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  • Demon Slime | Demon Slayer x Rimuru
    174K 5.6K 20

    3 years after the defeat of Yuuki... In this timeline, Rimuru is bored and getting increasingly impatient. In a hope to satisfy this eternal boredom, he ends up, with the help of Ciel-sensei, dimension-hopping into the world of Demon Slayer. How will things play out in this new world and how will the story of Demon S...

  • |||RimuruxOc||| The imagination demon lord, Freya. [Techincally discontinued]
    60.5K 1.4K 26

    Aya, now named Freya, is past friend of Satoru Mikami, one year later she dies at a shooting while drinking at her favourite coffee shop. Now you may be wondering, why would she peacefully be drinking her coffee? Easy! She's deaf... meaning she died because the guy didn't know Sign language causing her to die. She mad...

  • Restart Everything [That time I got reincarnated as a slime]
    382K 9.4K 70

    Rimuru Tempest start having dreams about Shizue Izawa it's been bothering him everyday he always think about her being alive but even if he can bring her back to life he thinks that his broking the promise he made with her but Ciel suggested that how about he turn back the clock so that he can save her before she gave...

  • The Mother Progenitor : Part 1 [Complete]
    134K 3.1K 18

    Veldanava, even as a God, was hard pressed to control the energy of 'nothingness': the origin of all his creations, [TURN NULL]. The actual reason was his finite stomach. So to solve this one, he decided to create an entity suitable to control his powers for him. This leads to the birth of the first 'True Ancestor'...

    Completed   Mature
  • That Time I got Reincarnated as a slime - Pearl of the Sea
    24.7K 16 1

    DROPPED!! (Please read the new version of this story) (OC fanfic) Little old me getting bored from quarantine because of the Pandemic. One day I was rewatching, my most favorite anime "That time I got Reincarnated as a slime" and one of my all time favorite anime. While scrolling down I felt ill. Trying to find out wh...

  • The Last Regret - That Time I got reincarnated as slime
    232K 6.2K 39

    Rimuru achieved everything which was possible but there is one regret he has in his mind even after the 12 years of the great war that he cant save his 'Destined One' So after 12 year he Decided to clear this regret but he don't want to change the whole timeline by directly interfering so he decided to live the whole...

  • Rimuru in another world
    24.2K 604 15

    This story is about Rimuru going to another world to explore. This is a fanfic. Rimuru was bored of doing nothing so he wants to explore and have some fun. He wants to meet new people and make some new friends with Ciel by his side. ( Note : This is my second fanfic so please support and share your thoughts and sugge...

  • Re:zero x Rimuru
    42.6K 846 13

    Hello Readers, Welcome To, The world of Chaos and beauty Re:Zero x Rimuru Thank you for joing I hope you'll enjoy the story..To all the awesome people who are helping me to Improve. Thank you! I'm not that good of a writer but, I do enjoy it a lot. So, seeing people helping me really makes me happy I'm not a professi...

  • Rimuru x male Reader
    341K 8.9K 30

    Y/N woke up in a dark cave without memories. He then meets a slime and a dragon. That's how Y/N's adventure (and something else) starts. Y/N = Your Name

  • Rimuru X Harem (Regret & returning into the past)
    320K 6.8K 41

    It's been 583 yrs. Since the fight with yuuki in the Tenma war. Rimuru being focused all those yrs. Fighting and building his nation pursuing peace & co existence between human and monsters alike. Being A True Diety and reaching the pinnacle of power thus becoming immortal he started Feeling regrets and loneliness in...

  • Daily life of slime family [ Tensura X Slime no taoshite]
    433K 12.6K 63

    Need some sweet dose?

  • Rimuru travel back in time
    33.6K 830 13

    Years passed since Rimuru defeated Yuuki. Since that Rimuru's life was quiet and peaceful. He mostly doing normal paperwork. Sometimes his memories about the first women he loved come to his mind. Unable to save her is his only regret. So Rimuru decide to travel back in time, but not everything is the same. Mostly fro...

  • [TTIGRAASxDANMACHI] A new God arrives at Orario
    164K 5K 32

    [TTIGRAASxDANMACHI] Crossover Fanfiction. Rimuru was bored by paperwork , on of his wifes realised it and brought Rimuru to an idea. Travel to another World? Why not.

  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Again?
    573K 14.3K 62

    Rimuru had been called to attend Walpurgis, by non-other than Guy himself. Realizing the dire situation, Rimuru makes haste to attend the banquet. But before he could properly arrive, in the middle of the transfer, an unknown mysterious power had sent Rimuru back in time. Back to his first appearance as a slime! This...

  • Between Ourselves
    12.4K 162 23

    Tensura x (OP Female and Male OC) Tensei shitara slime datta ken Fanfiction Description: (Changed) This is the story of an Unknown individual with many secrets planted among her who become interested in our favourite characters like Rimuru and Ciel. With 'her' involved, what will happen to the world without knowing...

  • The first True Dragon
    221K 6K 34

    This is a female rimuru of story where rimuru was born as a true dragon. She is the oldest and strongest of the true dragons and the big sister of Veldenava. One day she had to leave her brother and sister to go into hibernation but accidentally slept for a bit too long. When she wakes up, she finds that her brother h...

  • Tensura - Beyond Expectations
    280K 7.2K 43

    A 15 year Otaku girl died while saving a lady from a robber, when she thought her life was over, she got reincarnated in Rimuru's body when he first reincarnated in the tensura world. Now follow Yuu (later named Rimuru) in her adventure. Tensura fanfiction, but an OP main character from the start, HOW!! Just read and...

  • Rimuru Journey
    231K 7.5K 41

    " Ciel, this relationship will not work until one of us changes, and I will not change, my belief is on a whole other level than Shizue. ... And Shizue... She is too pure so do her beliefs- not only pure but also firm. Our relationship is a no-go... We will only hurt each other. What do they call it? Yeah, a toxic r...