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  • The NERD turns to... Ms. Campus Popular? (Ongoing)
    890K 26.5K 48

    Propert of ImmAmazona - Siya si Michelle. Hahangaan sa taglay na kagandahang nilalang Ngunit nagtatago sa Nerd Glass at Brace. But what if, nakilala niya si Xander? Dito na ba nila malalaman ang kahulugang True Love Never Dies? Happy Reading Guys :)

  • ♕ I'm the Gangster Queen ♕
    2.6M 50.1K 67

    [This story is under revision] Shizuka Lee is ay kilala bilang gangster queen. Kinatatakutan ng lahat. Kinamumuhian ng lahat. Wala pang nakakatalo sa kanya. But she's facing one of life's biggest trials. Love.

  • What To Expect When Expecting A Werewolf ☾
    1.5M 9.1K 26

    "You're a what now?" "A werewolf. Well, wolf shifter." As if 22-year-old Bowie wasn't freaked out enough by finding out she was pregnant, she learns her boyfriend (and babydaddy) is a werewolf. And her baby might be one too. Talk about unexpected! Copyright © 2017 | All Rights Reserved | Alyssa Brandon

  • My Stalker, My Bestfriend | exopink ff
    22.2K 513 49

    "I will do everything to Protect her. Po-protekhan ko siya kahit na hindi niya alam na..... na ako ang Stalker niya. I just want to protect her. and I can make her smile as her Bestfriend. I'm not doing for Nothing. I'm doing this for her, Because I like and I love her very much." - Suho Maprotekahan mo pa kaya siya...

  • The Mark of the Leopard
    68.7K 2.3K 26

    I stop running and stare in awe, as I watch kitty boy jump on top of the elk and bite it's neck til' it stops sturggling. And then anger filled me as I remember. That was my prey! I walk over, stand in front of him, and start growling. He looks up, and I take a step toward him still growling. Planning on killing him...

  • Never Forgotten
    5.1K 107 20

    Everything happens for a reason. Everything. You can't escape reality, either. You can shape it but then you'd be destroying something. Lies... Secrets. They kill. Though natural are painful. I know too many. If only you could understand. At least try to. I'm Samantha Wells and this is only part of my tale, my life...

  • Not A Bad Thing (Book One)
    295K 6.3K 100

    "Damn, I'm not even sure if I'll be in heaven after life but I'd find my escape out from hell just to find you." - Oh Sehun

  • Unbound (Bound To You sequel)
    28.5M 11.3K 27

    Megan thought she had her happy ending. She was wrong. James and her might have completed their mate bond but he's still distant and cold. And external forces are threatening the pack. A witch clan is coming for Lucy, a group of werewolf hunters are in town and to top it off Boston pack's alpha is planning to reveal t...

  • Boy Who Cried Wolf [Luhan EXO] [EDITING]
    143K 2.6K 50

    Si Luhan ay sinumpa ni Kris na maging wolf dahil sa utang ng tatay niya. Isang araw nakilala niya si Shinhye, Si Shinhye ay isang simpleng babaeng mahilig kumuha ng pictures. Paano kapag nakilala sila? Can Shinhye save Luhan ? Can Luhan protect Shinhye to Kris? Can Shinhye love Luhan in what he is?? Find Out here in...

  • The Grim Reaper's Daughter
    135K 4.8K 17

    After a prank gone wrong causes her death, Bree Ellis receives a gift from the Grim Reaper and returns to her town a year later to seek revenge upon those who shunned her.

  • The Vampire's Mate
    3.1M 99.5K 56

    Jordan lives with her sister and mum. There's an annual ball that all females are of age are required to go to. Jordan of course follows the rules and goes, but she didn't know that she would be the mate of a vampire Prince. Before she can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, she's swept into a world with insanel...

  • I am a campus nerd..But wait..Me a Cassanova princess ?! SHUT UP!
    316K 7.5K 40

    Eto nga pala ang story ng isang nerd na naging alam nyo na...ung cassanova princess...nagsimula ito sa limang lalakeng dumating sa kanyang buhay paano kung ang 5 mag kakakibigan ay maging mag kaaway??Dahil sa isang nerd?? basahin niyo na lang hehehe

  • The Alpha's Rejected Mate
    2.8M 73.9K 30

    "Oh fuck no, this can't happen, why me?" he says with a mixture of anger and frustration in his face. "What's your full name?" he asks me while looking if they were any people passing by. "Amelia knight" I mutter lowly. "Well Amelia, I really don't want the Luna of the biggest pack of America be a fucking little nerd...

  • Hidden Queen Book 1
    1.4M 24.9K 47

    Coming into a new pack can be hard, but it's even harder when you're keeping secrets. As far as our kind knows, all the royal family has been wiped out in one attack. For most of it, that's true except for one part, I survived. Staying hidden, is my best chance of surviving long enough to take the throne. But staying...

  • Mysterious Campus Singer (Complete)
    803K 10.1K 41

  • The Reaper's Keeper (UNEDITED)
    458K 11.5K 48

    I always thought that when you die that would be the end and you would see a bright light and the pearly gates on a little white fluffy cloud, if you were lucky. But what if death was not the end, but only the beginning? What if you came back, but came back ... different... wrong? What if you found out that there was...

  • The Casanova's Wife is a GANGSTER !?? (COMPLETED)
    1.1M 15.5K 70

    LOVE is just a simple word with four letters but hard to DEFINED........ but LOVE is composed of single soul inhabiting two bodies... what if the two bodies hated each other..... will the saying "THE MORE YOU HATE,THE MORE YOU LOVE" will work?? what will happen if a casanova married a gangster??

  • Nerd Of The Year ( Published - Sample Only )
    11.3M 296K 66

    Who is a nerd ?? A person who is a bookworm ? Someone who wears big glasses ?? A loner ??? Meet Neveah Gail Huber, nerd of the school. She is not the usual silent loner. She is outspoken, brave with a whole ton of ego. If you lack brains, she won't look at you. Meet Easton Eugene Dale, jerk of the school. In line to...

  • 3 Years Later
    1.1M 31.1K 19

    Forgive and forget. Those two words that she will never do because she can't and won’t. Rebekah Mathis was overweight, nerdy, and bullied by her pack. She was 16 when she was rejected by the alpha, the player, her mate - Ashton Clark. After the rejection, she ran away and found a new pack that would accept her and lov...

  • his game :: exo [complete]
    924K 14.3K 49

    Sumali ako sa kakaiba niyang laro. Larong ngayon ko lang gagawin. Matatapos ko kaya ang larong to? Mananalo o matatalo ba ako?

  • G H O S T R U N N E R
    535K 28.2K 23

    {Completed} Arden is a werewolf. Abused in everyway and used in superstitious practices due to her odd fur color, she escapes and upon discovery is taken in by a kind woman and her family. But things can't stay normal for long. With Arden's past pack threatening the security of her new life, a mate who has no idea wha...

  • Grim Reapers Angel
    209K 6.4K 21

    Sofiel White, is raised to be a White Angel, but when it comes to her 16th birthday she is marked as a Death Angel. Instead of Pearly White Wings, she grows Pitch Black Wings. The thought of that brings the Grim Reaper, to take her to the underworld.

  • My Crazy Cinderella Story
    1.6M 35.4K 45

    Why hello readers! Okay, so here's the introduction to my life Hi, my name is Alexis Black but most people just call me Alex and here is my life story. I am a seventeen year old, velvet red haired, br...

  • Bloody Mate
    8.7M 254K 45

    "Now you listen, little red. You are mine. You belong to me! You are not leaving my side. I have waited too long for you and now that I have you, I'm not letting you slip through my fingers. Understood?" He growled. I smirked. "Over my undead body." *Currently Editing*

  • Rejected and hated by my mate and pack
    708K 16.3K 29

    Juliana was rejected by the one she thought would love her the one she thought would be by her side until the day she dies her mate. Juliana is a young girl she get's rejected by her mate and her pack hates her to...... Until one day she's had enough will she leave and find a new pack, And if she does.. Will they trea...

  • White Wolf Troubles
    484K 14.7K 26

    "Mine." He turned around growling low. His eyes change immediately after seeing me. The blonde next to him glared down at me. "THAT'S YOUR MATE!!" My wolf was practically throwing a party in my head. I looked up at him raising an eyebrow. My mate was Daemon Wilton, the alpha of the second strongest pack, Blood Moon...

  • Geeky Crush
    2.6M 75.3K 36

    Screaming as I ran, I opened two large doors that lead me to a conference looking room. It was filled with people, important looking people but, that's not what caught my eye. It was the fact that blake was in a suit and tie that made me stop breathing. Maybe it was also the fact that I was soaking wet and only in a t...

  • Struck (A Vampire Novel) ✔
    26.6M 1M 58

    [Completed] Elysia's life is turned upside-down when she's abducted by supernatural creatures with demonic eyes and threatening fangs. What's worse is she has no idea what it is they want from her, except that it has something to do with a side of her that she's never known. The chances of Elysia getting out alive are...