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  • Caged Your Heart
    560K 20.1K 46

    5 alphas of the werewolf school. 4 sexy, charming, and powerful Alphas and yet a weak one that had the strongest pack. My mate was one of the handsome alphas and the weakest alphas mate was my mate's girlfriend. He caged me in his room as hostage. Me In exchange for his mate, but my mate never came. He caged me...

  • Finding Love (King series #1)
    856K 17.7K 27

    I sniffed the room and the most intoxicating smell hit my senses with full force, never had I smelled something this addicting, not even the most delicious food can top this scent, it was so addicting, it smelt of newly cut grass mixed with the smell of the woods, it was pure bliss. I moved towards the bed to see whos...

  • The rightful Luna
    4.4M 161K 60

    * 'I-I am sorry your highness I touched ...!' She was trying to apologize, but she fell silent as she could not utter with her mouth that she accidentally touched his lips. 'But I am not sorry!' He said calmly looking straight at her. What was she supposed to say after hearing his words? 'I did not mean to touch your...

  • The Lost Princess › zen wisteria
    99.2K 2.3K 27

    [C O M P L E T E D] Some of the characters are from me and the others are from the author. I don't own some character. But I own the plot and some characters. Hope you like it!!

  • Fayre
    6.6M 114K 13

    Melissa Crawford thinks she's just a regular teenage girl. She goes to school. She has friends, boy problems, know, the typical teenage angst. But she couldn't be more wrong, for Melissa Crawford is not a mortal. Her adoptive mortal mother refused to give her up and hired a witch to erase the enchanting...

  • My Heartbreak (Rejection Series #1)
    2.3M 51.6K 63

    BOOK ONE TO THE "Rejection Series" Ellie Martin had been harassed and ignored since the age of 13. She was once the child that always smiled, always laughed and always had fun. Now she's the girl that cowers in the corner, stays out of sight, and is picked on. She's now the girl that doesn't have fun anymore, doesn...

  • The Styles Triplets
    11.6M 173K 95

    3 Identical Boys...Triplets The "Styles" Triplets All 3 look so similar to one another but, they're all different in their own way. Marcel is the goody goody. Gets straight A's wears funky glasses and isn't the best with the ladies. Edward. The punk, the rocker & the bad one. He isn't the nicest person you'll meet. He...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Unknown Mikaelson Triplets
    212K 2.9K 19

    Cecilia Forbes was engaged to Klaus Mikaelson. She was on her way to tell Klaus she was pregnant but she ended up finding Klaus cheating on her with Haley. So she left without telling him. 17 years later she was headmistress of The Salvatore Boarding School. What will happen when the Mikaelsons move back to mystic f...

  • Crystal
    1.2M 34.5K 32

    Crystal is a werewolf hybrid who doesn't take shit from anyone. She's feared in the human world for being a gang leader and is respected and worshipped in her pack her and it's not because she's the Alpha's daughter. But what will happen when her 'mate' rejects her because he didn't want to be tied down? WARNING: ADUL...

  • Badass Luna
    405K 11K 21

    Elisabeth Walker, NYPD detective. Ryan Barnes, Alpha of the Red Steele Pack. Elisabeth never expected to run into a creature that was yet to be discovered when she took upon her case. Ryan never expected his mate to be a human. Much less a cop. A badass cop. A kickass cop and a feared Alpha. They say opposites att...

  • Running from my mate
    741K 24.1K 46

    Start: 11 May 2018 Finish: 6 December 2018 I see the drop of the cliff in the corner of my eye. I take an unsteady step backwards. "There is no running from here." He speaks calmly and holds up his arms as if he's approaching a scared animal. "Just come with me and everything will be alright." Even through my fevered...

  • Pregnant With the Player
    4.9M 73.9K 36

    How would you feel if you fell pregnant with your number one enemy? Well, that's what happenes to Emilee when she's still in high school and has to face the last few months of high school pregnant with the schools number one player, Josh.

  • The Queens' Baby
    1.3M 36.1K 53

    Set in current times, the queen and her wife go into their town where they meet a 19yo girl who has had a troubled life. They offer her shelter, food and a job. The girl is keeping a secret, will she let them in or run away from fear?

  • Expectation Of Love |Finding Love After Marriage ✔|
    1M 12.4K 19

    Highest ranking #1 in Expectation hot list "Roshni, I guess that's your name?" "Yes" "I'm sorry for what I am about to tell you right now, I just don't want you to have any misconceptions about this marriage" "What do you mean?" "I don't like beating around the bush, so I will go straight to the point. I don't like...

  • Rejected and pregnant (#1)
    10.1M 27.6K 4

    missing father, a whore of a mother and a brother who is emotionally abusive and angry when around her. That's tough enough right? But what happens when her soul mate rejects her after a special night together? Redwood pack book 1 Book re-started:16/07/18-11/03/2020 Hit 100k votes: 27.07.2020 Hit 200k votes 18.09.20...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bruised (Not Edited)|✔️
    6.4M 183K 40

    Ava Carter was a 17 year old orphan. She was a member of the Crystal Blue Pack. She was the punching bag in her pack, as people usually walked all over her, literally. She was the weakling, the outcast, the loner who no one ever bothered to get to know. Until the night of her birthday when she overheard a conversation...

  • The Alpha Broke the Omega
    10.2M 352K 51

    "Will you reject me?" I ask, ignoring the lump that was forming in my throat. I fought the tears that were threatening to fall. Don't cry, please Hannah, don't cry. His green eyes looked like orbs of ice that stared straight through me. A sadistic smirk pulls up his lip and he puts his arm on my right side, blocking m...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Cold Alpha (Wattys2015)
    4.8M 138K 38

    Vanessa is the daughter of an Alpha. She's stubborn, fiesty, and stern. She would do anything to protect her family and pack, even if that means leaving with her cruel mate. From there Vanessa learns how to truly become an Alpha female. Veloces Black, a dangerous and cruel Alpha who refuses to let anyone in. He's us...

  • The Wolf Baby
    26.9M 314K 30

    **THIS IS A SAMPLE, PLEASE DO NOT READ IT IF YOU ARE GOING TO GET TRIGGERED BY THE FACT THAT IT IS A SAMPLE. THE FULL BOOK IS AVAILABLE ON MY PATREON OR ON MY INKITT SUBSCRIPTION PAGE*** Nina Michaels was only a few months away from graduating University when she found out she's pregnant due to...

  • The King's Queen |2|
    70.6K 2.7K 33

    Everything was dead. The trees, the leaves, the grass, the animals-everything. Her tomb laid in the middle of the destruction. The centre of the plague, the source of his madness. Her mind was reeling, trapped inside her weak body. She had no control over her senses, the only thing she knew of was a faint red glow...

  • Perfect Blood
    343K 17.7K 61

    I open the doors to my new school. Eager yet bored, since this has happened so many times in my life. Im so done with having to change schools. As i walk in, i find my locker and start putting my things inside. I grab my science textbook and folder, and get ready for a day like hell. I walk into my first hour and get...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lucifer
    126K 3.5K 33

    He's powerful , blood thirsty , loves to kill and the list goes on ,but like every other wolf he too wants a mate ,to love and protect .now that he is 23 he has no hope that he will ever find her for who would ever be the mate of a monster . the monster who's name is Lucifer

    Completed   Mature
  • My Vampire King | ✔
    557K 9.6K 25

    Completed» (11 August, 2016) ☆☆☆ April is given a task to complete in a dark night by her friends. She is an adventurous girl, making her way to an abandoned tunnel. ....... Edward Damon, the king of the whole Vampire world. He is in desperate need to find...

    Completed   Mature
  • Plunged into Darkness (blind human/vampire)
    1M 27.2K 34

    ELIZABETH : Six years ago there was a horrible accident. Unfortunately my parents did not survive, but I did. One problem – I lost my sight. But it’s true what they say; lose one sense and all others heighten . . . even more than I realized. JESSE: Over a hundred years ago there was a horrible accident. My village d...

  • The Last She Wolf
    15.2K 602 17

    No one truly knows why it happened. Why the royals decided to kill all female werewolves. All we know is once they started killing, it didn't stop till the job was done. Or so they thought. Unbeknownst to them, a very powerful Lycan Lord hid his only child from them. A beautiful little girl with bright amber eyes and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia Mistake #Wattys2017
    2.1M 58.5K 44

    She wore smiles. He wore a mask. She held conversation. He held threats. She handles magazine covers. He handles guns. Alessa, an occupied model comes into a fatal collision with the Mafia Leader Angelo Dimitri. His cold demeanour and concrete mask enough to fool anyone who didn't take a second glance. But when the tw...

  • The Bully's Nerd
    1M 29.4K 54

    (First Book In The Breaking Tomorrow Series) Lenne. She broke. She kept going. She cracked. She fell for him. She got hurt. Jake. He broke her. He kept after her. He fixed her. He fell for her. He didn't mean to hurt her. A twist on a cliche that might just break your heart. Story by: _aime_ All Rights Reserved

  • Lucifer
    710K 21.6K 26

    "You're a monster," she whispers, a tear falling down her cheek. "I know." He looks at her with a taunting smirk. "But so are you." --------------------------------------------------------------------- He's a monster, incapable of feeling anything but hatred. She's a fragile girl who was forced into a world of hatre...

  • Claimed by the Sicilian Mafia
    5.8M 227K 34

    When Adalina is forced to marry the heir to Sicily's largest mafia, she's thrown into a tangled web of greed while navigating an electric attraction to her new husband. ***** Adalina Romano is tired of being manipulated by the men in her life. Afte...

    Completed   Mature