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  • Montergo Series I: Dancing With Fire
    4.8K 505 50

    A Collaboration Series. Xochiquetzal Hanalei Valmorida a repulsive rookie actress of M Entertainment. She makes trouble every where she goes, she defies every rules she can defy. Until Zakchaios Sìth Montergo appeared. The known heir candidate of Montergos, he creates rules, a very opposite traits with Xochiquetzal. H...

  • Montergo Series IV: Fireplace Ashes
    65 5 1

    A collaboration Series Xythel and Zave have known each other for over 20 years. They were partners in crime and they knows each other's deepest secrets. Xythel's feelings towards Zave are purely platonic but what Zave felt was more than that. Like any other friendship, they're afraid to risk it. What if it's not wor...

  • Montergo Series II: No Way Home
    6.7K 391 22

    A Collaboration Series. Xoana is an orphan. As Xoana grows older, her curiosity about her biological parents grows even bigger. Xoana always craves the comfort of a home and the warm feeling of being loved. Thus, she decides to embark on a quest to find her biological parents. While on her journey to complete her ques...