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  • They Made Me Do It
    494 198 11

    A girl who suffers from a mental illness that is slowly devouring her consciousness. ------------------ Book cover by: @dakureimei ©diamoends_

  • Here Lies Murder
    187 91 6

    Here in the darkness of the night lies a dreadful murder. ----- Book cover's not mine. Credits to the rightful owner/editor. ----- Cover by: ©Ide WP

  • Stay Quiet
    973 649 6

    Two girls are trapped in a house, hunted by a deranged serial killer who wants to murder them. Can they come out of the house alive and safe? ---------- Book cover's not mine. Credits to the rightful owner/editor.

  • Mad Pyschos
    3.1K 970 6

    Dot responds to an ad looking for a live-in-nanny. She needs money so she needs to find a job. She finally found work in a poster that needs a babysitter but when she met the children she's supposed to babysit, they seem a little strange and something is wrong. It turns out that this family is way more than she expect...

  • Subway Station
    1.8K 1.2K 6

    Claire didn't expect that she's in the other world that way too impossible to exist. The place is completely abandoned. Begging for help but no one can be found. No trace of life. No people. No help. Nothing. But then, he saw a strange man that seems waiting for her. In the end, she knew that that man is not normal an...