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  • The First Original//Kol Mikaelson
    31.5K 403 22

    An original before the family, a beast more deadly than any, the strongest of them all, Annabelline. The amazing cover was made by @HarryStulls . She has a covers book so if you want one I would go to her because the ones she made are amazing.

  • Wise Words From Clitoria
    12.1K 825 24

    whyats a decription>??

  • [ covers ] - closed
    1.5K 67 7

    made by yours truly [ temporarily closed for requests ]

  • Hallucinarium │ Matt Healy AU
    2.1K 141 4

    Tell me the story about the boy and the broken machine. And his dream, his only dream, of falling in, and falling out, of him, and of her, but mainly just of love. © Isabel [HarrehStulls] 2015

  • groupie - michael clifford u.s.
    33.7K 1.2K 37

    group·ie /ˈgro͞opē/ noun [ informal ] a person, especially a teenage girl, who regularly follows a music group or other celebrity in the hope of participating in sexual intercourse with them. - cover is by @harrehstulls

  • Rants??
    767K 44.9K 140

    amirite ladies Cover Credits- HarrehStulls

  • point b // a. irwin au
    697 38 2

    Here's to love, and here's to life, both of which I'm torn between, and bound to be torn apart. © harrehstulls and pphosphene [izzyandjay]

  • Over the Edge
    252 13 28

  • Cigarettes ➳ Aesthetics One Shot
    877 61 1

    in which literal poetry turns into something more celebratory, relationships evolve into something greater, and ultimately, life becomes just a bit more beautiful, all within a package of cigarettes. [ aesthetics one shot contest entry, book by @cathartics ]

  • Dystopia
    5.4K 358 11

    He was too smart to know any better; intoxicated within the idea that the boundaries of knowledge were limitless, and he himself, invincible. © Isabel [HarrehStulls] 2014