavilion. When I opened my eyes again, I went back to the year when...

  • I use a cauldron to fly the whole fairy gate
    78.4K 2.2K 108

    Su Yu, a descendant of the royal chef, transmigrated into the novel of cultivating immortals overnight, and became the cannon fodder second senior sister who took over a mountain of wounded, sick and disabled generals from the missing senior brother. According to the original plot, the third junior brother's golden co...

  • After being divorced, I picked up a fairy
    45.4K 988 135

    The fiance of the little monster Wu Jingjing ran away. The maid said: "It's too miserable." The bed is made of fairy wood chopped down from Gusu Mountain, the happy pillow is made of black ice stone, and the happy clothes are woven from the feathers of cuckoo birds. Coincidentally, Wu Jingjing picked up a man who was...

  • After being reborn, Zhen Qianjin started making green tea
    188K 2.4K 80

    When Li Zhizhi was fifteen years old, she was taken back to the capital to recognize her ancestors. As the real daughter of the Li Mansion, she should have been favored, but everyone prefers Li Su, who is knowledgeable and intelligent. In the evening, as for Li Zhizhi, she grew up in a remote village, illiterate and u...

  • Male Supporting, Please Don't Blacken
    14.7K 196 40

    Yaoyao penetrated into a large-scale blackened text of the Shura field. The male character in the text is gentle and kind, affectionate and powerful, and there is a beautiful woman in white clothes fluttering. It was only later that he blackened and fell into a demon, so the Illusory Continent became a purgatory on ea...

  • After Being the Prince's Younger Brother, He Bent
    5.3K 52 22

    Chen Jiao penetrated into a text of conspiracy to seize the successor and became a powerful passerby in the book. Her mother is the daughter of the eldest princess, her father is a marquis of the dynasty, and her grandfather and grandmother are romantic figures in Chang'an. However, the three generations of the Chen f...

  • How to escape with a future prince
    100K 1.5K 114

    Liu Biwu was the rough maid of Yuwang's mansion. In an accident, she had a child of Yuwang, but he was taken away by the concubine of the mansion. Lied that she was the mother, and she became the nurse of the prince. Later, King Yu ascended the throne, and the prince entered the East Palace and was named the crown pri...

  • Picked up a little prince
    5.1K 27 53

    Liang Wanqing, the head of Jing'an County, was obedient in her past life, and she was dedicated to being a gentle and virtuous daughter of the Hou's mansion, but she was still murdered by a traitor and died in a foreign land where the country was ruined and her family was destroyed. In the desert red dress, the beauti...

  • Rebirth Not To Be A Good Wife
    73.3K 885 51

    In the last life, Chu Qin lived as a model "good wife". To her mother-in-law, she was respectful and filial. If my mother-in-law is ill, she will serve her personally and never slack off. To the concubine, she offered both kindness and power. Even if a concubine came to provoke her, she was fearless and could always d...

  • The vicious female partner is the devil's Bai Yueguang
    43.4K 505 66

    Pei Jiuzhen dressed as the vicious female supporting role in Xianxia's novel, the male protagonist Qiu Jingzhi The prince of the Yinglong clan who had married her since childhood. According to the plot of the first half of the original work, she is the favorite princess of the Qinglong family, the future Queen of the...

  • Dressed as a childhood sweetheart
    55.3K 896 110

    When Ke Ran woke up, she found herself dressed as the childhood sweetheart of the male protagonist of Xianxia novels. The original owner is very pitiful. She has always loved Gu Yao, the male owner, but Gu Yao drifted away from her after encountering the sky. The only thing she can do is to use the skills of the talen...

  • After Picking Up a Mad Dog by Mistake (Rebirth)
    39.9K 782 80

    Qi Chu, the new emperor of Yandu, was born with a beautiful face, but he was cruel, vicious and tyrannical, killing his brothers and fathers to ascend to the high position. There is nothing to be afraid of in life, and there is no virtue to restrain him. He is crazy and inhuman. Qi Xuan, his twin brother, is as bright...

  • The Paranoid Prince Abandoned by the Beautiful Female Partner Is Reborn
    10.5K 183 40

    Ying Xu gave birth to a beautiful face that is beyond the ordinary and refined. However, she does not match her fairy-like face, she is greedy for wealth and honor, vain and arrogant. Xie Jingchen played best with her when they were young, they were childhood sweethearts, childhood sweethearts, Ying Xu and Xie...

  • I'm raising a boss in prison
    50.3K 985 123

    Once time travelling, Lin Zhuo became a prisoner in the world of cultivating immortals. Legend has it that this prison is guarded by ancient ferocious beasts, and the prisoners are extremely cruel. With a low cultivation level, she was going to be an invisible person, and she was a god who lived her life-but she picke...

  • Xianjun insists on HE with me after being blackened
    10.1K 209 70

    Xianjun insists on HE with me after blackened Ning Yao woke up and passed through a book. Originally, as a cannon fodder female supporting role, she was arrogant and domineering, but she fell in love with Lord Hou but couldn't get it, so she forced a handsome man with a similar appearance, and imprisoned him in the ma...

  • The villain female supporting role in the sweet pet article
    190K 2.3K 82

    Shen Wei was born in a noble family, beautiful and natural, her life went smoothly, her parents loved her, her elder brother loved her, and she also had a current prince as her fiancé. Until today, she had a dream. Dreaming of a storybook, the heroine is her cousin. The cousin's parents had an accident, so they stayed...

  • Marriage Order
    37.2K 771 102

    Qi Rufei, who grew up in a bandit den, is sassy and beautiful. When the village owner was planning to choose a good son-in-law for her, someone came to the village and said that Qi Rufei was their young lady who was abducted since childhood. Qi Rufei was brought back to Huajing, and suddenly she changed from a female...

  • Panda Cubs Became Group Pets in the Cultivation World
    63.4K 1.2K 93

    After panda cub Yuanyuan traveled to the world of comprehension, she gained spiritual wisdom. Opening her eyes for the first time, Yuanyuan saw the solemn-faced, immortal-looking, cold-clothed immortal in white clothes, confusedly mistook him for a breeder, and softly embraced the immortal's thigh. On this day, at the...

  • I, panda, the strongest plush in history
    25K 413 83

    Panda Xuan Xiaomeng has practiced to a great height, and on the day of crossing the catastrophe, she was smashed into a book by the powerful thunder catastrophe and became a book Long Aotian's golden finger. In the original book, she was skinned by Long Aotian's cramps, and she became a luck bead to increase luck. Sin...

  • After marrying the sick villain for my sister
    119K 1.5K 95

    Lin Mengqiu was reborn back to the year of Jiji. Shen Che, the son of Nanyang Prince who had saved her, was murdered and had his legs broken. He changed from a noble son to a big devil that everyone detested. His temperament has changed drastically, and after torturing four concubines to death in a row, her eldest sis...

  • Tyrant's Little Ginseng Queen
    349K 6.3K 101

    Liu Ruoqian is a small ginseng. Dressed as the real daughter of the prime minister's family who was wandering away since childhood, once she was brought back, she would enter the palace instead of the fake daughter who didn't want to die, and serve the tyrant who was cruel by nature, murdered his father and brother, a...

  • Raising Xiao Yingzheng
    64.3K 1.1K 99

    Lin Ju is obsessed with the popular "Cloud Raising Cubs" interactive game and can't help herself. She cares about her baby Yingzheng every day. Buy medicine for A Zai when he was sick, comfort him when he was betrayed by his mother, collect books from ancient to modern times for A Zai, help him pacify the six kingdoms...

  • My Kitchen Leads to the East Palace
    28K 234 78

    The migrant worker Si Li was once disguised as the prostitute daughter left by the wife of the chief minister of the Ning Dynasty. The father only cares about the court, and the stepmother is sweet and cruel. Si Li, a young takeaway expert, succumbs to her life, picks up a kitchen knife, and starts working for the God...

  • The Big Villlain Hatched Me
    42.1K 712 78

    Others who wear books are either heroines or supporting actresses, at least they are cannon fodder. But Dai Fanxing turned egg! It's about to hatch, but it almost turns into a fried egg. She was rescued at a critical moment, and that person treated her well, dusted her off, wiped her egg skin, and covered he...