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  • ✓Mix unlimited natural disasters with trading system
    42.8K 830 198

    Author: black cat white white Category: Rebirth through time travel [Apocalypse + space + stockpiling + infinite flow] One day, a phantom of a planet suddenly appeared in the sky, and countless people were involved in the world of infinite apocalyptic natural disasters. Only by completing customs clearance tasks can y...

  • ✓"Natural Disasters: Space Hoarding and Farming Busy"
    22.4K 330 24

    Author: Seven Bowls of Wonton Novel Link ; After Jiang Sheng successfully took revenge, he was reborn in another world! After helping the original owner wipe out the scumbags, Jiang Sheng began his leisurely life in the last days. Not enough food? I have space and supplies. With space an...

  • ✔Doomsday Crystal Bracelet
    9.8K 79 37

    Author: Zhaixingzhuzhu Category: Online Games Science Fiction Novel Link : In the apocalypse, when viruses broke out and zombies ran rampant, Shen Ganlan was lucky enough to find a portable space in the white crystal bracelet left by her grandfather. In the apocalyptic cold food short...

  • ✔[Apocalypse] Chronicle of Foodie Fox Moving Warehouse
    4.7K 60 20

    Author: asishu Category: Online Games Science Fiction Novel Link ; Transmigrating to become a half-demon, sleeping with a seal for three hundred years is fine, and sleeping can also improve cultivation. Being trapped in an enchantment for two hundred years is fine, raising Guanhu, pract...

  • ✔Space check-in: I am farming in the last days
    10.6K 243 27

    Author: Chen Yuyan Category: Science Fiction Space Novel Link : Lin Xiaoyu traveled through the last days and became a 13-year-old girl with an aloof older sister. Surprisingly, I found that I had a space, and what was even more surprising was that I could still sign in in the space, an...

  • ✔I have a portable island [scourge]
    37.2K 650 90

    Author: Wan Xingshuang Category: Online Games Science Fiction Novel link ; The night Liang Xianyue was trapped in the old country house by a sudden blizzard, she had a terrible nightmare. Blizzards, floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions, a year without summer, rising sea levels, out-of-c...

  • ✔Doomsday Ascension to Immortals
    8.8K 124 21

    Author: Vanilla Flavored Puffs oo Category: Online Games Science Fiction Release time: 2020-01-12 In her previous life, she possessed the sky-defying space, and should have had the fate of the protagonist. She was a fish in water, but she didn't expect that she lived in a muddle, died a miserable death, and lived like...

  • ✔Wooden supernatural being reborn in the last days
    29.7K 441 34

    Author: cut trouble Category: Science Fiction Space Leng Ning died, in the fifth year after the end of the world. Yes, an old drama about being betrayed by a lover and a sister. When she died, she didn't give up at all, only resentment and self-blame. If she can do it all over again, she doesn't want anyone, she just...

  • ✔Reborn as the sister of the step-brother of the doomsday villain
    36.1K 535 37

    Author: Dreamless Category: Science Fiction Space Novel Link : Su Beining was in a car accident and opened her eyes to find that she was reborn in an unfinished novel . She found that the orchid that floated before her death had turned into a tattoo in her hand, which contained a space! So...