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  • Unseen | Caramel Arrow Cookie x Affogato Cookie
    19.5K 563 49

    Caramel Arrow Cookie and Affogato Cookie do not like each other. That is always apparent. But one night, the king's advisor decides to up and go sprain his ankle. And to his surprise, Caramel Arrow is the one who volunteers to help him. Omg! Another cookie run fanfic!!! And of another straight couple!!!!! Cover art wa...

  • A baby? (A Wildchip love story)
    14.8K 274 8

    (Art credit for cover: hazelthenut7 on Tumblr) Wildberry and Crunchy Chip Cookie were on a walk until they see a baby all by themselves. So they decided to take care of the baby until finding their real parents.

  • Betrayal | Villain Dark Cacao x scared Pure vanilla
    25.9K 400 12

    Villain Dark Cacao au & Scared Pure vanilla au ok so in this AU White Lily didn't turn to dark enchantress cookie she didn't even go to the witches house. Dark Cacao defeat the 4 of the Ancient Cookie and took they're gem and became powerful he trapped the ancient expect for Golden cheese cookie and pure vanilla cook...

  • Careful, I Might Burn You [ Pitaya x Knight ]
    13.4K 228 41

    The hollyberry kingdom had lost its queen and founder, hollyberry vanished from the kingdom with the wind without a trace; her son took the crown and the kingdom continued as before, until the great red dragon made an appearance. Word counter: 164,271 Slowbuild (really slow)

  • [ Soulmates. ]
    54.2K 1K 12

    Espresso and Madeleine were best friends in middle school, they even had unsaid feelings for each other, but both of them were too embarrassed to admit it. One day, the two get into an argument and grow distant. Espresso and Madeleine become enemies, but slowly fall in love again.

  • What is this feeling?? ( Espresso x Madeleine )
    18.3K 456 27

    Warning: pretty cringy (especially the first chapters 🫠) This story will be about Espresso and Madeleine obviously Things to mention is that there will be fluff, angst and uh- I'm not sure what else. I also don't know about smut I don't think I'm comfortable writing that- I think that wraps it up but I'm also really...

  • Royalty on the line || Espresseline Royal AU||
    4.6K 94 10

    DISCLAIMER!!: The art does not belong to me so credits to the rightful owner/s. The characters also does not belong to me, credits to Devsisters. Most of the things mentioned on this fanfic are fictional and only coincidental unless proven true. Also, this fic may include adult language and smut. It also has homophobi...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm here for you don't be afraid (purecacao Story)
    39.7K 480 85

    dark cacao noticed bruises and marks on pure vanilla so he decided to stay in pure vanilla castle to try and see if he could find out why pv has those on his body but he will soon learn the truth why.....

  • Lost and Reunited [A PureCacao Story]
    65.7K 1.2K 18

    Hello First Story On Here If you don't like the ship that's fine! This is A Pure Vanilla x Dark Cacao story Some other stuff: Some angst No sumt Fluff

  • The maid and commander [Espresso x Madeline
    11.4K 129 10

    Espresso signed up for a maid job for the night commander to save up money for his secret laboratory it had good money so after he has enough and buys items for his laboratory he'll quit. But then other feelings came, pulling Espresso back and not wanting to leave.

  • 「Candle - Firewind」||【Cookie Run】
    76.8K 1.6K 11

    Wind ventures out into the night, and accidentally strays too far from the Cookie Kingdom. As he continues his journey, he soon realizes he is lost -- and not only that, he's cold and exhausted. He is too weak to be able to fly home and he doesn't have anything on him but his bow and arrow. When he finds out that a pa...

  • The Horribly Chaotic Misadventures of Timekeeper Cookie
    4.3K 120 18

    A follow-up to the pharmacy incident featuring Timekeeper, Croissant, and String Gummy as they get into all sorts of wacky shenanigans in a botched attempt to get their brains to work.

  • The Sleeping Beauty Curse | A Dark Cacao x Pure Vanilla Fanfiction
    21.6K 180 30

    So... I am not sure if I seen anyone liking this kind of ship when I read cookie run fanfiction, but Imma make one because I liked this ship :3 Summary It was at the end of final battle between the cookies and the Dark Enchantress cookie who was actually White Lily cookie who was being controlled by darkness that...

  • life in a commander's arms
    32.8K 651 38

    PART 2 OF "a commander's waltz" ... Espresso and Madeleine get married 3 years of knowing each other. Overtime, Espresso begins to feel stressed about work, owning a child, and dealing with previous traumas. As Madeleine tries to protect Espresso, they both slowly start to see how damaging Espresso's life is getting...

    Completed   Mature
  • Timekeeper Cookie goes to the pharmacy (gone wrong)
    3.8K 105 5

    Timekeeper has an allergy :( So Croissant scolds her to buy some cold medicine before she efs up another timeline and things take a strange turn from there