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  • Alpha Wants What He Can't Have
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    "Just Because you are the Big A doesn't mean anything." Nick says to Blake I tilt my head and look at Blake's ass. It was big but not Big A. Why was my brother complimenting Blake's ass? Now I am so confused. Wait... Big A does mean Big Ass right? "Nicole why are you looking at Blake's ass?" Myra says I...

  • My Mate V.S. My Boyfriend...OH Wait I Meant MATES!!!!!!
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    What happens when you are dating the love of your life but then someone else comes into the picture and you find yourself attracted to them? What happens if there are five of them? Jacqueline is 17 years old and is 5'2, curvy in all the right places, and has fire red hair. Jacqueline is dating the school bad boy, the...