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  • Both Sides | ✓
    571K 18.3K 60

    Olivia Hansen is perfect. At least, that's what everyone thinks of her. She maintains her busy schedule by following routines and setting rules for herself. The pressure is stacked on by everybody in her life, but once she's assigned to tutor Cleo Roberts, the school's troublemaker, Olivia's entire life changes. Will...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unraveling Who We Are
    1.4M 43.6K 54

    Emery is a very shy high school student who is having a hard time navigating her way around her senior year after a terrible accident she had. Then enters Gracen, a very outspoken and caring girl who gets Emery to finally open up. Together they help lift each other up as they go day by day in the jungle of high schoo...

  • Games of Power and Prowess
    426K 13.9K 27

    Allison Grange and Natalie Rocher. Two names that don't have a single reason to be in the same sentence, let alone the same book. But, here we are. Allison is a student, struggling with her life as a teenager, who's never really had a place to call home. Natalie is a whole ass woman, struggling with her life as a wife...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unraveling What We Want
    316K 10.8K 50

    Follow Emery and Gracen on their rollercoaster of love after high school. Gracen is given a big opportunity, but is it worth it if it means life without Emery? Will they be able to overcome their fears to fight for what they really want? Or will they forever say goodbye to each other. Read and find out. Sequel to Unr...

  • Finding Myself
    610K 27.2K 68

    Riley has her whole life planned out perfectly. She knows where she wants to go after high school, who she wants to be with forever and what she wants in life. However, in comes Quinn who makes Riley question just about everything she thought she was sure of. Quinn holds a vastly different perspective on life that dra...

  • No Midnight Mercy ☾ (gxg)
    783K 31.6K 30

    Eden Maillard never felt important. She grew up on the upper end of the poverty line in southside Chicago to two mundane parents who couldn't bother to keep her under their roof when she came out to them at 17. Now 19 years old, life has seemed under-saturated for as long as she could remember. When Cecilia Belfiore w...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Crazy Nerd (GirlxGirl)
    763K 44.2K 43

    She's not crazy. Just a little eccentric. Penny Rosemary, your typical nerd who caught herself a bit of trouble near the end of the school year when she broke through the stereotypical demeanor of a unnoticeable bookworm and beat the crap out of her best friend's ex-boyfriend. She's not a violent person. Really. But...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rebecca's Life
    362K 9.5K 33

    When Rebeccas mom passed away from cancer, she finds herself 4 months later moving to a new town with her dad. As she deals with starting a new school and bumping into the very attractive Lexie Foster, how will their new "friendship" play out? However, this isn't all Rebecca has to deal with. Due to her mother's death...

  • Lesbian Academy (Girlxgirl, Lesbian)
    6.7M 247K 78

    Mars Kensington has nowhere to go. Forced to attend weekly confessions for being lesbian, she had it with her parents and decided to leave the house. Lost and confused, she was approached by two mysterious women who offered her a once in a lifetime chance to attend Lesbian Academy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Stranded (GirlXGirl)
    735K 25.2K 15

    ~COMPLETED~ Alexandra Grey, but more commonly going by Alex, is planning on attending the planned annual senior trip with her class to Rio de Janeiro. She figures it would be one hell of a trip considering there were no parents and unlimited alcohol, but when she boards the plane a bad omen sits next to her. Her ex-be...

  • Let Her Go (girlxgirl) (lesbian story)
    2.7M 84.4K 71

    Robyn was the new girl not too long ago. Nerdy, shy, and easily embarrassed around everyone but her friends, not many people notice her. Then the new girl Sabastienne Sloan shows up, cocky, sexy and confident she is everything Robyn is not with her secrets and devil may care attitude. When these two meet and by a str...

    Completed   Mature
    625K 17.9K 39

    She is picky. She is bossy. She is smart. She is picky. She is a tidy freak. She is athletic. They both are in desperate need of a roommate. Jennie Kim is that girl that is beautiful, smart and funny. She has always liked being in control, liked knowing what is coming. When she is in need of a roommate, she dismisses...

    Completed   Mature
  • SHE
    1.8M 58K 36

    "She" book series book 1. Ruby Gold had it all. The most handsome quarterback boyfriend, best grades, rich family, her own cheer team, the looks and the personality. Eden Harper is the new girl. She is the definition of bad, not to mention, it isn't hard to figure out her sexuality. What happens once the popular...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding My Way Back To You. ( lesbian )
    337K 10.1K 20

    Sequel Brooklyn Jameson, 22 years old and fresh out of college. She returns home for the first time in four years. Not for her new job. Not for friends. But to find the love she once lost. To keep her promise and find her way back to the girl she fell in love with so many years ago. Cheree Lambert. But, It won't be e...

  • About That Sunday
    642K 27.9K 31

    Jessica Lowe is a young, beautiful, and courageous actress perusing her dreams in New York City. Her career is just starting to take off when she meets Chelsea Marin. Chelsea's confident and cutthroat demeanor has made her one of New York's youngest and best lawyers. One unfortunate encounter will change their lives f...

  • Tipsy (girlxgirl)
    374K 10.7K 19

    They're two girl best friends; one with no luck in love and one with too much luck. Will their new love prove life-changing? Or will it end up destroying them both? Also, with a mysterious texter unlocks a mysterious past, we realize; is Rin really the innocent girl she claims to be? Is Jax really just a playgirl? Onl...

  • Tainted Innocence [GxG]
    701K 27.2K 30

    Sophia Dalton, an innocent girl who is trapped but doesn't know it. Living in a perfect world her parents created for her, she is as happy as can be. However, there is one thing missing; a friend. Other than that, she thinks her life is as good as it gets. That is until a certain wolf comes along. Rowan Carver, a har...

  • Quiet On Set (GirlxGirl)
    5.3M 219K 107

    "Dumbass" "Blind bitch" "Shut up and kiss me"

  • Past Present Future
    666K 23.6K 40

    "Why are you watching me?" There was a grogginess in her tone that I found extremely alluring. I shouldn't be finding it alluring, I should be maintaining my professional position. "It's funny watching you try and stay awake," my eyes glanced over at her before returning to the road. I took an exit that led to my apa...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Dare You to Kiss Me
    1.9M 67.1K 36

    After Emory became next door neighbors with Maizy, she slowly realizes she's been falling for her. Does Maizy feel the same? Why not find out through a classic game of truth or dare? What could go wrong? Highest ranking: #63 in romance Highest seen tag rankings: #1 in bisexual #1 in wattpride #2 in lgbt #5 in gxg #5 i...

  • Ms. Homophobic (gxg) ~[Editing]~
    2.8M 91.1K 28

    ***** GirlxGirl Story ***** Hatred & Disgust -- That's what Lauren Anderson feels for all the people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and pansexuals. She treats them as if they're not human beings, but a bunch of aliens. The question is why? There are reasons for their foul demeanors, right? Laure...

    Completed   Mature
  • Your Secret's Safe With Me
    794K 26.3K 31

    [COMPLETE] Peyton King is the popular girl at school. She's known for her cold attitude towards everyone, but despite her cool exterior, guys want her and girls envy her. What people don't know about her is that she's into girls. Peyton hates her high school life and can't wait until she goes away for College. That is...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Neighbor
    676K 21.9K 29

    A recent high school graduate with no aim in life is seduced by her older married neighbor. Can such a scandal work out well after all the delusional secrets?

    Completed   Mature
  • Wallflower
    1.1M 59.2K 23

    When she comes to school sick and sneezes on the notorious 'bad girl', Avery's attempts at being a wallflower backfire. *Disclaimer: This book was written and completed before the coronavirus pandemic. The author does not endorse sneezing on people. *

  • Miss Miller [Completed]
    699K 22.8K 32

    GirlxGirl Don't let love fool you. Sometimes it's worth the risk.

    Completed   Mature
  • Mother F*cker in Law
    879K 36.2K 21

    A trip to Fiji with her dismissive boyfriend and his alluring mother lands Valentina into the most unexpected romance of her lifetime. ***** College student Valentina has been at a standstill in her relationship for three years, so when her boyfri...

  • Barely In Love - (gxg)
    777K 27.9K 47

    So much can change in five years. - Sequel to Barely Attracted

    Completed   Mature
  • Sleeping Romance (GxG)
    1.4M 58.6K 45

    Every year, Drew makes her friends choose a girl for her to date and if she keeps that through the year she wins the game. This year is different; the challenge will be different in many ways. Especially since this is the first girl Drew likes. A girl that has awakened something in her that she never knew. The series...

  • Girl Next Door (GIRLXGIRL)
    3.1M 93.1K 31

    girlxgirl HIGHEST RANKING(S): #1 IN GIRLONGIRL #1 IN GIRLS #1 IN TEACHER #5 IN GXG An emotionally battered woman with a craving for a attention and a high-school senior who has been more through more than her fair share of trying events. What happens when these two are put right next door to one another? Lexi is a yo...

  • Not Just A Billionaire (gxg)
    743K 25.8K 35

    (GxG) Angelina Jolie, a 40 year old woman who is the CEO of Vogue Magazine. She may be intimidating when she work. Lily Olsen, a senior at NYU trying to find a job after she graduates. She's a brave and stubborn small girl, but she is also sweet and innocent. What happens if Lily and Angelina meet? Will Angelina ha...

    Completed   Mature