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  • Blood Alpha (Chosen Mate Series 1) [Complete]
    19M 579K 32

    Now available on Amazon (paperback & kindle) as well as the three sequels. Every year, each Male Werewolf can choose a mate - and the She Wolf they chooses has no say in the matter. So when the innocent, seemingly young, Gemini Burn turns eighteen she instantly catches the eye of the most infamous Alpha of all - Alpha...

  • Faithfully Yours (Book 2, Dominantly Yours Series)
    529K 25.6K 36

    Just when Claire and Nate think the greatest danger has passed, an ancient evil threatens to destroy their bond, their pack, and the future of all werewolves. ***** Claire Masters is not usually one to give up. She's strong, loyal, and protective of...

  • Butterfly love
    249K 9.9K 23

    Rejection was never something she thought she had to face. But she guessed it was part of the experience of life. Layla was the sushine, the happy, nature loving she-wolf. She always held such a beautiful smile, that even those with no heart would succumb to Layla's loving smile and caring personality. But her life...

  • His Assigned Mate [BOOK ONE] --Under Heavy Construction
    1.3M 41.5K 24

    Highest Ranked: #5 in Werewolf On every New Year's Eve, Alphas at the age of 21, Betas at the age of 20 and the other wolves at the age of 19 are to attend a ceremony, a big organization where each individual is assigned their mate. Once you are assigned your mate, you get married and then fate determines if you will...

  • The Alpha's Hunter ( OH)
    44.1K 1.3K 14

    " Mine", he growled. "What?", I said, turning around. " No way". I ran as fast as I could. Strong arms wraped around my waist. " NO, Let me go!" "Mine", he growled, tightening his grip on my waist. I kicked and punched, there was no use. He pulled a syringe out. This can't be happening. I'm Satan's Assassin , I though...

  • The Alpha
    16.7M 485K 29

    Highest Rank: #1 in Werewolf When eighteen year old Josephine Evans is out in the woods with her pack, they didn't expect to stumble across the biggest, baddest pack terrorizing another pack. Just when they're about to assist the terrorized pack, the alpha of the infamous pack approaches them. Theo Lupine is not know...

  • The Alpha's Sweetheart
    3.6M 99.2K 42

    Mia Davis taken and put in a cell after Rogue's took over her pack. It's been a year, barely food, no showers, no were or human contact of any kind. The men beat and touch her everyday. Never raped but she knows it's coming to if she doesn't do something. Alpha Samuel, Alpha of the Silver Blood pack, one of the str...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rejection To Perfection
    2.4M 57K 27

    Previously Known as Rejected Female Alpha returns with A new Mate and A Stronger Pack Fatso... Ugly... Disgrace... Loner... Pathetic... Freak... Weirdo... A joke... Dirt....... Annalisa Silverman is the daughter of the Alpha of Dark Blaze pack, but is treated like a lower ranked wolf by her classmates. Her own brother...

  • She's With The Beta
    362K 10.6K 24

    Y'know that one girl who's they called the pack slut. That's me, Arielle WaterCrest. I'm actually a virgin I just flirt with boys, to get his attention.The only boy I ever cared about since I was a child, he was my one and only true love. He is the Beta. Most girls want the Alpha, but I want the Beta. It surprised me...