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  • Yandere System| Yandere various DC & MCU x reader
    4K 357 3

    In which one day, Y/n connects with an otherworldy system, which allows her to connect with fictional characters from the DCU and MCU universes and also The Boys. As this progresses, she realizes how obsessed they become, not only that, she can somehow world-hop to their realities as well?

  • μανία| Yandere Greek Mythology x reader
    273K 11.7K 20

    μᾰνῐ́ᾱ; •Madness•Mad Desire• Y/n didn't want to be sent to a different era, and she certainly didn't anticipate that gods, goddesses, and legends/Heros would be obsessed with her.

  • Supreme Reaper|Yandere Various Overlord x Reader
    22.5K 1K 6

    In which, Y/n spends the last hour of the final moments of the game with her good friend Momonga...but it seems that it won't be the final moments, The new world isn't ready for the great supreme reaper Y/n! For she is unraveling an obsession as she goes.

  • Yandere Stripper| Yandere!Male!Stripper x reader
    63.8K 2.6K 6

    Y/n a high-end crime boss gets entangled with a male stripper, who had everything but Y/n, and he wanted her so bad, that it was like an addiction. Which he didn't intend to stop.

  • The Gods Are Obsessed With The Otherworldly Villainess!!
    190K 9.5K 26

    Why the hell did Y/n get reincarnated as the villainess?! Especially in a YANDERE otome game, All 6 of the male leads hate her! Not to mention the heroine is a backstabbing green tea bitch! But, the gods seemed to have their own obsession in this yandere otome game, and it's the reborn villainess!!(Y/n gets her body...

  • Reborn | Yandere Various The Originals x Reader
    27.6K 1K 6

    In Which Y/n a fan gets reborn into one of her favorite tv series, The Originals/Vampire Diaries, how will she deal with this unraveling obsession, with her favorite characters which are also her mates?!

  • Samurai Of Westeros| Yandere Various Game Of Thrones x Reader
    41.4K 1.8K 8

    Y/n has brought peace to her land, but the gods have more planned for her, she is sent to a different world to stop the wars and bring peace once more, however, it seems that obsessions grows for her and peace is no longer an option.

  • Number Zero! Yandere Various Stranger things x reader
    185K 6.5K 18

    Number zero escapes from the lab, could she truly leave behind her obsession filled passed behind? Of course not, it seems to follow her and new people have begun to crave her and the old ones following her it seems.

    Completed   Mature
  • One-Punch Woman| Yandere Various Dc x Reader
    280K 11.2K 23

    [SOULMATE AU]In which Y/n aka One punch Woman is sent to a different dimension and is completely oblivious to the obsessions that heroes and villains are having for her.