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  • Where I belong|| Wyatt x Reader {Book 1}
    131K 2.2K 31

    Book 1 of where I belong series - Y/n is a ordinary girl with a white streak in her hair she is not from seabrook she came from a place that is unknown... and have an abusive family when she comes to seabrook she meets new friends and everything was great until the werewolves show up and one particular werewolf catc...

  • Friends from another planet|| Wyatt x Reader {Book 2}
    70.5K 1.3K 28

    Book 2 of where I belong series - It's been a year now since Y/n found out that she was the Great Alpha and it's been great She and Wyatt have an amazing relationship and she also learned to accept of who she really is. However she is just facing one challenge... getting into college so she tries her best to help Zed...

  • The past returns|| Wyatt X Reader {Book 3}
    71.1K 1.3K 35

    Book 3 of where I belong series - It was now Y/n's last summer in Seabrook before she and the crew head off to college and she's really excited as they all try to make the most of it. Her and Wyatt's relationship grew stronger over the 2 months since the aliens arrived and she is really happy with her life but little...

  • The other side|| Wyatt x Reader {Book 4}
    28.8K 599 29

    The final book of where I belong series - It's now the next summer of the new year and Y/n and the crew are visiting Mal and the gang in Auradon. Wyatt and Y/n have been busy planning their wedding over the past year and are really excited about it but little did Y/n know there was one final challenge she'll have to f...

  • The Future || Wyatt X Reader {Extra Sequel}
    3.7K 93 7

    Extra story of where I belong series - It's being 4 years since Y/n and Wyatt's wedding and the couple are the happiest as one could ever be. With now both Auradon and Seabrook united everything is finally perfect and peace is restored to everyone but suddenly someone unexpected shows up and tries to ruin Y/n's happil...