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  • instagram // louis partridge
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    a youtuber from the us falls in love with a young actor from the uk

  • Stupid Thoughts | froy gutierrez
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    Heaven Bell is loosing her self-confidence in every day. She wants to show Susan Bailey, her best friend that she is not an avarage girl with nothing to offer. And Froy Gutierrez used to be a normal and ordinary boy. After a couple of years everything has changed. He needs to have a break from life to fix his wounded...

  • stupid thoughts
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    i started this in 7th grade when i was crushing on a friend. now i just vent here.

  • The Slut and The Softboy✓
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    Blair Wallis has always been the school slut and player. Everyone in Berkley High knows that. Aiden Andrews has pretty much non-existent throughout his entire high school life. Barely any friends. No romantic life. But getting to know Blair may change his life for better... or worse.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold My Hand
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    When her parents start to arrange a divorce, Jessica Ryder travels to London from New York to stay with her boring grandparents, who happen to be completely stuck in the past. What she doesn't expect is that her supposedly boring vacation could take a whole new turn. Boys, parties and alcohol really twist her experien...

  • Family Friends (Taylor Swift Fanfiction)
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    The Swift's and my family being friends? Now there's a rich thought. I doubt my family even know who the Swifts are, well actually thats not true. I know that they know who they are because, well im kinda a swiftie...or a big swiftie. But I didn't think they, knew, knew the Swift's like personally and they certainly...