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  • young and beautiful || larry s.
    3.9M 112K 35

    Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn't stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes. WARNING: all rights go to velvetoscar on ao3 Cov...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby Heaven's in your Eyes
    5.2M 152K 26

    They couldn't be more different if they tried. Louis Tomlinson is 17 years old and in his last year of the most prestigious private school in Doncaster, before then he's off to Uni. He has big plans for his future, and thanks to his parent's money he will have no problem achieving them. Everyone who attends his school...

    Completed   Mature
  • Confessions Of A Gay Disney Prince || L.S
    24.1K 126 1

    "You're way off here, darling, because there is not gay in dis-nay, nor will there ever be. You're not a damsel. You're just in distress but I won't be saving you. Save yourself."

  • Prince of the Seven Seas - l.s
    133K 3K 35

    Louis Tomlinson the crown prince of the United Kingdom was on a ride to France, when his ship was suddenly taken over by Harry Styles, the infamous pirate captain otherwise known as the Prince of the Seven Seas. ⚠️THIS IS NOT A PRETTY STORY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ⚠️

  • Blinded Horizons (L.S.) - Sequel
    24.6K 622 16

    *Sequel to Prince of the Seven Seas* - "Alright, French language lesson is over. When do we get to French kissing?" "Harry."

  • Pride {l.s.}
    5.5M 288K 97

    Louis Tomlinson has tried so hard to not be who he really is. He has worked for years to not be a person that people don't accept. The walls he built are slowly torn down by a tall boy with green eyes. Add Louis, Harry Styles, a pride parade, and a kiss together, and there's a story full of love and someone learning t...

    Completed   Mature
  • And My Heart Is A Hollow Plain (Larry Stylinson Mpreg)
    132K 5.9K 18

    Its the 1600s and all Louis wants is the freedom he knows he will never taste again. He knew happiness, knew a good life and love. Had dreams and reasons to see the good in people, to expect good things from life. Forced into a marriage he will never get out of, all he's looking for is a breath of life. Maybe some...

  • Just Say You Love Me, Just For Today (Larry Stylinson AU)
    249K 7.4K 16

    A Larry Stylinson Parent Trap Au This was supposed to be a one shot but since its too long I divided it in chapters so it might be a bit rushed at some points. This is based on the movie The Parent Trap, no copyright intended so please don't report. I added my own twists so its not exactly like the movie. Warnings: Sm...

  • Heaven || Larry Stylinson
    177K 6.6K 20

    When he reached him, Liam was taken back at what he witnessed. "What is happening to him?!" Harry asked, relinquishing his anger and moving towards the beta. Leering at Harry, "He is dropping." "I thought only omegas dropped," Harry asked confused. "Exactly! Only omegas do!" Liam clarified, letting the actuality of th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Locker 17
    31.3M 929K 161

    "It's hard letting go. I'm finally at peace but it feels wrong." {Under going editing. It's being rewritten from the beginning, grammatical errors are being fixed. Should be completely edited and polished by December}

    Completed   Mature
  • Bully to Bully
    999K 31.9K 53

    **COMPLETED** TRAILER NOW AVAILABLE HERE: !!! Harry Styles transfers to King's Way High School due to the sever bullying he faced at his old school. Louis finds Harry on his first day at King's Way and makes him the replacement for his last victim. Harry doesn't know the...

  • The Tutor // l.s.
    2.1M 74.7K 31

    [Completed] Louis Tomlinson needs a biology tutor. But will his biology tutor just teach Louis about biology? Or will they also teach Louis how to love?

  • Teach Me (Larry Stylinson)
    2.3M 73.8K 41

    Louis loved being manhandled, he loved being pressed against a mattress and getting fucked hard. He loved being fucked against a wall and Louis loved being spanked. Louis loved being carried and taking bubble baths, he loved wearing pretty lace panties and he absolutely adored being called kitten and princess. Louis...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thin Walls (Larry Stylinson)
    2.7M 86.8K 25

    Louis moves into a flat while he’s at university, his next-door neighbour, Harry, who he’s never seen is rather loud at night. Louis confronts him about said noise and the two start to chat through the rather thin wall between their bedrooms. Will they ever meet, and if they do… what could ensue for the both of them?

    Completed   Mature
  • Whatever It Takes ~ larry mpreg au
    3.6M 137K 76

    [FINISHED 2017] Louis Tomlinson always wanted to have children. At the age of 29 and after years of failed relationships he decided he wasn't going to wait for the right person anymore, so he had a baby on his own. But what will happen when that child gets sick? What will Louis be willing to do to save his child's lif...

  • Magic || larry
    4.7M 190K 36

    ••complete 2016•• harry has an abusive boyfriend and louis moves next door

  • under your bed in new york. // larry stylinson
    47.5K 2.3K 15

    au; a hangover, a cup of coffee, and bumping into an ex might be all louis needs to find love again

  • Defenceless l.s
    1.5M 51.3K 73

    Louis is abused Harry is his boss ----- When Louis quits his job, his boyfriend gets him a job interview with the infamous Harry Styles. Louis ends up as his assistant and is forced to spend a lot of time with him. So when they are forced to share a hotel room and Harry discovers his bruises, he's a bit thrown off. Do...

    Completed   Mature
  • At Your Service
    1.9M 56.7K 43

    After Louis finally comes out of the closet, his parents don't take it so lightly and end up kicking the blue eyed boy out of their so called "loving home". Tired and alone, Louis starts to lose all hope whatsoever, all until he spots an ad for a wanted personal assistant that changes his life in ways he could never o...

  • The Evil Boss- L.S
    617K 23.9K 17

    Louis is the new secretary for the famous CEO Harry Styles, who has had a record for breaking hearts. Almost instantly, Louis hates the man yet lusts after him all together. So they make a deal to use each other for their own needs. But what happens when the CEO's ice cold heart starts cracking?

  • Friends With Benefits (Larry AU) COMPLETED
    1.6M 42K 30

    Harry Styles, Uni student moves into a flat with who he describes as the God, Louis Tomlinson. Harry is openly Bi, having sex with anything that moves, but all he wants is his straight flat mate Louis in his sheets. What happens when he realises Louis was gay this whole time? (This contains a lot of smut, and you wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Invisible (Larry Stylinson AU)
    2.1M 73K 19

    Louis has always been an outcast. Now he goes to high school. He has always had feelings for none other than Harry Styles, the school's most popular guy, who gets all the girls and is the team captain of the school's football team. Harry on the other hand, has never paid attention to Louis, barely knows he goes to his...

  • And You're My Ever After (Larry Stylinson Au)
    2.2M 63.3K 54

    READ! Because some of you still don't get this book contains male pregnancy. BEFORE YOU START READING. THIS IS MPREG! THAT IS YOUR WARNING SO YOU ARE NOT COMMENTING ABOUT IT LATER OR TELLING ME THINGS DON'T WORK LIKE THAT. I KNOW, BUT IT'S FICTION. "You're so cute when you laugh!" Louis threw his hands up into the air...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trust me with your dreams
    363K 9.1K 19

    Louis is a 16 year old boy who is abused by his Father, his older brother Liam is trying desperately to get Louis out of the abusive situation, but it's proving difficult. Harry is a 24 year old Mathmatics teacher who has just started teaching at Louis School. Harry knows Louis is hiding something and just wants to he...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're Not My Brother: Larry Stylinson AU; Stepbrothers
    668K 22.2K 33

    Harry's father Devon marries Louis' mum, and at first, Louis isn't happy about it. In fact, he tries his hardest to hate Harry. But the more he learns about Harry, the more he likes him. In the process of getting to know him, Louis learns a dark secret that could tear their "family" apart. Louis is sworn to secrecy bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • As Long as You Need Me (Larry Stylinson~)
    1.4M 33.7K 38

    Larry Stylinson AU!! Harry Styles is extremely rich, he gets the girls, the perks and the luxury of the VIP.....though that is mostly because of his parents who were an owner of a large furniture company.But after one eventful day on a pub, where a group of kidnappers tried to get Harry, His mother, Anne was thoroughl...

  • You're Mine
    656K 16K 25

    Louis lives with his four older brothers in London, his parents died when he was 8. Edward and Harry Styles are a couple and very close family friends of the Tomlinson's. Things happen and Edward and Harry want Louis, Harry's work becomes personal and Louis needs all the boys to protect him.

    Completed   Mature
  • Rookie
    946K 23.1K 33

    Louis is the youngest candidate to be selected for the police academy in ten years. At nineteen he has a hard time fitting in, especially with how Agent Styles and the other training sergeants treat him. He's been nicknamed Rookie and has to put up with it for the rest of his training What happens when Louis graduate...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rookie Sequel
    263K 6.5K 19

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for supporting me and my writing, here is an early Christmas present to end 2020 on a happy note and to say thank you! Enjoy the sequel to Rookie, hope you enjoy x

    Completed   Mature
  • Two's Company
    465K 12.4K 17

    In the space of five minutes Louis life has turned upside down His mum is getting married to her boyfriend James, he's moving house and he's getting two new hot, gorgeous older step brothers Harry and Edward. Louis doesn't want a bar of any of it, he doesn't want new older brothers or a new dad and he especially doesn...

    Completed   Mature