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  • The Mafia Stalker (Crazy Mafia series Book 3)
    346K 16.7K 42

    "Do you have any idea how dangerous I am?" The old white haired man sneered at me with his yellowish teeth quite on display. Eww, Colgate should take him for the experiment! "I don't. How it is even related to what we are talking about? Being dangerous is another of your secret?" I wondered loudly, trying the best of...

  • Rehearsals With You ✓
    153K 6.1K 42

    April Stewart and Grey Collins have been at each other's throat since eighth grade. Putting them within reaching distance of each other doesn't exactly call for an amiable sight. So what was Mr. Martin thinking putting them in a play together? ~•~ One prank leads to another. ~•~ There is always more than meets the ey...

  • Their Sins
    202K 4.1K 25

    25 years ago the Brazilian mafia had a daughter who was claimed to be dead But was she ever really dead? Dimitri Petrov never had a real family his mother ran out on them causing his father to spiral Erina on the other hand never had a family to start with she bounced around in the foster system The two fixed each...

  • You're So Annoying ✔️
    2.6M 116K 43

    I continue throwing pebbles at his window, a grin on my face. He finally opens his window, glaring at me. "What do you want Matthews?" "I have a really important question! It's a matter of life and death!" "What?" "Do you have a cat?" "Oh my god, you're so annoying... just... go to sleep." "But-" "Go to sleep."...