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  • Promises To Keep
    72 8 3

    Hauntings, road trips, eldritch horrors, and the power of friendship. Holly Mae and her best friend Maura Ellis decide to investigate local hauntings the summer after their college graduation. A mysterious sequence of events leads to Holly in a coma and Maura going missing, but these two girls will do whatever it take...

  • Serpent's Daughter
    4.7K 800 34

    The uncontrollable power lurking beneath Princess Alethia's skin can either be the savior of the Four Kingdoms or its destruction. Princess Alethia was raised on three principles: (1) Mercy is for the weak, (2) Emotions are an unwanted distraction, and (3) The penalty for weakness is death. But even her mother's ruthl...

  • The Mate Of The Ice Dragon
    30 4 4

    Isamari's life is one of turmoil and war, humanity is nothing but a bunch of warring tribes .She has wanted nothing more than to be accepted and respected as her birthright is to be chief of her poor little tribe. A figurehead for her tribe's council to push around and use as a political pawn where they see fit. As sh...

  • The Legend of the Moonflower Princess
    46.8K 3.7K 100

    After beings of another world kidnap her brother for a mad sorcerer's schemes, the disfigured ward of Dasos will be sent on the adventure of her life... Sahara is the ward of the royal family of Dasos. Despite her kind nature, barely anyone in the kingdom seems to be able to tolerate her presence. This isn't news to h...

  • Fantasy- Updates Exist Sporadically; Yay Self-Isolation!
    235 58 39

    Cordonalae is a Draugma, a race of creatures who exist to give humans the dreams they are incapable of forming. In his world, his kind are imprisoned slaves, working endlessly so their dreams may be sold to the highest bidder Outside. Cor has never questioned his existence as a slave, a number, until a dream gives him...

  • Enter the Shadows: Book One of the RTS Series (First Full Draft)
    278 29 30

    Leala Ariosto just finished her junior year in high school, and is about to start the final summer vacation of her childhood. She expects it to go by as quickly as the last, but that is proven false with an event that reconnects her with a friend she thought she'd never see again, and a car accident caused by a nightm...