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  • Hello?
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    This story was inspired by @OceanSways Giyushino Kiyotaka X Honami

  • Cote Reaccionan: Antes de una confesión
    18.4K 1.3K 20

    Sacados del 2Y4.5V. Después de haber acabado el segundo examen de la isla, todos los alumnos estaban relajándose en el barco pero de repente se les notifica que se dirijan al teatro pero sin saber por qué motivo, ni los profesores saben qué va a pasar, ¿Qué va a pasar en el teatro? Importante: - EL AUTOR ES UN PRINCIP...

  • Pokemon With The Elites
    19.2K 728 54

    Are all Pokemon equal in some sense? Most people would say no and that it's ridiculous to believe that. I personally agree with them. Various things play into a Pokemons strength, such as type advantages and disadvantages. These allow them to survive attacks comfortably that would otherwise result in a KO, for exampl...

  • Cote React To Ayanokoji
    49.8K 821 25

    Cote reacts to Ayanokoji. The timeline is right at the end of Season 1. Update schedule will be very messy. I'll update when I have time. I'll be taking some creative liberties by the way. The Art does not belong to me. Hope you all enjoy it. Disclaimer: I hold no rights to Classroom of The Elite or any of its proper...

  • Ayanokoji Kiyotaka: How To Be Human
    54.5K 1.6K 133

    What if Ayanokoji fell in love with Horikita at first sight? What if Ayanokoji was open about his leadership of the Class? What if he joined the Student Council? What if in the 3rd year, he met his long-lost half-sister (Different Mother)? Disclaimer: Art is not mine. Light Novel, Manga and Anime are not mine obvio...

  • Playing with Ice and Fire
    4.8K 300 3

    After a sudden confession from someone throws a wrench in his plans, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka suddenly finds himself caught in the middle of a crossfire between two girls who are both headstrong and determined in their own right. Will he be able to get out of this situation with his dignity and relationships with them inta...

    Completed   Mature
  • COTE | One-Shots & Historias Cortas (Classroom of the elite)
    264 22 2

    Historias cortas y variadas sobre situaciones cómicas y/o interesantes dentro de la academia ANHS en el universo de COTE. Se tomarán en cuenta sugerencias de los lectores.

  • Una persona de confianza
    8.1K 552 20

    La historia iniciará en base el volumen 9 de la novela de (COTE), principalmente será narrada por Ichinose desde su punto de vista, aunque siempre trataré de agregar muy seguido los pensamientos y punto de vista de los demás personajes (principalmente a Kiyo). Soy nuevo en esto de escribir novelas pero tengo mucha exp...

  • COTE:the art of random one shots
    2.7K 49 7

    This is just a collection of random ideas that pop up in mind every 69 minutes

  • His flawless motives (CotE)
    33.6K 964 17

    The reowned Advance Nuturing High School. Where it dawned on her that lacking grit, determination, hard work, intelligence, perseverance, and a tough mentality would be detrimental to the class. As pressure continues to pile up, will she be able to withstand it? On the other hand, it dawns on him that sitting on the f...

  • wholesome COTE
    18.4K 248 7

    wholesome Classroom of the elite

  • COTE- Red John
    235 14 1

    I just finished "the mentalist" so LET'S DO IT! Tiger, Tiger

  • Spring Break's Catastrophe
    13.5K 519 2

    "We're not dating." Since the beginning of their first years, neither Kiyotaka nor Suzune could keep track of the sheer quantity of times they had to utter that same denial. It was the truth, after all. The notion made them exasperated, and the repetition never failed to leave them twitching in annoyance. No matter h...

  • Classroom of the Elite: Reaction
    13.4K 362 7

    This is a classroom of the elite fan fiction. This happens after Y2 V6. All the 2nd year students of the Advanced Nurturing High School are called into the assembly hall and told they are going to react to videos showing what has been happening behind the scenes. Disclaimer: I do not own Classroom of the Elite, all t...

  • Maldito
    20.4K 1.7K 9

    Maldecido por un súcubo, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka buscará saciar el hambre de esta demonio. Sus planes serían modificados, y sus compañeras, se volverían algo más que herramientas.

  • Focus On Me (Kushida x Ayanokoji)
    1.6K 86 1

    This fanfic is basically about Kushida being obsessed with Ayanokoji and just wants to spend time with him. These chapters won't be chronological order and short stories cause I'm lazy af. So each case will be pretty short on my opinion. Maybe some reactions? Also characters are definitely ooc in a way. It might take...

  • Ayanokojis Alternate World Reaction
    9.8K 233 6

    Trashy reaction fanfic of Poly route by @Exotic_Animator

  • Kiyotaka Transfers to Class B
    102K 2.3K 8

    Kiyotaka x Honami Fanfic. This story takes place when Kiyotaka got 100 on the Math test, For plot purposes I will make Kei become Kiyotaka's just a friend because I may like Honami more than Kei but I don't have a cold enough heart to make Kiyotaka break up with Kei, so yeah I'll make Kei bestfriend and Honami as best...

  • Monster of Blue Lock
    69.7K 2.4K 13

    Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is going to participate in a project called Blue Lock made by Ego Jinpachi. How will his journey partake, will he be able to look for the answer his been searching on the world of football. Disclaimer: I do not own either classroom of the elite or blue lock. Any images shown unless stated, and the...

  • Perfect Elegance
    6K 436 3

    Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, considered as the embodiment of human perfection, comes out of a specialized facility where he was raised throughout his life, the White Room. Considered as the greatest creation of that institution while being confined, he finally breaks free and gains his freedom. He decided to enroll in Tokyo Me...

  • Sextudy Group (Ayanokouji Kiyotaka)
    59.1K 1.8K 12

    "This study group... It wasn't what I expected...". That was Ayanokouji Kiyotaka's thought when he discovered the secret of the History Study Group. (Alert: This story contains sexual scenes. I know perfectly well that this alert is going to be ignored, so I hope you enjoy this story).

  • When the Darkest Secrets are all White
    134K 4.9K 15

    Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is a Second Year Class D student currently attending the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. After surviving the recent Uninhabited Island Exam with his classmates, the tides start to turn against Kiyotaka as new developments start to progress beyond the walls of the school. His pas...

  • CoTE: Rewind
    648 38 1

    When Kiyotaka's class find themselves thrown past time to their first year classroom, what are they to do but have fun? Equipped with knowledge of the future and skills developed through three years of special exams, ANHS is in for a chaotic time. Also known as: there's barely any time travel fanfics for CoTE, so I de...

  • ScaryKouji [Discontinued]
    167K 5.5K 19

    What if Ayanokoji always has his scary eyes and dark aura around him. Also he's in Class A cause why not? Author is quite lazy and busy so the updates won't be consistent.

    2.9K 103 3

    ELITES ¤ FANTASY react to their world this is after chapter meeting another group

  • Ayanokouji-kun- What is love?
    31.8K 1.4K 8

    Ayanokouji in Shuuchiin, guys. Credits to @Omoshiroi12 for the cover

  • Multiple Anime reacts to COTE
    315K 7.9K 26

    As I said , quintessential quintuplets, Oregairu, Kaguya sama: Love is war, Hyouka, Rascal does not dream of bunny senpai will react to Ayanogod and his life in ANHS This is my first reaction fic.

  • Horikita's Dilemma
    6.4K 291 2

    Gods, how many girls this bastard had seduced already? Had he seduced her as well? She didn't want to believe, but with someone like him... The cheap bastard. Just my view of this ship (Horikita x Kiyopon) No lemons (I do not own COTE or any images. Support the official LN and Anime if u can)

  • Classroom of the elite: Ichinose x Ayanokouji (Fanfic)
    177K 3.9K 13

    I am no good on descriptions, so lets keep it short. Fanfic takes place in the middle of 11.5th Volume, after Ayanokouji invites Ichinose to his room. There will be no lemons!!! KiyoponxIchinose ship. (I do not own classroom of the elite or any used images. Please support the official LN and Anime.)

  • Classroom of the Elite: Ichinose of Class-D
    77.5K 3K 33

    What would happen if Ichinose Honami instead began in Class-D? What will change and how will things proceed? In a class that is regarded as the lowest of the low, how will she perform? Though they may be polar opposites, will Ichinose be able to work with the inconspicuous brown-haired boy, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka? This w...