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  • Modern Love
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    Modern love is more than just boy meets girl, girl meets girl or boy meets boy. In this day and age, society is competing with unrealistic expectations. Despite how many times we all tell ourselves that photoshopped pictures aren't real people, we all still long for perfect bodies. But, learning to love yourself may b...

  • No Distance
    122 16 1

    Winner of the #ModerneLoveContest. What does love look like? This story is dedicated to all my friends that saved me.

  • Fairy Tale (#ModernLove Writing Contest Winner)
    843 54 1

    I grew up believing my Prince Charming and I would ride into the sunset and live happily ever after. But that was before I read Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid and learned that sometimes, you don't get what you want. But just maybe, you get what you need...

  • Love Every Part #ModernLoveContest
    69 13 1

    There's no peace when your life is spent trying to earn love, doing what's expected of you instead of what you really want. Love should be unconditional, but too often we deprive ourselves of the very thing we need. I managed to break away from that. An entry for the Modern Love Contest

  • The Hedgerow
    21 3 1

    Arthur and Isla were neighbors, but not really friends. Their relationship was transactional, meeting at the hedgerow to discuss the news, gardening, and baking. A submission in the #ModernLoveContest which examines the beautiful, yet fleeting friendship between an elderly man and a young woman.

  • To My Future Child
    328 29 1

    A love letter to my unborn child.

  • DDR
    24 6 1

    Love doesn't always have the chance to be expressed out loud.