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  • In The Middle
    250K 9.3K 40

    Lisa is Military veteran who is hunted by her past. and Looking for something not the usual stuff. Not the Boring ones.. Until the day she receives a call from a friend to be an escort for a really popular pop star that probably changes her life for good. Gip Lisa Read for your own cause.. If don't like it skip it. It...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Queen
    275K 11.7K 54

    Lisa Manoban, The only heir to the royal throne meets the preppy chic Jennie Kim through some unfortunate events. After their first impression, will the two only ever see each other in a bad light or will things change as fate draws them closer. G!P Lisa

  • Don't Go (Jenlisa Adaptation)
    168K 5K 52

    Jennie enters into a contract with a powerful woman who wants to consume her. But there's more to the woman, to them, than Jennie anticipated. - This is also G!P (Girl Penis) and very dark. Please leave if you can't handle one. - This is not my story. This is just an adaptation! All rights to the original owner, @emja...

    Completed   Mature
    3.4M 101K 52

    "The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To get married with someone who's practically a stranger to me was already an absurd concept. But having a child with her was another level of ridiculousness." - Lalisa Manoban ********************** jenlisa adaptation All credits to Nefrofer13's story on AFF. Starte...

  • My hottest Nerd (JENLISA)
    1.1M 21.1K 92

    A story where Lalisa Manoban is the biggest Nerd In the whole University...she's hot and handsome but isn't playing attention to anyone except for her friends she loves.. What if Jennie Ruby Jane Kim the popular and university crush already fell inlove with Lisa?? G!p Story [Lisa] ⚠️

  • The bully dates the cheerleader
    261K 5.1K 50

    the bully bully's someone everytime she want but when she meets the cheerleader/president of the campus the bully's life change but the cheerleader didnt know that the bully has a ex-girlfriend and the bully just move on because her friends is there to cheer the bully up and all of the students students is afraid in t...

  • Wedding
    534K 24.6K 38

    In which, Lisa lost a bet to Jisoo and was forced to stop a wedding as her punishment. "Run away with me." "Eeww. Not until you pluck your brows."

  • My Three Wishes |JenLisa| (Tagalog)[COMPLETE]
    150K 4.8K 126

    Si lisa ay isang mahirap na tao na mag isang binubuhay ang kanyang sarili. Dahil sa kabutihan niya binigyan siya ng isang matandang babae ng tatlong kahilingan. Ano kaya ang kanyang tatlong kahilingan? Started:july 20 2020

  • The Babysitter (Jenlisa x Chaelisa x Chaesoo)
    536K 10.8K 57

    Jennie Kim, an 18 year old high school senior, has been babysitting for the Manobans for almost a year. Lisa and Chaeyoung, both 28, have been married for eight years and have a four year old son. Lisa gives Jennie a ride home after babysitting every time she babysits for them. *I based this story off a jenlisa smu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wedding / Jenlisa
    122K 3.1K 12

    Based on take a shot's wedding one shot

    2.3M 86.2K 63

    Lisa never knew that a straight girl like her will be able to turn gay and fell inlove with the same gender. But the thing is, she fell inlove with Jennie Kim. A huge hater of LGBT community. Will Lisa be able to get Jennie's homophobic heart? Credits to @Rushiminda for the book cover. ❤️

  • My Bestfriend (JenLisa)| HIATUS
    43.5K 853 32

    Jennie Kim a bully in her school. She is rich, cold hearted and has best friend named Leo Manoban. Leo Manoban a soft hearted person, rich and nice person to talk to. Leo has feelings for Jennie since they were 7 years old but Jennie doesn't know. Leo: "Jennie I like you. No. I Love You!" Jennie: " Leo I-" Will Jennie...

  • Marrying Lalisa Manoban
    2.8M 78.2K 47

    Getting a proposal and having a so called fiancé is a girl's dream - well atleast for a twenty two year old Jennie it was. Until her parents came to town one day saying that she's arranged to be married, much to her shocked, to a girl named LALISA MANOBAN Warning!!! SPG content! Rated +18 If you are below 18 please...

  • A Blast From The Past ✔️
    548K 24.8K 17

    Lisa was completely head over heels for Jennie Kim. Unfortunately, Jennie never noticed her through out high school. Or, so she thought. Lisa thought she would forget about her crush after graduation and move on. But, of course she had to be roommates with her cousin. -Short Story- Daily updates. Fluff fluff fluffity...

  • |ATTENTION|Jenlisa
    926K 24K 42

    ☝🏻 TO BE REVISED ☝🏻 Lisa give her all attention to Jennie but the latter seems not interested. Lisa is trying very hard to win Jennie's heart for almost 2 years already but it seems very difficult because Jennie doesn't care about it. Jennie always makes Lisa feel that she doesn't love her so she should stop. Happi...

  • The Missing Queen (JenLisa) [Completed]
    174K 5.9K 51

    Royalties Academy isang paaralan kung saan ang mga mayayaman na anak ng mga businessman at businesswoman ay kung saan pumapasok. Ito ay pag mamay-ari ng apat na pamilya ang Manoban, Park and the two Kim. Ang paaralan kung saan ay may apat na babaeng namumuno o namamalakad dito. Tinatawag nila itong The 4 Queens of...

  • Fall inlove with my bodyguard [Completed]
    125K 2.1K 29

    Lisa was just only Jennie's bodyguard that Jennie's dad hire her he always with Jennie cause Lisa only think that Jennie is just her boss nothing else but Lisa didn't know that Jennie Is falling inlove with her and Jennie's dad wants Lisa to be Jennie's husband so he wants Lisa to be Jennie's bodyguard and once they b...

  • Possessive Bitch [JENLISA]
    1.9M 51.2K 62

    Jennie Kim, Queen Bee of YG Institute. She is a total bitch. She is mean, a bully, hard headed, and cold hearted. Lalisa Manoban, a normal student and kinda famous also.. She is kind, and she is loved by almost everyone, except Jennie. Until one day, Jennie falls inlove with Lalisa and start being a POSSESSIVE BITCH t...

  • You Are My Everything
    176K 3.7K 31

    Love is Love, and if you are meant to be, you will be together at the end no matter how many problems you've been through. Believe in your love. **** A story in which two highschool students meet each other and help each other until they find their own need which is happiness. © IMAEntertainer 2019 ✔ ------ NOTE: THI...

  • One Week With Me
    226K 8.3K 17

    Jennie is about to get married in a month as excitement washes all over her mind and body like other brides should have. She spreads the news to everyone who knows her, and her best friend the last one. **** Anger explodes when Lisa gets to know it lastly, but mostly it's not the feeling of being annoyed, but rather...

  • Scheme of Obsession | Jenlisa AU
    131K 6K 29

    Inside the 4 walls of the powerful organization KIM UNIVERSITY. Jennie is the Intimidating, possessive Queen and Lisa is the Fun-seeker, troublemaker Genius.

  • Oblivious
    25.1K 621 23

    In multiple timelines where Lisa has been cheated on by three women g!p Btwww this story is not the serious type im not rlly in to that stuff its light and funny n maybe a lil bit smutty 🤭

  • thunder // jenlisa [ completed ]
    706K 22.5K 28

    "in which jennie kim is afraid of thunders, and lalisa manoban is there to protect her."

  • The Heiress and The Bodyguard [JENLISA]
    3.7M 97.8K 45

    Lalisa Manoban An agent, and not just a simple agent mind you. She's the cream of the top, the best of the best, give her a mission and expect a 100% success rate. Failure is not an option. She has killed many, and saved plenty. What if she was given a mission that could change her life? What if she was doomed to fail...

  • I Am Hurt
    469K 13K 21

    In which Jennie Kim breaks up with her boyfriend and goes back to Lisa because she just realizes that the one she truly loves is not him but her. **** Unfortunately, everything has already changed. Lisa changes. Everything changes. "I love you, and that's why I come back to you," Jennie says as she is crying in fr...

  • Strayed (Jenlisa)
    57.4K 3K 23

    Lisa, a professional dancer and a dance teacher was on her way home until she heard sounds that came from a dark, creepy alley. Sounds of an animal whining, as if it was its last wish, last desperate call for someone. Her gut says not to walk in that creepy alley, but her heart that always care for all creatures decid...

    460K 11.7K 37

    "Do I care that i go killing people for trying to take what's mine?. 𝗡𝗼. They deserve it." Jennie uncontrollable behaviour has involved obsessing with her childhood friend, Lisa. Her only goal, is to have Lisa her own. No one else. ~COMPELETED BOOK~ WARNING LISA G!P ‼️ ORIGINAL STORY

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost [JENLISA]
    221K 4.5K 35

    ahaha ⚪️👄⚪️ Lisa G!P CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT!!! This book has violence, mentions rape and sex, profanity, abuse, and other things kids shouldn't know.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Professor
    866K 20.3K 57

    They say, love is felt. This story is mainly about Jennie, a seductive and incredibly possessive professor, and Lisa, a transfer student. They both felt love for each other in a short amount of time. It felt like they knew each other before but their memory was blur. They got together but, things doesn't seem to go on...

    Completed   Mature
    193K 8.6K 55

    JenLisa fanfiction LISA G!P "Hey!" someone yelled. "Robber!" "What!?" I scowled. I am running fast. Have you guys ever felt like you're running your whole life? Me? I do. I've been running my whole life. What? Chasing bad guys? A thief? Or a robber? HAHA! No. I am the bad guy. APRIL 01, 2020 MAY 05, 2020

    Completed   Mature