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  • The Youngest Mikealson
    29K 524 16

    Brianna Michelson is the Youngest of all the Michelson siblings. She has five older brothers and one older sister. She got a trait for each of them she got Henrik's kindness, Rebekah's stubbornness, Kol's ability to have fun, Niklaus' temper, Elijah's nobleness, and Finns lack of trust. But she had another that no one...

  • The Ritual To The Beast (Completed)
    3.7M 109K 47

    Emery Aiken has always lived in a mysterious and eerie village. Growing up with folktales about a fictitious creature being whispered around the campfire. Never once believing a word said. Thinking it was all just a hoax while the other girls prepared for the ritual that takes place every 20 years. What is this pecul...

  • Terror Twins (The Vampire Diaries)
    2.7K 64 4

    Twins Kol and Karina Mikaelson are inseparable. Since birth they've shared an extraordinary bond. They've always known when one was in danger or hurt and have been able to almost just sense the others emotions. They've been joined at the hip and coffin since birth and vampirism. If you daggered one you better dagger t...