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  • Whistleblower ✓
    11.6M 563K 56

    (Free to read. Will be published March 14, 2023. Now available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and other major book retailers!) ***** A journalism major gets tangled up with the beloved quarterback of her university's football team when she uncovers a scandal involving his coach. ***** Laurel Cates is...

  • The Fitnah of Islamic Stories
    55.5K 4.6K 11

    Do not let your book be a reason for Allah to be upset with you. The fundamental issue of the growing library of Islamic books on Wattpad is the spiritual accuracy of the concepts that they explore. The reason I'm writing this book is because I've come across too many mistakes in Islamic books, particularly the roman...

  • Women of Jannah
    19.5K 829 5

    1. The Loyal One 2. The Role Model of Modesty 3. The Great Woman 4. The Wife of A Tyrant 5. The Daughter of the Truthful and Wife of the Most Truthful. These are short biographies of the 5 greatest Gems of Islam. This series is by Omar Suleiman, edited by QuranWeekly. You can find the video online too inSha Allah...

  • Cry of the Unbroken ✓
    3.7K 454 9

    There was once a boy on the verge of breaking. Then, there was a man who refused to give up on him. WARNINGS: Contains mature, sensitive and heavy themes. Read full warnings before reading.

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Loves You | ✓
    30K 5.8K 50

    ❝ I know. I could be happy until midnight if I wanted to. But what about after midnight? What about two AM? What about four AM? What about months and even years later? I don't want to let him in knowing sometime in the future I'd have to let him go. I don't want to end up like Cinderella. ❞ Copyright © 2020 by Aisha Z.

  • Unleashed | ✓
    1.1K 149 1

    Almaas has lived under her best friend's shadow all her life, allowing the other girl to crush her under the expectations and wishes she holds out from her. But when Almaas breaks down under pressure, she makes a heartwarming discovery that flips her perspective around.

  • Hana & Hanaan | ✓
    31.2K 4.7K 38

    Sisters torn apart by the fragility of the heart, how can love possibly hurt so much? Hana Junaid decided two years ago, distance would make her younger sister Hanaan more independent but Hanaan's love and yearning for Hana during this time has drowned not just herself but also Hana in a series of Instagram messages w...

  • Clouds of Wisdom
    12K 4.9K 200

    A collection of short islamic reminders.

  • Sapphire
    93K 9.3K 27

    ❝In a traditional, conservative society, a young girl decides to divorce her husband.❞ Book # 1 in the Jewels series. [featured on WattpadShortStories] Cover by @qasmey-

  • Confessions of a Muslim Girl
    2.5M 55.6K 42

    The story of two best friends, Noha Ali and Maysa Malik, as they navigate through high school.