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  • crayola sunsets
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    all i know is that i love poetry and i need to express it somewhere besides a notebook. [ r.s. 2017]

  • Unspoken
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    Poetry is something which genuinely appeals to the heart and makes you emotional as well. This is my first attempt at it. Through this, I'd like to bring forth my thoughts, ideas and feelings. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author...

  • El Destino
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    In the mid 1400s, chaos divided Europe into four kingdoms : "Ardimentoso". Despite their splendor, the behavior of narcissistic kings towards their queens stooped lower than squalor. In such dim times, a royal birth, whose personality held the ocean's salty breeze, the humility of sand, and the calm of the waves, pr...

  • Broken Half of The Soul
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    Poems of the side where no one sees behind a smile. I write this based on my daily mood so this ranges from love to friend or even the stranger that I saw on the day I write the poem.

  • Sodden Socks
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    "The whispering waves were tipped with white that turned gold in the sinking sun, and black silhouettes of birds cartwheeled through the sky." It started as an evening walk on the beach, children playing in the salty sand. But one girl's vivid imagination alters the peace, and panic begins to set in...