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  • Forever | Daddy Pig x Reader ✔️
    60.7K 790 16

    °SHORT CHAPTERS° A hallway, an accident, an unforgettable experience. Y/N was a student at a regular high school when she ran into ~him~ he was tall, with rose-pink skin, a devilish smile, and thick round glasses. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew my life was changed forever. (Daddy Pig x Reader) I meant this...

  • We Bare Bears Boyfriend Scenarios + OneShots
    36.3K 824 22

    Hey People of the Internet I decided to make a We Bare Bears Boyfriend Scenarios + One shots because why not and I thought there weren't a lot of them and I LOVE THEM lol They are Bears not humans sorry. I will Update whenever I can I plan on contining this book. Please Enjoy Reading And Ignore All Mistakes (Spell...

  • yes, mommy? || lrh
    558K 6.7K 21

    in which a boy becomes infatuated with his teacher will contain age gap, mommy!kink, explicit sexual scenes, explicit language, mention of mental illness, bullying, alcohol use please do not read if any of these are triggering *lowercase intended*

  • Hello kitty story
    6.3K 95 5

    This is a true story if you like hello kitty then beware !!!

  • Peppa Pig: Ten Years On
    42.5K 960 13

    This is what Peppa Pig and her family are up to ten years after her show gets cancelled. THIS IS REALLY SHIT BUT ALL WELL I HAD FUN WRITING IT [its currently 3 years after i first published this and jesus i'm so sorry]