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  • What about the Side Character? ||LCF Fanfiction
    2.5K 117 26

    Disclaimer: 백작가의 망나니가 되었다 - 유려한 | Lout of Count's Family | Trash of the Count's Family does not belong to me but Yulyeohan. This is fanfiction. --------- What if not only one but the time in both worlds were changed? Kim Rok Soo, who became Cale Henituse with the dream of being a wealthy slacker and Cale Henituse beca...

  • Cold Little Eyes
    149K 8.7K 37

    After the death of Countess Jour Thames Henituse Deruth didn't only mourn his beloved wife's death, he did too. mourn his son who he didn't even know now. Ever since the countess died the henituse county envelope with cold firm arms by the little redhead who looked like his mom Cale who made a deal with the God of...

  • Suicidal || KHR
    105K 4.3K 21

    "Congratulations, you're the one billionth soul meaning you've won the right to reincarnate! Rejoice! Master has given you the best gift possible, you shall select the world you would like to enter. But before we start, any questions?" "Yes, um, how can I stay dead?" +++ In which a depressed teen is reincarnated int...

  • Mob In Khr
    193K 7.3K 50

    You know, I would think reincarnation to be something fun or relaxing But NO When you're reincarnated into a dangerous mafia world, you stay back and try not to die *Small slice of life story of a mob

  • The Reader who became a Butler
    93.1K 5.8K 14

    "Hans" "Yes? Young Master Cale?" "You knew this would happen, right?" "Hm? I do not know what you are talking about, Young Master-nim, I am just a normal butler " "... Hans" "Yes? Young master?" "Why don't you go help Beacrox cook today?" He could see Cale smile at him GENTLY. "... yes, young master" 'Aigoo my poor li...

  • 《Guardian》[Male Reader]
    51.3K 2.3K 40

    The Ancient Being, Guardian of the Alagaës' Sacred Forests. After living for decamillenniums and experiencing wars between humans, dwarves and other races, and having his own share in participation, he's gathered worlds of knowledge and resentment. So, what will he do when a human child, a race whom he loathes for per...

  • The Daughter of Primus
    44.3K 1.7K 66

    Julianna Harth is a seventeen year old gaming youtuber trying to finish her senior year of high school in Jasper, Nevada. When circumstances get her mixed up in the war of the Autobots and Decepticons her dismal life becomes something like a dream. Thrown into a journey of self discovery, peril, love and heartache, J...

  • (HIATUS UNTIL JUNE) Gosh This is HORROR-ble (Reincarnated as Horrortale Sans)
    43.5K 3.1K 49

    A story where you, the reader, are reincarnated as horrortale sans, some things you still retain from your past life, like how anxious you are, and how you pretend to hate puns (you secretly love them). You're not sure what this new life has in store for you but nothing could compare to how bad your past life was...

  • Boruto/hxh Crossover Killua Zoldyck x Reader OC
    7.3K 102 21

    A/N: oh my gosh- im crying at the amount of misspellings😭😭 So this is my VERY FIRST story I EVER wrote, I have a new account [names; Killuas_idiot -> can be found on this account followed/and followers] since I couldn't get into this one anymore. I posted this when I was idk 11??? Now looking at it, pls don't read...

  • Archon of Time : Zagan (Genshin Impact)
    4.2K 123 10

    While patiently biding her time in the world, Zagan decides that it is time to make her presence known to the world. As the previous Archon's, Barbatos and Morax, having lost their Gnosis'. She finally decided its time for her to come into action. "I haven't seen Morax since the war, might as well drop by every few hu...

  • Twisted, Twisted, Shooting Stars
    3.4K 87 16

    Before the fateful tale of Night Raven College, the boy who connects himself to many hearts was just a small boy who always wanted to have fun with his friends. Before the role of 'Hero', 'Villain', 'Princess', and 'Sidekick' was given to him and his friends, there were the four of them, playing together under the bri...

  • Small Secrets; Big problem
    106K 2.1K 21

    America is the loud, obnoxious, immature nation the countries know, right? But what if he wasn't? What secrets surface after a more than odd call shoves the crew of nations into a side of America most have never seen. I wrote this just for fun so there is kinda quick pacing along with slow updates. I'd love some criti...

  • Error/Moxxie Drabbles and Request!
    41.1K 2.7K 95

    Our resident former destroyer turn Imp shall be drabbles and requested stories! Let's have some fun along with chaos! FgodError concept and idea belongs to harrish6 Undertale own by Toby Fox Undertale AUs belongs to their owners Other characters belong to their owners OC aren't mine and belongs to their owners. Error...

  • sooo um... RusAme? - Fighting
    6.5K 133 28

    Description of story is at the bottom along with warnings. Okay so I was looking through my old stories that I wrote during school in 7th grade, and I came across this little RusAme excerpt... I want to kill myself after reading it but I think I'll clean it up because HO-LY sHiT- to whom it may concern: alright. so...

  • A Butler.... Apparently (TOTCF/LOTCF FANFIC)
    260K 15.9K 22

    "How the f*ck are you a normal butler?!?" -Cale Henituse (A Trash of the Count's Family/Lout of the Count's Family Fanfiction) ~•~•~•~•~ A/N: I don't own the story "Trash of the Count's Family. This is a fan made fiction.

  • I'm in a Twisted Disneyland!(Discontinued)
    96.8K 4.8K 57

    (Various! Twisted Wonderland x GenderNeutral/Nonbinary Reader) Waking up in a coffin isn't a fun find. Neither is being in an all-boys school for magic in another world. You just wanted to sleep, but fate just wants entertainment. The unlucky actor for them is you.

  • an unfortunate change in genre
    90.7K 6.4K 60

    a regresser and a transmigrating reincarnator face the horrors of a romance novel together Put less succinctly, in one of the many parallel worlds that mirror one another in the upsettingly complicated universe there was a different book by Nelan Barrow. The shifted events that fall like dominos create a significa...

  • A Chance towards Happiness
    133K 9K 63

    A fanfiction for Lout of the Count's Family written by Yu Ryeo Han. I do not own the Lout of the Count's Family. This is just a FANFICTION. Note: This fanfiction is just a delusion of the writer. What if the Original Cale Henituse didn't die from the hands of White Star? And the Original Choi Han, together with Cale H...

  • ˗ˏˋ SOMNAMBULIST [crossover] ᶠⁱᶜ 'ˎ˗
    253K 19K 37

    Cale Henituse was thrown into another world for the second time upon clashing with his newfound enemy, The Hunters. With the help of his companions and the gods, will he be able to survive in an apocalyptic world once again? Good thing survival is his specialty. Staying still and not getting hurt, on the other hand...

  • Cale Henituse's Younger Sister?
    80.7K 4.6K 26

    Cale Henituse become a regressor at the age of 40 years old to a 10 years old child. However, turned out that he has a younger sister which he does not have before in the first live. But...this younger sister is an oblivious sacrifical bastard that he needed to protect especially from 'heroes' and even the enemy? It...

  • A Little Bit of Everything
    111K 4.5K 18

    [Cale Henituse x WMMAP] [TCF x WMMAP] After the whole Hunter thing lays a 24 year old Cale Henituse. Who knew that his story will be an open ending like the others which led his soul scatter in many dimensions? After grabbing the last piece he made his way to wherever the Fuck that God is and shoved him in his face. D...

  • The Trash Of Obelian Family
    183K 6.9K 35

    ( Frist time writing a novel so my language or way of writing might be different so read it on your risk :3 ) What if Athanasia had a older brother?! A mini version of Claude how will it end up ?? What if Claude didn't loved diana that much?? Will it change the story ?? Let's find out together -3- I don't own any...

  • The Day When Cale Henituse Suddenly Turned Into a Girl
    310K 13.8K 30

    One day Kim Rok Soo suddenly transmigrated into Cale Henituse, trash of the count family's body. Even though he's a trash, he's also known as one of the most handsome man in Roan Kingdom. No- He was. It's because one day, Cale Henituse suddenly turned into a girl and become the most beautiful girl in Roan Kingdom. Roa...

  • Transmigration As A Deruth Henituse.
    210K 15K 48

    All I could see, was darkness as a strong sound hit my ear. . . . "husband?" I opened my eyes, saw the face of a beautiful brown haired woman. 'What did she call me? Where am I? Are those bastards playing a prank?' My mind is messed up. "Husband! are you okay? You got injured while practicing your martial ar...

  • Muscles and Money Make the World Spin, the Sun Has Nothing To Do With It!
    14.3K 669 3

    Lout of the Count's Family/Trash of the Count's Family x I Became the Male Lead's Adopted Daughter/The Male Lead's Little Lion Daughter Chapter 1: Cale Henituse reborn as Phileo Boleoti's son and Leonia Boleoti's twin. (Edited: 10.02.2022) Chapter 2: The Extras and Some Others (Remastered: 10.12.2022) Chapter 3: Spec...

  • Rising General
    238K 12.3K 29

    Disclaimer:TCF doesn't belong to me! OG! Cale was sick of Deruth's bull crap, so he planned on running away from his home. The God Of Death (who had taking a liking to the witty child) took him to another dimension where he was raised by Kim Rok Soo and lived a fantastic life as the Head of Monster Analysis and Resear...

  • Emperor's Treasured Son
    1.3M 47K 30

    "Your highness, do you want me to carry you?" A red haired, grey eyed man said, holding out his arms to the 3 years old child in front of him. "Oka-" not even able to complete his answer, someone snatched him up, two strong arms holding him carefully. The blonde man glared at the red haired knight before walking away...

  • The Descendent Of The BLADE.
    63K 1.9K 52

    The descendent of the blade leads this male to be the next 'blood god'. Will he be shunned out like a certain fae or will he be accepted into society? Shitty book. Most likely gay. No homophobic allowed and 100% involves cursing. (No pictures are mine unless it does look like it could actually be hand drawn. Credits t...

  • Scarecrow: Defender, Impostor...Littlest Brother
    164K 5.8K 17

    Sometimes Kakashi doesn't know where he really is. That's fine. It doesn't stop him from defending his three new precious people in this diverse, chaotic world he finds himself in. Ace, Sabo, and Luffy aren't /perfect/, no, not at all. But they fill the void in his heart that was torn open when he first realized he wa...

  • I'm what!?
    264K 14.9K 52

    Kim Rok Soo wakes up in the body of a minor villain who is about to be beaten by the protagonist. Okay, let's- Forget about the protagonist! I'm pregnant!? Kim Rok Soo is Alpha, and he suddenly has to carry a baby in his tummy? Isn't Cale an Alpha!? Ouh, he's never done a gender test. "What should I do?" Kim R...