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  • Someday Soon
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    Fatima Riarte only had one cardinal rule. And it's to never fall in love with her friend, Rigo Riorson. Despite the meaningful glances and the silent pleas of the heart, their relationship never materialized. Not until that one night. But when a mistake forces Fatima to confront complicated relationships, make difficu...

  • Sorry, My Mistake
    1.5K 92 6

    Nia and Declan have what some may call an inescapable circumstantial friendship. Their sisters are tied to the bone, best friends since grade school. Her family naturally loves him. His family adores her. She had a crush on him back in high school. He never knew. That is until he accidentally read her old diary. Wha...

  • Jellybean
    13K 727 29

    [Sweets Series] Some things never die. Some cities never burn. Some sips of gin never kick in. Some books stay unwritten. Some things never change... including how Yoni Salazar feels about her ex, Dean Tyler Laxa. Exactly how hard is it to break a bad habit? Updates every Tuesday and Friday!

  • From Here On After
    791 69 5

    Hale is reckless. Gracie wants safety. And it seems that they're the most unlikely pair. . . until they are offered a deal they can't refuse. * * * Hale Salvador wants nothing but to secure the ownership of their lifelong assets that were taken away from them, even if that means entering a deal he doesn't like and a...

  • as the stars would have it
    40.2K 3.9K 132

    Evie Santandes was always the odd girl, and she was fine with it. Between caring for her three cats, all with different personalities, volunteering at a local veterinary clinic, and studying, she doesn't have much time on her hands. Not until she meets Jachin Deogracias, an unpredictable and intriguing boy for whom sh...

  • Honeydew Home
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  • Mango Slush
    3.1K 259 25