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  • Viola Addams [ Tyler Gaplin x Female OC ]
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    Morticia took in a child who was abandoned at their front gate when Wednesday herself was a baby, they don't know whether Viola is an outcast too or a normie, but the truth is...only Viola knows, she is worried her family will throw her out or take advantage of her. Who knows what they'll do...they're the Addams and n...

  • Jack Sparrow's Daughter
    120K 2.3K 16

    What would Jack Sparrow do when he finds out he has a daughter? Disclaimer- I do not own any Pirates of the Caribbean characters or story line-

  • Daddy's Little Assassin
    6.1M 197K 45

    At the age of only 13 years, Kathleen Miller witnessed something that no child should --her parents being killed right in their home. This incident affected her in such a way she became closed off from others. With Kathleen not having any other known family members who were willing to take her in, she was sent to liv...

  • that one odd kid
    855 29 3

    the odd girl who gets adopted by Alicia keys and Michael Jackson

  • The Essay
    37 2 3

    Kaitlyn Springs, a 14 year old starting high school. She has always been a quiet girl, but with a big passion for writing and storytelling. One day during english her teacher ,Ms. Forest, was starting a new project for her students. When she let her students start writing their rough draft, one spoke out to her.

  • LABYRINTH | Scarlett Johansson x Daughter
    139K 8K 50

    Labyrinth - a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze. Desperately wanting someone to rely on, trust in and look up to, Kenzie Lowen agrees to meet her biological mother, Scarlett after she reaches out for the first time in sixteen years. Much to Kenzie's...

  • female celebrity x daughter reader
    6.9K 128 6

    + fictional characters you can leave requests <3 mostly fluff and angst

  • jennifer aniston mom imagines REQUESTS OPEN
    57.8K 1.3K 70

    short jennifer aniston x daughter stories Requests open

  • Jen Aniston's daughter
    105K 1.7K 55

    Do you ever wonder what it's like be the daughter of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt? Well that's me. I'm Nicole. My life started off fine until my dad left my mom for Angelina Jolie. I know right. But anyways, this book is basically my life. And you will find that being the daughter of two celebrities, isn't always e...

  • Jennifer Aniston: mother imagines
    14.6K 478 5

    Imagine what it would be like to have Jennifer Aniston as your mother ✨ requested 🌻 Disclaimer: these stories are only for entertainment purposes! I truly respect and feel incredibly inspired in Jennifer's irl decision to find happiness in her own life and career and taking the road less traveled by. All stories are...

  • Jennifer Aniston mom images
    44.3K 976 17

    This story what inspired by @gayforddlovato But all of the story's our my own. Jen has always been my comfort person and I find extreme peace while writing thease and reading other story's like them I can only hope tag this book does the same for you.

  • Jennifer Aniston's daughter
    13.4K 339 19

    A Jen Aniston story Jennifer has not gone on a date since her daughter was 4 years old (2012). She has yet to find true love but her now 12 year old daughter might just be able to help her.

  • scarlett johansson daughter one shots #2
    206K 5.1K 69

    It's me again :)

  • Natasha Romanoff x Y/N Daughter Oneshots
    54.1K 805 36

    just some cute, fluffy one shots of natasha romanoff and y/n as her daughter :)) i will be using she/her pronouns for y/n and will refer to y/n as a girl. i will also put any trigger warnings at the start of each chapter :) if you have any requests or ideas please message me!

  • Charlize Theron - One Shots
    161K 8.5K 90

    One Shot Imagines about Charlize Theron and her characters. List: ~~~~~ Charlize Theron Lady Leonora Lesso - S.G.E Elaine Markinson - Gringo Lorraine Broughton - Atomic Blonde Queen Ravenna - The Hunstman Films Andromache the Scythian - The Old Guard Charlotte Field - Long Shot Stella Bridger - The Italian Job Meredit...

    Completed   Mature
  • The daughter of lesso
    5K 174 12

    This is going to be the story of the daughter of lady lesso. Y/n is just like her mother a Never through and through. She is going to go to the school of good and evil. She will make her own adventures. Ps this is my first ever story so i dont know how much i'll he uploading and if it takes a long while im sorry i jus...

  • Steve Harrington one shots/images
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    Stranger things fanfic Steve Harrington one shots!! Requests are accepted!

  • Charlize Theron imagines
    142K 7.1K 66

    Charlize theron + Characters Cipher - Fast and furious Pria Lavesque - The Orville Gilda Bessé - Head in the clouds Æon flux - Æon flux Marlo Moreau - Tully Charlotte Field - Long shot Lorraine Broughton - Atomic blonde Queen Ravenna - Snow White and the huntsman/ Huntsman and the ice queen Anna Leatherwood - A mi...

  • adopted by scarlett johansson
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    [ON HOLD]

  • Not Hers- Scarlett Johansson
    255K 6.7K 32

    Noah Jost has become used to not having a mother figure. Her mother abandoned her at birth leaving her father to care for her. Only to be introduced to his girlfriends, all of which never seem to last. Now she's given up, straight up refusing to meet anyone new at this point. Only for her father to insist he has met t...

  • Scarlett johansson/Elizabeth olsen one shots (+characters)
    59.4K 853 14

    Just some random one shots about the two most beautiful actress in the world. +characters. [slow updates] I did this because I didn't know what to do. Leave some suggestions thanks Started: 15/10/2021 Finished: 1st in #roles (6/31/2022)

  • Adopted By Alerrie *COMPLETE*
    7.6K 120 24

    12 year old Nathan Xavier Watkins has been severely bullied since he was 4 for being non-verbal. He loves the girlband Little Mix and football. But one day two very special people come to adopt him

  • Jade Thirlwall
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    Random shizz

    703 50 1

    All about Perrie .

  • Leigh-Anne
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  • Khloé Kardashian
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    I'm Khloe, my sisters say I'm the bitchy one.

  • Adopted
    9.7K 99 9

    Kylah Rivers is adopted by Khloe Kardashian after her family is in a accident and she's the lone survivor. Will Kylah's new life in LA be better than the one she left behind?

  • Being Khloe Kardashians Daughter
    23K 199 21

    Follow me!! Kalani Kristina Kadashian Get a look behind the scenes of the Kardashian Family

    6.9K 42 5

    Tillie Parry is now somehow one of the Kardashians... Find out how and why this ordinary 14 y/o girl has suddenly become part of one of the most famous families!